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So far there has been a lot happening in the group, and old events where something important happened. You're new player who has no idea what's going on, or has it just been so long that you've forgotten? Or perhaps you want to check for good ol' times sake? Regardless, this is the place for you!

If you don't know the legend of Kukuris yet, I may recommend you to check the Folklore first!

The Fungal Contamination

Event: The Pest by Crashfurs Get out of there! - TFC by MaraMastrullo

The land of Kukuris was suddenly invaded by black gooey creatures attacking Kukuris and frankly anything in their sight. Glowing mushrooms were growing from these creatures' backs, and as Kukuris were fighting them it turned out this disease can spread to Kukuris. Curiously enough, it seemed harmless to other living beings. Luckily  people were also able to find a cure for it if a Kukuri got it. 

As people continued to fight these creatures back from important outposts, it was discovered that deep in the forest they came from laid an Aquatic - or at least grotesque image of one. The glowing mushrooms had invaded it's whole body, seemingly being the only thing keeping it alive anymore. The black creatures affectionately named "Shroomies" were increasingly protective for this creature, and based on how the amount of them and the mushroom spreading to nearby landscape, this creature was dubbed as "Mother." 

Despite how Mother looked, it was not easy task to lay the creature to rest from it's pain. The hyper aggressive Shroomies and the devastating attacks of the Mother gave challenge even for the best fighters. Yet, when the sun set, the final wheezing breath escaped from the Mother's throat, the remaining Shroomies scattered to the shadows. The victory was on our side, but what was that? Why was there an aquatic in middle of a forest, species not seen in centuries? What was that spreading infection which, asides from the area Mother was infecting, spread only to Kukuris?

Could... Life herself be behind this?

Festival of Death (2017)

Soft Breeze by AkinaTakesora FOD: No Five Finger Discounts by Zada2011

Spring is the season we celebrate Death, the Kukuri God of fertility and rebirth. Held at the bottom of the highest and steepest mountain reaching well above the clouds, a lighthearted festival was what people needed after their battle and following rebuilding after Shroomies.

As per tradition, the celebrations of the two Gods were times when both wilds and tames were easily seen in one place at once. No-one would harm each other, and likewise humans were not allowed to interfere with the wilds who wanted to participate in the celebration. After all, no-one would like to offend the God who took care of your soul when it was time to go, and have her send it back as a toad out of spite.

The place was filled with stalls selling everything from food to trinkets, and people were gathering the orange flowers notorious for blooming early in the year around the mountain as offerings for Death. Yet people were quickly noticing that something was happening to the statue they were giving the flowers to, it almost felt... warm to touch.

And then, in graceful motion no-one could expect, Death descended upon them.

Death's Arrival

No-one knew how to act in before the massive Aerial, which didn't seem to need to flap it's wings to stay afloat. The youngest of Kukuris seemed almost excited, almost like meeting your favorite aunt you haven't seen in a while. Yet her very presence seemed to calm everyone, and her voice echoed in people's minds in language they did not know yet understood.

As Death spoke, she revealed of her own reasons for appearing before them. In mourning for the rift in between her and her sister Life, she had preserved the only remaining subspecies of Kukuris that still hold the remnants of genetics of Aquatics - Prairies. However, as she is not the God of living, it is not in her skills to preserve such either. To save the remaining Prairies, she is now asking you to welcome them in your hands and show them what the outside world is, and help to revive their ever thinning population.

The Prairie Event

Prairie event: Hit and Run by Jalohauki  Kuku | Attack!! Zagrial and Vincent vs Quill    Prairie Event - Attack!! Zagrial and Vincent vs Quill
    Excitement filled the whole crowd. It was like a thick cloud that hung over both the wild kukuri and the tamed kukuri and their handlers. Zagrial was just as worked up as everyone else too, his eyes wide and watching the sky for Death. While half blind, he was far from deterred by it. Rather, he was excited to get in some training with new creatures. Were they sleek and fast? Or maybe large and strong, like him.
    His mind was pulled from these thoughts as a shadowy figure appeared in the sky, and after a moment drifted down to the crowds. He listened intently, the goat-like kukuri taking a few steps forward in awe. Death really was quite beautiful. It was an odd thing to think, but he couldn’t help himself.
    She started moving and after a moment he wondered after the others, keeping a safe distance from anyone. It was a lo

On the scheduled day Death came back to lead people to the Prairies. After long travel they appear in front of a massive mountain, in a place where people could swear was supposed to be just a meadow. With a single swipe Death crumbled part of the mountain wall to reveal a valley.

