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News and Announcements

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New mutation discovered!

Surprise! Very recent breeding discovered a new mutation - Melanism! Melanism is random mutation, that appears randomly and is inheritable via breeding.
Who knows what else there is to discover? 



Kukuri of the month winner, Breeding open, New monthly quest -tundra pond now in shop, Admin leaving, Hunting season changed, Missing genos reminder, New import update thread

Hello! It's time for the monthly start of the month update ovo/ There are many things again on the plate!

Monthly Quest has changedEveryone needs a friend! Being social creatures, the kukuris are known to forge a lifetime bond with their family, consisting from other kukuris or their handlers... but sometimes kukuri finds something different, something that one could call a pet. 
    ✿ First winner from the Design a monthly item/familiar and win greatness! - Round 2! contest is Sulosointu with their suggestion of Scroll of Companions, congratulations!
    ✿ Last months Background set - The Tundra Pond is now buy-able from the The Shop, but only during September 2019!

Kukuri of the Month September 2019 is Ireland 781 owned by ShadowMagpie! Congratulations! Voting for Kukuri of the Month October 2019 has started!

Breeding is open, with new journal! Who knows, maybe you'll discover something new this month?

Import updates got new journal. The old requests on the old journal will be processed first, so there's no need for re-posting your request!

On sadder news, BlueTheCaracal has left the team. Let's all give them warm thank you for all the help they have given us! 

When posting missing genos for us to find/post, please post comment with the pups. If the geno has been transferred to you, there's high chance the new proof has already been posted. Please double-check the journals! Only breedings with no transfers are probably not posted.

Oh, and the Hunting season has changed to Fall!

We are hoping to bring you guys some new things during the fall, and we're really looking forward to them ´v`/ Unfortunately we can't promise any dates or publish what things we've been working on, but hopefully you'll see soon. But for now, that's all for today!



Contest conclusions, couple rule add-ons and reminder of end of the month!

Good day to you again! I'll bring in some additions to the group itself and - of course - couple reminders! Hold onto your hats, reminder admin is here again!

Design familiar/monthly item contest already concluded, and we are so happy to see so many inspiring familiars and items! We'll be picking the winners during the monthly quests starting from next month and will announce them once the picked familiars/items are published. So don't panic if your item was not picked for next month - there's whole year ahead!

You still have a week time to take part to Design emote for Kukuri Discord server! contest, it'll be closed on 31st of August!

We added couple new rules to the group's general rulebook:
 ~ Swear words of any kind are not allowed as kukuri names. If we find out some name is a slur in other language, we'll ask you to change it!
 ~ We have reworded how the banning in the group works! Your kukuris will not be donated to other members if you're banned, but are left gathering dust! All alone! Without anyone looking for them! Please don't get banned...

And then the reminder section; BreedingMonthly Quest and Kukuri of the Month will be closed on 30th of August! You still have time to take part to everything, but be quick!

Woah, that was easy! Now that schools and work has started again, diseases have awoken! Stay healthy and if you do catch a cold, take it easy~



Fixed broken breeding thread and additions to group rules!

That was fast OvO Thanks to our speedy team, the fixed breeding threads are now live and well! Every transactions should be posted, though human errors might still occur. In that case, please contact the group and we'll find a solution to your problem!

We've created a new journal Moved breeding results - Missing ones - It should help you if you have breeding you can't find from the fixed breeding results! Just post your original proof to there and we'll generate new proof for you! Especially some of the breedings that didn't have any transfers in them, may not be posted anywhere yet so in this case we need your help to locate them!

Then another thing - it's been long time rule, but now it is added to the official group rules: Try to avoid drawing or posting art of an unapproved kukuri! Be also wary when drawing kukuri with modifications that are not accepted yet. Both instances may result in whole entry being declined, no matter what it is, even if other kukuris in the entry are accepted and uploaded! Unapproved kukuris don't exist technically yet, thus they don't count in the entries.

Then a friendly reminder from your training queen! We know you're excited that design approval is now open and you can post trainings for your feathery beans, but if the import doesn't have admin comments, then the training can't be officially accepted. Try to avoid posting training completions before those comments are posted under the imports! We do our best to keep them logged, but dA's spamlock limits our work.

Remember to drink water and stretch a bit before continuing your work!



Fixes to the broken breeding thread!

Hi I'm Jalo and I nyoom fast here to tell you that the fixing of the broken breeding thread shall begin right now! We're fighting through the spamlocks and dA glitches to get your proofs delivered so you can sell and receive and trade and design the genos again!

