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Happiness by Unikeko

A bank is something we're all familiar with.

A safe place to store your belongings, everything you gain throughout your journey in kukuri will be stored in your bank account.

There is also a variety of other things the bank can help you with; from trading with other members, to using items to heal your kukuri or applying familiars.

How can the bank help you today?

A member's bank account is automatically created when they gain their first item or sum of Crescents (Cr), the currency used in :iconkukuri-arpg:

The bank is very versatile, allowing members to safely store and keep track of items and Cr, trade between members, heal illnesses, apply or remove familiars, and provides sign posting to where items from within the bank can be used and applied to kukuri.

Remember, an item must be in your bank account before attempting to use it!

If you have old username you've used in game or still use somewhere within the game, we ask that members mention it in their transaction comment to keep processes smooth.

Stockpiling is a method where you put various, similar items in a pile - which, as a result, makes them unable to be sold. However, this is useful when planning to craft with them, making it easier to keep track of certain items and keeping your bank account short!

Current items that can be stockpiled are: Small feathers, normal feathers, long feathers, gemstones, small pelts, large pelts, small skulls, large skulls, bugs

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