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Secret spot 1 by Unikeko

Gathering is one of the 4 main loot-earning activities - known as "Activity Rolls" (ARs) - in the game, where your Kukuri can gather up plants and fruits. You can later sell these findings, or use them in crafting!

What can I do with my activity loot? Let's find out!
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Under the Canopy 1 (Gather) by FallingFireX

Wonders of Gathering - Grumberry Trees by Dexteri


Firstly, all members are required to make an Activity Tracker; this is similar to a Fate Point Tracker, with four comments dedicated to the four lootable group activities; Hunting, Gathering, Excavating, and Traveling. You can find an example of an activity tracker here.

Gathering has a simple goal: find and harvest plants of various types at a suitable time of day. These plants can be found anywhere from on farms, to in a swamp, or even on a mountain. You can harvest many different types of plant per image.

Your Kukuri's Biorhythm and diet play an important part in gathering! The Biorhythm, or the time of day your Kukuri prefers to be awake, determines when they have the best luck finding plants. In the same vein, their diet helps or hurts their odds! A herbivore will have an easier time then a carnivore when it comes to finding plants afterall!

As with all activities, you can succeed or fail to find anything in Gathering. There is nothing in the entry that you can do to increase your chances, but FamiliarsTraits, Arisen Rank and Keen Sense Potions can be used to aid in your quest. These should all be listed in the provided form!


° One image/story can feature up to 3 kukuri Gathering. You can include more if you wish, but only 3 will be rewarded items and the activity bonus - Extra kukuri will not earn this FP bonus.
° Completed Gathering entries are posted in the Gathering folder. One image/story is one gathering trip; you cannot incorporate other activities into the same entry. Similarly, comic pages are judged as one gathering trip if posted as a single page image.
° Gathering is about finding foliage, plants, or fruits. There must be at least one gatherable plant (listed below) present. However the plant does not need to be the same as from the biorhythm depicted!
° Always link the imports of kukuri depicted in description! Failing to do so will result in a rejected roll.
° Rolling for rewards is completely random
° Always link kukuris into description! Failing this might result for no FP getting rewarded.


1. At least 75% of the Kukuri must be visible and in the scene

2. At least 1 Gatherable plant must be visible.

3. The image must be fairly clean, colored, shaded, and have a shaded background. Backgrounds should have at least 3 hand drawn elements not including the ground or sky (ex: rocks, vines, animals, etc)

4. The image must be at minimum 300x300 pixels, with each kukuri at least 150 x 150 pixels or easily recognizable.

5.  The image shouldn't be a noticeably lower quality compared to your gallery.


1. The story must be at least 1000 words

2. Every additional Gathering kukuri requires an additional +500 words, meaning two kukuri would require 1500 words, and three kukuri 2000 words.

3. Kukuri should be 75% present through the whole story

4. Stories should be 75% about the activity.

Where Do I Post it

For Gathering entries, the following form is required. Fill it in and submit it in the correct threads linked below

Link to submission:
Link to AR tracker (s): If there are multiple, link all
Gathered Item: Ex: Diz
Time of Day: Night/Dawn-Dusk/Day
Kukuri 1:
    Relevant Bonuses: Familiars, Traits, Rank, Potions, etc
    Diet and biorhythm:
Kukuri 2:
    Relevant Bonuses: Familiars, Traits, Rank, Potions, etc
    Diet and biorhythm:
Kukuri 3:
    Relevant Bonuses: Familiars, Traits, Rank, Potions, etc
    Diet and biorhythm:
Link to lease permission(s): If applicable, Delete if not
Link to correction comment: If applicable,  Delete if not
Are you the original creator? If not, please tag the creator: this is so that they are aware of it being posted, and admin will double check does it have the rolled comment
Tag for other kukuri/s owner/s: Delete if all kukuris are owned by you

Once youve done this, visit the Activity thread hub and submit your traveling to the Traveling thread; where an admin will check if your entry meets the requirements, roll your rewards, post them to your activity tracker, and automatically add them to your bank.

If a roll is rejected don't fret! Our admins will share the reasoning and you are welcome to make necessary adjustments and resubmit your entry.

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