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Cerely goes God

Seems my female saiyan Cerely was right with her choice of not becoming SSJ4, since now with the new movie, officially Dragon Ball GT is not part of the DB canon, said by Toriyama himself :D

So now instead heres the version of her in Super saiyan God, as Goku appears in the movie Battle of Gods. The original Cerely ilustration with the other forms is here…

By the way this is my first ilustration made with Manga studio EX 5


Parece que mi chica saiyan Cerely hizo bien con su elección de no volverse SSJ4, ya que ahora con la nueva pelicula, Dragon Ball GT oficialmente no es parte del canon, dicho por el propio Toriyama :D

Así que ahora en su lugar aquí esta su versión en Super saiyan Dios, como aparece Goku en Battle of Gods. La ilustración original de Cerely con sus otras formas se encuentra aquí…

A todo esto es mi primera ilustración usando Manga studio Ex 5
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She is so amazing I like her goddess form,

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Super Saiyan Goddess?
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You should do SSGSS(Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan). Its the blue haired form.
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Yeah I know. By the time I typed it I hadn't realized that you had already made a SSGSS Cerely.
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This is awesome! =D
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So much "yes" and "win" in this piece!

Dimps needs to see this and start considering the ability for Saiya-jins (male and female both!) in Xenoverse to attain this form,
along with Super Saiya-jin God 2 (not calling it by it's other name...ugh.)!

Definitely love your work, KKY! Keep it up! :D
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Well your dream has come true due to all the updates and DLC in Xenoverse 2. 😜
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Will you do a new pic of Cerely based on the transformation called "Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan"? I can't wait to see her opinions about it... Here's a link about this new form...…
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As a saiyan i can just assume she would welcome the power, but right now i find the transformation ridiculous xD i'll wait to see the movie to know the explanation
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Personally, I have no problem with SS4, since there are a bunch of different forms throughout the franchise.  If anything, SSG would be the ultimate form (a perfected form?) in a long line of different forms, with SS4 being one of them.
until super saiyan god super saiyan surpasses it.:iconyeahplz:
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...Which will be surpassed by super saiyan god super saiyan 2.  :-P
they honestly should have just called it saiyan god, then this new form would be super saiyan god.  simple
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Now that's what I'm talking about! Muy buen trabajo, genial.
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really cool art :clap:
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Wow, she's really great, nice work Kukuruyo :D
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It's a multiverse thing, there was something ekse that cane out that featured the different forms and realities facing off. Like what if Goku did not lose his programming when he hit his head, or what if Broly went unchecked, or Vegeto never unfused; stuff like that.
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They probably meant fan speculation and what ifs.
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Oh, I would love to see this happen.
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What movie is the God form from?

That aside, I like it. She looks a lot better in this version. There isn't much else to say about it. Good work!
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From Battle of Gods
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