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The FP trackers in Kukuris are handled a bit differently compared to other ARPG's, and this page explains how they're done and how their transfer works. We would like to remind you that this system is not meant to make it more difficult for anyone, but instead this eases the job when it's time for your Kukuri to get status updates. Some questions have been answered at the bottom of the page: FAQ

Here you can also read about what a bulk upload is and when they should be done, plus how best to do them!

To have your tracker counted or a bulk upload completed, it must be put in the status updates! The tracker comment in your imports is only for the sake of convenience.


What is a FP tracker | How to make one | Minimal required information | Posting artworks | FP counting process

What is an FP Tracker

FP Trackers are journals or deviations used to store all the artworks featuring one specific Kukuri you own. Every artwork gives the Kukuri some art points, which are called Fate Points (or FP for short) in Kukuri-ARPG.

For more information about Fate Points and what they're used for, read here.

How to make one

You can create a journal or use a deviation for this purpose. Neither require much information aside from a link to the import of your kukuri (and the FP grand total, if you so wish). You may fill in any other information of your choice, but it's not mandatory. Why is this so? Because the images and FP counts are to be posted as comment replies in the comment section of this tracker page.


Minimal required information

Under 'comments' in your tracker itself, make two new comment threads: "PERSONAL ART" and "ART BY OTHERS".
If you wish to have more than two threads, you won't be required to include those specific categories. But we do request that the threads are still distinct from each other! No matter how you do it, all threads MUST be linked in the body of the tracker (journal text of deviation description)!

If you wish to be really organized, you can further categorize them into more comment threads (trainings, activities, monthlies, etc), but the basic 2 ("personal art", "art by others") must be there and linked in the main journal or in the description of the deviation if you only have 2 threads. 'Featuring' these comment threads is also advised.

Posting artworks

Post all art of your Kukuri as a reply to the appropriate comment threads you just made. Make sure one image is one comment. You may not post multiple images in one comment. Include the FP count for the image in the same comment. If you do not know how to count the FP for a particular image, you may put an approximated FP count. For literature, at least the word count is needed.

FP counting process

To get your FP counted, you must submit your tracker to Status Updates! Once there you just have to wait for an admin to come and 'confirm' your FP count. If you did not put an FP count for an image, the admin will do the calculations for you. When the admin is done counting, they will create checkpoints for each of the comment threads. You can use these to also keep track of your own total FP amount, if you wish, but do not comment to them. Keep commenting to the main comment threads as per usual.



What is a bulk transfer | When to ask for a bulk | New artworks | Deleted artworks

What is a bulk transfer

Bulk transfer is the process of admins transferring artwork and FP counts directly from an old tracker (usually from the previous owner or from an old format of the same owner) to a new one.

When to ask for a bulk

Usually a bulk transfer is needed when you get a new Kukuri from another player and it has a large amount of art in its tracker. Bulking is a must for trackers bigger than 250-300 FPs: re-counting bigger amounts from scratch is extremely time consuming and you may even lose some FPs due to artworks not meeting the actual art requirements (it happens mostly for really old art). For smaller trackers, for a max of 200-250 FPs, instead, it's not required: you can transfer all the art by yourself! Small trackers are fast to count even from scratch.

Can I Add New artworks

If you're transferring a tracker from a previous owner, wait for admins to complete the bulk. It's easier to transfer all the art correctly if the tracker is completely blank (so that pics won’t be counted twice or lost during the process). If you're transferring your own trackers (from stash to journal etc) you can upload the new art in the old tracker: while doing the bulk, admins will automatically check and transfer all the new artworks.

Deleted artworks

Sometimes this may happen (people leaving dA; archiving old artworks; personal reasons), but worry not! If you spot some deleted artworks in your trackers, if those were counted previously, you should ask for a bulk transfer despite how big your tracker may be: admins will just transfer the confirmed FPs.

What if the deleted artwork wasn’t counted? Sadly, we can't do anything. You may try to ask the artist to re-upload the artwork just to allow you to save a copy and be able to put it in the tracker again, but that's something only you can do. If the thumbnail still work some points may be salvaged.


How is this tracker system easier than any other?

This way when the tracker comes to status updates, an admin does not have to count every picture again and again from scratch. For members who just keep adding new pictures and count only the new ones this isn't a big deal, but an admin has to check every picture every single time to make sure that no-one is trying to cheat points, to ensure that the picture is checked, and in some cases the admin checking the journal isn't the same one than the last to begin with. With this system it doesn't matter which admin does the counting, everyone after it can just skip to check the checkpoint and keep counting from there.

