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Commission: Mulan

By KukuruyoArt

A commissioned comic of Vivian James. This isn’t a part of the regular comics and as with other commissions the ideas are from the client, even if i may share some of them. 

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The joke is that you're comparing a state violently oppressing its own citizens to women's equality.

I get it!

Shocking news. Live action Mulan is trash, they thanked people in charge the concentration camps in their credits, and even through they tried their best China doesn't love the movie.

Good Job Disney, you have still proven that you are a soulless company. Hope California keeps Disneyland close til they make a vaccine. Also hope Florida shuts Disney World down soon as well.

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Not true really

The actress for Mulan actually SUPPORTS Hong Kong

She supports the Hong Kong police. 
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I am confused :XD: which Statement is true? :XD:
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This pretty much made me hop on the #DisneyBoycott train. It's one thing to ostracise an entire state for its stance on abortion (Georgia), but outright supporting police brutality while flying the #OrangeManBad flag is quite another.  
It’s Disney, of course they pull this shit. Also welcome to the boycott, been here since The Last Jedi.
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It's the hypocrisy that gets my blood boiling.
That's Disney for you. "Do as I say, not as I do," might as well be their company motto.
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To quote a famous philosopher, "That's the last time I'll cry over you."
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That was the one Disney Live-Action remake I actually WANTED to see. shame. 
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It's just gonna end up being woke to begin with, And given how badly things are right now with their entertainment division not to mention their theme parks Falling apart, I'm gonna stick with fanfiction & fan art. Especially anything with topless aerial As well as topless mermaids.
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That anyone is surprised that the child of mainland elites (CCP) would toe the party line is in itself surprising.
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you didn't get the lastest update now antifa and other  lefties consider the proters far right or alt right
KukuruyoArt's avatar
I didn't make the script; i myself have seen the left position themselves with the police more than anything else.
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I thought the left was in opposition to the Hong Kong protests.
Redtor's avatar
They don't know where to stand about it, and it's glorious.
lordmep's avatar
Lol. They can never figure out how they feel about Asians. 
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And Republicans do?
They make up a small demographic in the US, which is made even smaller if you separate them by nationality, culture, and religion. Asians are a very diverse group of people that all seem to hate each other for one reason or another.
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I mean, if this will in any way hurt Disney's motivation to make more live action remakes, I'm all for it.
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It’s the same song and dance every sing time.
JPG816's avatar… There's a significant portion of the regressive left that supports the Hong Kong police...which is horribly ironic now that I think about it.
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