First of all, we greatly apologize for the tags we're spamming at you! Once you receive a tag for certain geno and it's been posted to fixed thread, you can use it again! Yay!
However, since the finicky nature of dA, tags might not work always. Then you can go through the journals with ctrl+f and searching your own name to find your pups!

You can find the new proofs from here and here once they've been posted!

We work as fast as we can with this, but soon this whole convoy should be behind us all! We make sure it will never happen again (as this was problematic and time-consuming thing for us admins as well)! Thank you so much for your patience!~



Design approval reminder, semi lineage reminder, new admin, monthly quest reminder
You can't post designs to Design approval that are from the broken breeding thread. It seems like few have missed this from the last news, so we were requested to make another reminder ´v`/ It's important to read news carefully so you don't miss any info of current situation!

Semi-custom lineages can't be requested. They're purely RNG, so the admins approving designs and rolling the lineages will ignore requests for certain starters. Aerials will get aerial parents/grandparents, prairies prairie and commons common starters rolled to the lineage.

Say hello to our new FP counter, Dark-Mare910! Please be kind to them as they learn the secrets of FP counting~

Monthly Quest and collabs; Remember to state the collab partners very clearly in the art/lit submissions, if they are posting the art for monthly quest thread. Otherwise you might be denied the roll, since the roll will be always done for the artist.

Just some small reminders and news!



Design approval open, breeding open, new monthly quest, kukuri of the month open, admin leaving, reminder, aerial fp ranges

Design approval is open againPlease remember the 1 design / 24 H posting rule!
    Note that we haven't finished fixing the broken breeding threads yet - which means you can't post genos from the broken thread. We figured that its easier and better for letting our design approval admins start working already - lets all be kind and patient while they restart their approval engines! >:3c
    Design team asked me to remind that especially with aerial imports, some of the layers (like horns/ears/feathers) overlap, and it's ok to edit/erase parts to make them fit in the import nicely. But not to a large extent, for instance, putting unicorn horn on the kukus nose or something is not acceptable!

Fate Points and Skill Points had aerial ranges added for required minimums!

Breeding is open, go wild!

There's a story of a sacred pond, hidden somewhere in the middle of tundra. It is is said to be home of ancient mythical spirits. Changing month means we have new Monthly Quest! You can head to the monthly quest journal to read more! This months reward is The tundra pond BG set, drawn by jrusti 

August Kukuri of the Month is Riekko 186 owned by Jalohauki! Congratulations! Voting for September has started! Do you know kukuri owned by someone that gets really loved by its owner, or kukuri whose import edits/items you really like? If you do - remember to vote!

On sadder news, unfortunately IRL busies are keeping meganeffingsandbox occupied, that they don't have time for helping the group anymore, thus they're leaving the admin team. Thank you for your help with the group!
    We are not yet filling the spot that was left empty, but we are still open for applications to FP counting and Jack of All Trades! You can read more of those here - The admin team (and applications).

I suspect that the group is getting more lively soon, as all the awesome new kukuri are getting approved and uploaded. The team will be doing their best keeping the queues under 7 days, but especially with the approvals and uploads there might be lags depending on the influx of designs dropping in. 
Fear not however, we are working and can't wait to see all the awesome designs you've made!



Design update finished, release to wild reward raise, monthly threads closing soon, emote contest deadline + reward update, status updates open

Hihhey! Today I'm bringing some awesome news regarding the design update and some other things too!

Current contests
Design emote for Kukuri Discord server! (Deadline 31st of August 2019, at 6 PM BST)
and monthly item/familiar design contest(Deadline 15th August 2019, at 6 PM BST)

- Emote design contest had its deadline moved by month, and the reward for winning was upped to 10,000 Cr + Any existing BG set of choice!

Design central update has now been finished! The whole update grew much bigger over time, so the update ended up being more of an overhaul v2 instead of only adding aerial examples to the guides. Our whole design team has worked really hard to bring these new features to you guys, so lets give them big thank you! 
Design approval will not open until the breeding thread has been fixed - but now is really good time to double check your designed genos that the markings and ranges are up to current rules. Maybe there are even some markings that you want to re-design due the new cool updates they have, hmm? 8)c
- We don't dare to give exact date for design approval re-opening yet in case something unexpected happens, but we really hope to have things running again at the start of August!
- New markings have their own guides now! Common markings Banding and Border, uncommon marking Mirage and rare marking Mosaic.
- Following markings got updated ranges and edits to them so make sure to read guides and ranges with care: Bubbles, Dun, Flank, Pangare, Ringed, Sable, Skunk, Okapi, Panda, Ribs, Ripple, Snowflake, Striped, Wax, Clown, Eidos, Iridescent and Spotted.
Many of the updated ranges and rules are pretty awesome and we really hope that you guys like them!

