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I see your kukuri has gone through many new experiences and traveled many journeys.

Having collected a bountiful amount of Fate Points (FP) for your kukuri, you can submit their FP for counting and earn ranks for their experience. Earning new ranks will gain your kukuri many new benefits, from breeding slots to stat points!

Kukuri FP trackers are little different to other ARPGs.

If you are new to Kukuri, it is important to note that our FP Trackers work differently to other ARPGs. You may find it useful to read our guide on our FP Trackers and how to make or move one.

FP (Rank) and Skill Point Updates

How can we help you today?

Count FP For Rank Updates

Bulk Upload

Skill Point Updates

1 tracker/24 hrs in Rank Updates
1 tracker/24 hrs in Bulk Upload
Skill Point Updates are limited to 5 requests per member per day.

As time zones varies between members and moderators, a day is considered a 24hr period. Unfortunately, this means you cannot submit a request at 11PM and then at 12:01AM.

FP Counting

Requesting counts at intervals of 100-200FP are considered most optimal for our counters.

Bulk Uploads

A bulk upload is the transfer of an old tracker's contents to a new tracker.

When requesting a bulk, your new tracker must be blank except for the comment threads. Any new art can be added to the old tracker (if owned by you).

The bulk process will update kukuri bonus, personal/collab bonuses and major errors, but is unable to award points when changes to counting rules occurred after the initial confirmation.

Skill Point (SP) Updates

FP counts and rank must be updated at the time of requesting a Skill Point Update.

You do not need to update SP on every rank; you are welcome to let it accumulate and request its allocation at a later date.

A reminder of at what amount of FP benefits for what;

50 FP - +1 SP
100 FP - Promoted to rank "Known". Your mates won't turn you down (mutations may override this), but you may still result in an empty nest. +1 SP (2 SP total) and +5 breeding slots (10 total).
150 FP - Promoted to the rank Zeta. When bred to another Zeta or above, you have no chance of producing empty clutches (Mutations may override). +1 SP (3 SP total).
200 FP -  You've been promoted to rank Delta, +5 breeding slots (15 total), +1 SP (4 SP total)
300 FP - You've been promoted to rank Gamma, +2 SP (6 SP total)
400 FP - You've been promoted to rank Beta. +5 breeding slots (20 total) and +2 SP (8 SP total)
500 FP - You've been promoted to Alpha. +10 breeding slots (30 total) and +2 SP (10 SP total)! From now on you gain +1SP on every 100fp.
600 FP - +1SP (11 SP total)
700 FP - +1SP (12 SP total)
750 FP - You've been promoted to Blessed, receive +10 breeding slots (40 total) and +1 SP (13 SP total).
800 FP - +1SP (14 SP total)
900 FP - +1SP (15 SP total)
1000 FP - You've reached the status Arisen - no matter what rank you're bred to, there is no chance of empty nest (mutations may override), and there is a 10% chance that you roll 4 egged nest. + 5 extra skill points, and from now on for every 100FP you get +5 breeding slots (plus the +1 from alpha perk) and +1SP.
When you enter Arisen rank you have
    21 skill points in total (without bonuses)
    40 breeding slots
1100 FP - +1 SP +5 breeding slots
1200 FP - +1 SP +5 breeding slots

1 slot from beginning
100 FP Known - 2 slots total
200 FP Delta - 3 slots total
400 FP Beta - 4 slots total
500 FP Alpha - 6 slots total
750 FP Blessed - 8 slots total
1100 FP - 9 slots total

After 1100 FP miniatures receive +1 slot every 100 FP.

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