What if an admin made a mistake?

Reply to the admin who counted your kukuri, within 24h it’ll be possible to edit any kind of mistakes.

If the mistake is older, note us. We are human and sometimes mistakes happen, we will fix it as soon as possible.

Does this mean I can't put my tracker on outside websites? I don't trust DA to not delete stash trackers and I don't wanna make public journals.

Unfortunately yes, it means that you can't put the trackers on outside websites, we apologize for the inconvenience but try to grit through it reminding yourself that it does make our admins' job much easier, and the status updates SO much more faster!

The notifications are quite annoying with this system...

While we understand getting constant and numerous pings can get quite irritating, it's good to remember that it takes you about half a second to click the little x button to delete the mention, while it can take minutes for us to count a single picture and hours a single fp tracker page with the old system. Again, it's for the general good and fastness!

Can I create sub-threads to keep art more organized?

Please do not. Due to dA's comment system, this causes the process of making Checkpoint FP Totals to scatter all over the place, and sometimes the same picture ends up being counted twice by accident when being total-ed. And having pictures inside a sub-thread that has another sub-thread, can cause an admin to entirely overlook certain checkpoints too. This all causes the admin not only to have massive problems with counting your tracker, but also doubles or triples the time they have to spend with your tracker.

If you wish to organize your FP tracker to your liking, please make sure all comment threads are their own threads, and not within another comment thread.

Examples of acceptable FP tracker formats:

(2 basic threads)

(for those who like to organize things, you can make more than the basic 3, as long as they do not nest inside each other)


Examples of not-acceptable FP tracker formats:

(there are sub-threads inside the main threads, causing some pictures to 'nest' more than others)

When do I have to submit my tracker in the queue?

Basically, whenever you want. However, it’ll be significant only when your Kukuri has reached a new rank, more or less every 100/200 FPs. We’d suggest to not put your tracker with large amount of FPs to count (300+) because it will be a long process, while putting your tracker in queue more often with less FPs, will fasten and ease our FP team’s job.

Can I upload other people’s artworks on my stash to avoid deleting?

You can, but you must link in the description of the stashed pics the original artwork uploaded on deviantArt. Stashed artworks without a link to a deviation on dA site won’t be counted nor transferred.

Can I upload my own artworks on my stash? I don’t want people to see them.

We understand your possible concerns, although it’s required to have all the artworks uploaded officially on deviantArt. If you really don’t want people to see them, you can upload them in your scraps: it’s a folder which won’t notify your watchers.

Can I upload my Kukuri artworks in a premium gallery?

In order for your artworks to count in every part of our ARPG, it’s needed for your artworks to be public and available for everyone. This means that no, you can’t put your Kukuri artwork in a premium gallery if you want them to be rolled or only counted for FPs. Art present in a premium gallery won’t be considered.


We accept many different forms of trackers! Anything from a journal, to deviations and even PDFs! Below you can find examples of different accepted trackers! trackers are no longer supported as dA doesn't allow shortcuts!

Old coded lits and journals are also perfectly fine!

Krumblor ArtPoints Tracking <-- Back to the Dexteri's ARPG Crossroad
--> Kukuris General Items Journal



Fate Point Count
1127.5 FP
Rank Arisen

Skill Points
Atk: 10   Def: 12   Spd: 2
No Located
Idk lost the count


45 Slots
No Rank
1. Trade to @Cristal-Soul - Permission - Breeding
2. Split with Lockquinn -
 Krumblor ArtPoints Tracking

Ellesmera 9792 - FP Tracker -,Total FP: 96 Trackerlinks ACTIVITIES TRAININGPERSONAL ART ART BY OTHERS EVENT ______________________________________________________________________ Breeding slots Ellesmera 9792 - FP Tracker -

Coded examples
 - Breviloquis 8237- | 

Teki's Tracker  

Common Kukuri // Rook
Ebon Hazel with Underbelly, Skunk and Blanket
Crepuscular Herbivore
Attack: 7 Speed: 5  | Defense: 1
1. -
2. -
3. -
4. -
5. -


 Teki's Tracker

Buck FP Tracker by FallingFireX Buck FP Tracker |  Kukuri: Flavian 11247 FP Tracker by SomeSunnyBunny Kukuri: Flavian 11247 FP Tracker |  Duchess FP Tracker by Qua-ttro Duchess FP Tracker

Toba and Rainier tracker by FallingFireX Toba and Rainier tracker

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