- Due huge influx of donations on the adoption center(admin docs are overflowing currently with hundreds of genos, which is awesome though!), but we've decided to up the Cr price of Release to the Wild per geno from 300 Cr to 500 Cr! Which means, that in some cases you get more Cr from releasing instead of donating to adoption center.
BreedingKukuri of the Month and Monthly Quest are closing for the month on 30th of July, 6PM BST. If you were planning to join any of these three, you better hurry!
- Many of you have probably noticed already, but Status updates are open again!

See you soon, and remember to stay hydrated in these crazy temperatures!



New admin in the roster, FP clarifications of multiple sorts and contest reminder!

Your favorite reminder admin is here again! This time I'll come and tell you about the new member that joins the fight against long activity queues! It's Silverarma, who will be our new activity admin~ Welcome them in with a good spirit!

Then something that will ease our job; whenever doing art or literature for kukuris, always link all the imports to the description. If they're not listed, it might result in not getting FP or loot!

Next thing in our list is clarification about tack/armor FP bonus; it only counts for the kukuri who has the said gear on them! It also counts if handler is clearly putting it on the kukuri, but only for that one lucky individual!

The contests are still on! Remember to join to have a chance to win epic prices!
Familiar/Monthly item design contest
Design emote for Kukuri Discord server

Nothing more this time! Strawberries are reaching their best season so I hope you all have a chance to eat as many as you want! Now I'll disappear like a ghost to the night!



Two new contests, Status counts closing, New monthly quest, Breeding open, Kukuri of the month winner

Hello! Lets start July with a BANG - I'm happy to publish not one, but TWO new contests!

- First contest is a return of Familiar/Monthly item design contest! We've been asked if it ever returns - and the answer is yes - Read more of the contest here! Go wild!
- Second contest is first of its sort - CONTEST - Design emote for Kukuri Discord server! Now is your chance to design emotes, and win some CR!
Then some other news!
- New monthly quest! And with that, last winner of the old Item/Familiar design contest is TwoTassel! Congratulations! Check Monthly Quest what you need to do for a chance of obtaining Raccoin the familiar!
- Status updates will be closing for thread cleaning 3rd of July, 6PM BST. The thread will be re-opened once current queue has been cleared! Skill point upgrade thread will remain open.
Breeding is open with new journal!
- Kukuri of the Month July 2019 is Verity 3101, owned by spicytunadog! Congratulations! Voting for the August kukuri of the month has started!

Phew, that was many new things at once! I don't think preparing update has taken me more than two hours before this day XD

We hope you guys have fun with the contests and quests this month!



Breeding/Monthly quest/Kukuri of the month closing, Keen sense potion boost, New apply/remove familiar thread, Broken breeding thread news

Hey there! Time goes so fast, I swear. Lets jump to the news right-a-way!

Regarding the broken breeding thread issue we told about in the previous news. You can read more of the issue from the previous news. 
We've unfortunately received comments on the old thread, making some oldest proofs be lost in the bits. Because of this, we will be blocking any member who comments to the thread until we've finished fixing the proofs. The block will be lifted once we've finished fixing/moving the proofs.

Every time you comment on the broken journal, someone or even you yourself loose proof of a geno (like transferred ones) or even full litters, as dA simply deletes the oldest messages.

If you have a geno that needs transferring on the broken thread, you'll simply have to wait with the transfer until the fixing gets finished. 

Keep on eye the title of the journal, if its following, do not reply or comment there!
5963abc0-b5ca-4117-809d-1df8efdd570e by saphiraly

We thank you for your understanding and the patience as we work on saving the proofs ´v`/

On lighter news, Keen sense potion has received a boost
Old effect: +20% to roll up to 5 extra items, and +5% in general to the activity the entry is being rolled for.
New effect: +40% to roll up to 10 extra items, and +5% in general to the activity the entry is being rolled for.
So now there's a lot bigger chance for a lot more items for same crafting price, fancy!

We've decided to smash Apply a familiar and Remove a familiar to same comment thread, to avoid the general confusion of what happens where. The link can still be found from the bank!

BreedingKukuri of the Month and Monthly Quest are closing for the month again tomorrow, 9PM Finnish time. So it's starting to be last moments to join these in June if you've planned to! These threads will be re-opened again in July.

We hope to see you guys soon with some good news!



