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Once you have a design ready for your kukuri, that design is submitted here for approval - a member of our design team will assess that everything fits the marking criteria and, if not, provide helpful tips on how to achieve your design goal.

If a design doesn't quite make it, don't be disheartened! Even we moderators can make our own design mistakes.

Main Design Admins

Peurankasvo - Design approval & Corrections 
yinyangletsa - Design approval & Corrections
lilwyverngirl - Design approval & Corrections
Xenon-Amaki - Design approval & Corrections
Zada2011 - Design approval & Corrections
EtherealEnds - Design Approval & Corrections
AdaMani7913 - Design Approval & Corrections
FallingFireX - Jack-of-all-Trades


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Design Approval

Design Correction


For now you can have only three (3) unaccepted designs actively at the queue per member! Please wait 24 hours (1 day) between the designs.

 Design corrections has a cooldown of one/24hrs for now.

Rebirths are unlimited.

Helpful Information
Blank Imports | Design Guide  

Fill in all the information provided below. Make sure to fill in all the parts except for ID or non-mandatory ones!

Post the design in your as full size JPEG or PNG (2821 x 1766). Uploading Kukuri imports to DA is done by Kuku-ri only!

Only backgrounds can be added before design approval, everything else has to be added after upload in Import Updates.

Please provide the link to the proof even in, so we can easily check in the uploading progress if something doesn't match up.

Do not delete the file before it is uploaded to Kuku-ri, or you may risk having to go through the approvals process again.

You cannot post a design for your friend. You may only post a design to approvals if it is your geno, and your friend must post for themselves.

If your design has been approved but not uploaded for more than 14 days, please let us know. There could be additional corrections needed, or we may have accidentally missed it!

- In the event that a kukuri has had their name changed, and for whatever reason you would prefer the old name in the lineage of your kukuri, you may use the old name. It should only be the official old name (stored on the breeding sheet).
--> please be mindful that this action has the potential to upset the current owner of the kukuri, so only do so with caution or after prior talking to the owner!

> Remember to remove all the comments inside ( ) marks.
> Keep bold intact. If it gets removed while you paste, add it in manually. 

Name: (all names must be PG-13)
ID: (Leave empty)
Owner: (use the @ symbol in front of the username to create a tag)
Handler: (Not mandatory, delete if not needed.)
Species: Kukuri-arpg
Breed: (Common Kukuri, Prairie kukuri etc,etc,etc) 
Gender: (Rook or dove, female or male)
Age: (Maturing age: 2-4 years / Average dying age: 30-40 years)
: (one of the parent's eye color. Grandparents eye color if no parents present in the lineage. Black sclera is mentioned here)
HeightSpecies information (read)
WeightSpecies information (read)
Genotype: (add information here)
Phenotype: (add information here)
Feathers/Fins: (Delete if common kukuri. Both Feathers/Fins must remain in the form!)
Ears/Pinna(add information here - Both Ears/Pinna must remain in the form!)
Horns/Esca(add information here - Both Horns/Esca must remain in the form!)
Tail: (Delete if not fuzzy, silken or short tail)
Ruffle: (Delete if not muffed, curly, maned or satin)
Mutations: (Delete if none)

Skill points:
ATK: 0 DEF: 0 SPD: 0

Biorhythm: (Nocturnal / Crepuscular / Diurnal )
Diet: (Carnivore / Omnivore / Herbivore )
Rank: None
Status: (Most are healthy, blindness/infertility etc. is listed here)
Other side of the Kukuri: ( ALWAYS A TEXT LINK! Required ONLY for Piebald, Ink, Koi and asymmetrical Chimera mutation kukuris, save and keep the file in your Delete this part completely if none is needed.)

: (add information here)

Traits: (Only traits upon birth. Delete this part completely if kukuri has no traits)

---------------------------------------- SSS: Unknown
------------------- SS: Unknown
---------------------------------------- SSD: Unknown
Sire: Unknown
---------------------------------------- SDS: Unknown
------------------- SD: Unknown
---------------------------------------- SDD: Unknown
---------------------------------------- DSS: Unknown
------------------- DS: Unknown
---------------------------------------- DSD: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
---------------------------------------- DDS: Unknown
------------------- DD: Unknown
---------------------------------------- DDD: Unknown

Design by: (use the @ symbol in front of the username to create a tag)

© 2015 - 2024 Kukuri-arpg
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