The area was clearly drying up, and only eatable thing left was the shrubbery struggling to stay alive. And in middle of that was a small pack of Prairies, cautious of this sudden intrusion. They would not listen to Death, and certainly would not listen to people trying to capture them. But, as she assured, in her care they will not survive for much longer. It was time to tame the Prairies back into the bloodlines.

Carnival of Life (2017)

Dust Up by Zada2011  CoL: Crested fights“Seriously? I want to see Constantin crying on the seats! Nori will get this!”, Suki hissed as they pushed Nori towards her box. The crimson dove sighed and moved slowly forwards. “Bro, you can’t put Nori into a fighting ring? What if she bleeds out?” Suki shrugged their shoulders. “The doctors will pay if that happens! Nori is stronger than you think, so please just do what I say, okay? We got this, Nori got this.” Kale threw his arms in the air and helped Suki by pushing Nori forward. The crimson kukuri knew that they had to fight in an official arena. The air was filled with tension and it made her nervous. Nori was put into her box and her handler left with the friend. This was such a bad idea of this self-loving, sarcastic human. Nori pouted but there was nothing she could do against it. Every minute that passed, Nori got more nervous. It was eating her from the inside out. The crimson dove looked around the box, it was small and cold, mak

Though still wary about the sudden intrusion of Shroomies last year at the time of Carnival of Life, people still decided to hold the celebration. Not only to pray for strength to survive the winter, but it also serves an opportunity for people with all sorts of problem to ask that little bit of more power to get through. Through poverty, through hardships, it's Life's strength that brings people and Kukuri alike together.

The carnival was kept in the old coliseum, used for the same purposes ever since the time anyone could remember. After wrestling with Prairies, everyone was excited to test out their strengths against each other.

Festival of Death (2018)

Kukuri Pinata by AkinaTakesora [FOD] You can't eat those by MaraMastrullo

Since Death made her appearance with the Prairies, people were excited to see her again. Those believing in Her had their hopes up to see their deity again, the young pups wanted to see their aunt again. But Death did not come, no matter how people prayed and offered offerings. 

Yet, something more terrifying appeared. Another shroom Mother was found, this time it seemed like helpless Aerial covered in mushrooms and mycelium, with wounds so severe that it shouldn't be alive, yet was denied of death. Clearly a spit in the face from Life, yet a threat to everyone around it. One would imagine that such sight would trigger Death to appear... yet nothing. The people and kukuris were left on their own devices to slay this Mother, and were left with air and uncertainty. Where was She?

Carnival of Life (2018)

CoL: Oh dear Brother of mine by KebabPekoniRulla CoL | Final Stand by TentiSlime

Despite people fearing that Death would repay for what Life did to her festival, people still decided to hold the carnival - if one of the gods had to be angered, they would rather keep the war-thirsty Life pacified. Blood was shed in her name, as kukuris were not afraid to pull punches against each other. Yet it felt like every week the weather just kept getting darker and darker.

And then, something no-one was expecting. Life herself rose from the seas, silencing every battle with her roar. Her own carnival had gathered a lot of kukuri and people alike, and it was time to test has this "evolved" version of their creations earned their right for survival against all odds - even those made by hers. Icicles formed by ice and dark matter resembling the one of shroomies filled the sky, leaving no-one time or space to escape from it.

Yet, she alone can not decide the fate of kukuris. From nothing Death flew over the coliseum, spreading her tattered wings and wounded body over it as the icicles started to fall, taking every hit on herself as the people in the coliseum watched in horror. And just as fast as it had started, it was over. 

The light enclosed the God of Death, and she slowly dissolved with it.

Death had died.

Festival of Death 2019

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Death can't be... dead
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I don't think so, as there are player-owned prairies and the event wouldn't make sense ^.^
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Hmm... I wonder tho... could there still be aquatics? Seeing as how Life had taken all the kuku that looked like her down below into the deep sea. Maybe they'll make some appearances? :3 (just a thought ^^; but thought it would be a good idea after Death was killed by Life)
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When Will the next big event happen?
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Festival of Death on spring and Carnival of Life on autumn. 
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Aren't Prairies descended from aerial kukuri and not aquatic ones?
Unikeko Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2018
Technically yes - They do have more Aerial blood than aquatic, but Prairies were a mutation that came from now non-existent Gliders, that were a direct hybrid inbetween Aerials and Aquatics. When aquatics disappeared, the Gliders kept breeding with aerials, which then eventually became a Prairie. This is why Prairies can flex their muscles so hard.

Long story short, Prairies are like 75% Aerial and 25% Aquatic! Thus why Death prizes them as the last remaining species that have aquatic blood still running in them.
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