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First before asking a question, please read the following Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What do I do if I want to change my username and/or account?
Send a note to Kukuri-arpg with a title "name change" or something similiar. Please make sure to mention your old name and new name.

2. Can I use black/white in markings?
Yes, you may!

3. Do we get purchasable add-ons on genos?
No. There are no purchasable add-ons availaible in Kukuri-arpg, and there are no intentions of implementing this feature in the future.

4. Can I draw my Kukuri uncontaminated if it has contamination?
You may draw your contaminated kukuri without contamination in own personal images and enamoureds, provided the slot permission was given prior to contamination. However for anything group official, like monthly quests, activities, events and trainings, the Kukuri should be portrayed contaminated if they are so.

5. How much does a MYOs cost?
There is no MYOs available in Kukuri-arpg You acquire Kukuris either by buying from other members, breeding, or requesting to adopt one from the Adoption Center.
The closest mechanic Kukuri-arpg has to a MYO Is the or bi-yearly Divine Shop, where semi-customs are available for purchase. Divine Shop semi-customs can be purchased in both auction and flash-sale format, and their prices vary.

6. When is the Divine Shop open?
The Divine Shop is open twice a year for a month duration. They opened after our two big yearly events; the Festival of Death, which happens in March, and the Carnival of Life, which happens in October.

7. I don't have a kukuri yet but wanna do the monthly quest, what do I do?
You may use a Starter! These are group owned Kukuris which may be used when you don't yet have your own.

8. I got a new uploaded kukuri, is it better to get the old tracker bulked into a new one, or add the art myself?
Please let us bulk it! While yes, it seems like a huge job, it's even bigger job for the admin to re-check and count everything from the scratch. You're saving a lot of headache with letting us bulk it!

9. If a geno has two dams/sires, can we edit the lineage abbreviations on the template info?
Yes, you may!

10. Is there an item that brings a deceased kukuri back to life?
Unfortunately, no. Deceasing a kukuri is a permanent decision and there will be no future items to revert the process.

12. Is there item that brings infertile back to fertile?
No, and there will not be.

12. Can I claim kukuri that have deactivated owners?
No - with exception that you can prove that you are the previous owner of the deactivated account.

13. I got my first kukuri, what do I do now?
First, congratulations and welcome to the group!

You'll find the import bases for kukuri in the Resources gallery folder. They come ready as PSDs with all ears, horns, and tails included.

Next, our Kukuri Genetics pages provide all you need to know about your kukuri's genetics, including coat colours, markings, mutations etc!

Once you've finished designing your kukuri, upload them to and submit them to Design Approvals, where a member of our design team will check your design and make sure it fits within our guidelines.

If your design is accepted, great! Once they're able, our import team will upload them to Kuku-ri and your kukuri becomes official.

If the design needs fixing, our design team will let you know why and give tips on how to help your design fit within the guidelines. Once amended, you can then submit the corrected design to Design Corrections. -- If your design does need some corrections, don't get disheartened; even mods can make mistakes with their designs!

However, as a new member who owns less than 3 kukuri, you're also able to ask a member to design your geno for your in Design Request.

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