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Too many genos you don't know what to do with? If donating a geno to the Adoption Center doesn't feel like the right decision, then you always have the option of releasing your young kukuri to the Kukuri Sanctuary.

The sanctuary is a safe refuge for all kukuri, and even offer a small 500Cr reward for each geno they accept.

Releasing means that your geno will be marked as Released and can't be used in-game from that point forward and cannot be reclaimed.


Release to the Sancutary

1. Only undesigned and unapproved genos can be released. You can't release uploaded or approved imports.

2. Once a geno is marked as 'Released', the decision is final and it cannot be reclaimed.

3. Reward for each release is 500 Cr, regardless of rarity. Cr (Crescents) is the currency used in the game to purchase items, armors, potions, and all matter of other things.

4. Genos should be submitted as one nest per comment; multiple genos can be released from the same nest but, for each pup from a different nest, a new comment is needed.

To release a Kuku, please fill out the form below and post it as reply to this comment

Full geno:

Please remember to include everything about the Kuku geno!
There is no daily limit on how many genos you can release.

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