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Does Jumin Han is BAE

Is he??

Just finally did an art of Jumin Han of Mystic Messenger. I never played the game but my friends convinced me to draw some of the characters. For now, I have Jumin Han done and the others are still WIP. xD
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He looks so handsome he is my favorite can I use him with your other mystic messenger drawings ill credit you
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why is he- why you gotta draw him so- Steven Quartz Universe Emote 11 i feel attacked-
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lmao! Why not? xD
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Hello there! I hope your having a good day!♡ I am totally inlove with your art! Especially this one oml(´∀`)♡ I was wondering if I could get your permission to repost it on my instagram? My account is (@/serendipitymc) and it's a mystic messenger account, Ofcourse I shall gobe you full credit and also give your devianart's link in the caption and if ever you have instagram, i'll credit you by that too! Will it be okay? :) I'd like to get your permission before posting,
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HOLY HELL. I just dropped into this fandom 2 weeks ago... PLAY IT.
You will be trash within days. Gorgeous Jumin. <3

EDIT: Crap... this is much older than I though. D:
Is it still alive? I want to make art of them too. :(
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I think the fandom is still alive but not as strong as it was. xD

Oh, I might play but only if Saeran route exists. They just released one for V though.
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Lol. At this point in time I have physical proof the fandom is still alive. XD
I tabled at a convention and I did small prints of all the characters and Jumin & 707 sold out so It's there. XD

Well, with the V route update, you see that a new batch of pictures have been added to Saeran's gallery... So maybe there is more Saeran in B's route than we thought. (I'm still collecting hour glasses to try V' s route so no spoilers please.
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your artwork is amazing, I love iiit!! you are the best omg Jumin Han es great, have you think about doing 707 too? your art is awesomeee!!
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Thank you!~ I'll think about that. As for now, I've already did some WIP for both Yoosung and Zen. I hope the fanbase isn't dying already so I can keep drawing more of them. xD
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Aww thank you so much! I'm glad to hear that!~
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Came here from xKito. I love the hair.
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Ah! I'm glad you watched the video and came here to see the full version of the art! I really appreciate it. :)
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Amg jumin AAHH;;<3
Btw you have cool and amazing gallery and i pretty like your art style!<3Bear Emoji-12 (Really) [V1] 
//Hope to see more from you!
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Aaayyee, thank you so much Mari-chan!~

I'm happy to hear that from an awesome artist like you!~ I'm also looking forward to see more of your cute artworks. ;)
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You're welcome! ^^
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Does jumin han is my fav?
Yes, yes he is 💗
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Hahha I like him too, but I like Unknown more! :">
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