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There’s a nude version of this drawing for my patrons; support me on patreon for mature content.

I’ve not played Final fantasy XV nor i’ve intention to play it anytime soon, as it seems to be a bad game. It will be in fact the first FF i’ll not buy. But i’ve seen how much butthurt the Social justice warriors and feminists are spilling about Cidney because of how she looks in the most hypocritical way, since the male protagonists are as much sexualized as her. But, oh! i forgot, that the protagonists are also “problematic”, because since they’re a group of 4 male protagonists, it means the game is mysoginist, and those who play it hate women. Because clearly Square would never make a FF with a full female cast (EhemehemFinalfantasyX-2Ehemehem). So i cannot help but to piss on them by drawing her in a popular pinup pose, since they hate pinups.

If you want a drawing check my commission rates.

Hay una versión desnuda de este dibujo para mis patrones; apoyadme en patreon para contenido adulto.

No he jugado a Final fantasy XV ni tengo pensado hacerlo en el futuro cercano, ya que parece un mal juego. De hecho será el primer FF que no compre. Pero he visto el odio que los justicieros sociales y feministas están vertiendo sobre Cidney por como luce, en la forma más hipocrita, ya que los protagonistas masculinos están tan sexualizados como ella. Pero ¡oh!, lo olvide, ellos también son “problematicos”, porque como son un grupo de cuatro protas masculinos, significa que el juego es misogino, y quienes lo juegan odian a las mujeres. Porque claramente Square nuca haría un FF con cast enteramente femenino (ejemejemFinalfantasyX-2ejemejem). Así que no puedo evitar mearme un poco en ellos dibujandola en una pose popular de pinup, dado que odian los pinups.

Si queréis un dibujo mirad mis precios de comisiones. 

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This is what I would have said in response to Cidney's question:

"Nope. In fact, I admire your heart, your skills, and your beauty."
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I said it to the last girl.
I'm not sure yet. Bend over a little more.

Or jump up and down a bit.

I need to clarify something...
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Good pic and I agree about the sjw feminist nonsense.

Why don't they put their energy towards something that actually needs their attention or actually matters?
So let me guess this straight. 4 guys on a road trip to make sure one of their dude get married in order to save the kingdom from the empire is consider misogynist. So this is not a boy band fantasy adventure, who are all wearing black btw, that is geared toward the ladies?
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"4 guys on a road trip to make sure one of their dude get married in order to save the kingdom from the empire...."

Sounds like a Final Fantasy version of The Hangover.
That would be interesting RPG story. Where you start at the last dungeon, but forgot how you got there and missing the hero to finish the fight. You go back to all towns and slowly recollect what happen, through cut scene, and fight enemies that want revenge this time. 
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Yes. And the final boss is the Big Bad himself, of course, as well as his literal Dragon. They will both taunt the main characters about their humiliating drunken events while they attack said main characters.
It's far better than any FF in the recent years and the villain is one of the best they've made.
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Nope. Those tits-oops, I mean, mechanic skills look fine to me. -tries to sneak away out of embarrassment-
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I'm sick of all the SJW bullshit.
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Nope, it warms the cockles of my heart
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Its not really a bad game. Yes there are things about the combat system I dont like, and the story falls into the same problems that most of the recent ones do. But I think its a far better game than any of the 13s were.
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I'll get the game when I get a bigger external hard drive.
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Way to stick it to them Kukuruyo!!
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Nice art.  And IMHO, SJWs need to grow up.
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Yes its offensive for you to bend over like that and not show us you lovely butt!
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...Masterfully done, good sir.
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