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Aria, the crazy Sphynx



What happens when you mix a sphynx + mental problems + deaemonic mark + bard: Aria

Aria is an Npc from a Pathfinder campaign i'm mastering, the Way of the wicked. Originally, it was an npc for a single extra quest (not included in the campaign), but the players liked her and invited her to acompany them. Eventually she became a charismatic part of the group and got class levels as bard to fight alongside them. Aria it's not a common sphynx, she's crazy because of a long time in another plane, it's totally carefree and unaware of dangers, and takes a liking in the most useless things.


¿Que pasa cuando mezclas una esfinge + problemas mentales + marca demoniaca + bardo?: Aria

Aria es un npc de una campaña de pathfinder que estoy dirigiendo, the way of the wicked. Originariamente era un npc para una sola quest extra (no incluida en la campaña), pero a los jugadores les gusto y la invitaron a ir con ellos. Eventualmente se convirtio en una parte carismatica del grupo y subio niveles de bardo para luchar junto a ellos. Aria no es una esfinge comun, esta loca debido a un largo tiempo en otro plano, es totalmente despreocupada y no consciente del peligro, ademas de gustarle las cosas más inutiles.
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I like her. I'm actually playing a sphinx in my group's current game (it's super high-powered). I took levels in wizard though, and am currently in the process of building the plane of knowledge (my library).