Old breeding thread broken and how we fix it, Looking for FP counter and Jack of all Trades, Divine Shop closed, FoD reward claiming closed, Familiars are added in bank

I'm here today with little bit of sad news, but also good news. Let's start with the bad news first ´v`'

Unfortunately OLD breeding thread(July 2018 - April 7th 2019 DO NOT COMMENT IN THE JOURNAL!) has reached 10,000 comments and thus broken. Past few days we've been trying to figure out how to handle this.
When journal reaches 10,000 comments in DeviantArt, it breaks the nesting of everything and you can only see all the comments with flatted -listing. We've been trying to avoid this from happening, but it seems like all the geno transfers and registry comments have brought way too many new comments to the thread.

But fear not! We are working on it! Just as you read this, we are going over every comment in the journals and search for all buns etc. 
As soon as that is done, we'll be posting brand new journals with all your proofs and all transfers, uploads, adoption center proofs and so on. You'll also be tagged in each new proof. 
Here's an example on how they'll look like
So basically, we will be changing the place of proofs from breedings between July 18 - April 7th 2019 to new journals within next weeks. There's no date when this will be finished, as we don't really know yet how slow it is to work on.

>We will be finishing this before design approval re-opens, so all genos from the broken threads will receive new proof links. However, it's very important that you don't comment to the thread, as it pushes every old comment to bits from 10,000 and forward.

In future, we will be making new breeding journal for each month to avoid the breaking. 

We're really sorry for all the trouble this causes!

Then to bit more positive news o3o/ /

- We've filled the Misc admin position from inside the current team and we're soon choosing on the activity admin! We are still looking for Jack of All Trades, and as new addition, status updates are in need of new FP counter! If you fancy joining the team and helping the group as it grows, please head here to read more!

Divine Shop 2019 and Festival of Death 2019 reward claiming are now closed! Thank you all for the past months, they've been fun! 

- Misc team wanted to remind everyone, that Familiars are added in The Bank, and not in import updates. However, when you remove familiar from kukuri, it's done in Import Updates



Monthly Quest updated, Hunting season changed, Festival of Death 2019 reward claiming closing soon, Divine Shop closing soon, Breeding now has links to old threads, Kukuri import update and bank reminders

Bunch of stuff today so let's get crackin'!
We heard you loud and clear and updated Monthly Quest to now allow broader level of love to be spread around!

Hunting season was changed - it's now summer!

Festival of Death 2019 reward claiming and Divine Shop are both closing at 15th - at 9PM BST. Be prepared!

Breeding has links to the old threads for when you lose that one geno proof you desperately needed right now.

And lastly, we would like to remind you of few things and curb actions before they become habits:

✘ If you've acquired a new kukuri, don't put them into status updated/import updates before they have been transferred to you through our ownership transfer. We have no way of knowing it's yours before we have gone through the transfers.
✘ When transferring pelts, ALWAYS list the COLOR of the pelt - even if you have only one pelt in your bank.

Remember to apply sun screen if your country is embraced by sun!


Extra round of aerial sales

Yes, we noticed! As admins were just as excited for some feather goodness, and some felt like being left in the dust because of it, we decided to hold extra round of aerial semis with special perk of no admin being able to take part in them as a surprise! If you were bummed out about missing aerial semi hype, this will be your last chance for a good while. They're next week, so prepare thine buns!

Notice that the time is 9PM BST to better try to balance these last sales for around the world.


Monthly quest, Kukuri of the month, Breeding open, FP reminders, Design range update status, So many things to list, Import info reminder, Flash sale today
I bring many news! Or actually, I bring wall of text.

- June brings us awesome Monthly Quest with several different prompts, with Celestial Rock and Etherical rock as a drop
- June kukuri of the month is Chloe 1906, owned by SignlessCan! Congratulations! You can start voting for the July's Kukuri of the Month!
Breeding is open again, go wild!
- If you've ever been confused of your kukus skill points from the birth, they are always tracked in the Kukuri Breeding Sheet. The tabs are listed by every thousand, and the first tab tracks your monthly breeding slot uses. This doc is linked in the Breeding page!
        > Overall, you can count your kukus total skill points by checking the totals from the bottom of Status updates journal(it has the SP totals listed by ranks), combined with the breeding sheet information and familiars/items added to your kukuri import. The total skill point/breeding slot per rank listing can also be found from the Fate Points and Skill Points page!
- FP counting team wishes to remind everyone to add correct short cut links to their FP trackers. The main threads are required to be linked in the journal/stash! If you copy your tracker base from your old kukuri, make sure that you change the links to correct ones.
    > On other note regarding FP trackers: If you're moving your tracker from sta.sh to journal, let the admins do bulk upload: it's easier and faster for them to work that way.
- Kukuri import info: Do not remove other side of the Kukuri from your sta.sh! If we find broken links from the import info, we'll remove the link.
- Design central update is currently at 80% completion. I'm sure some of us are excited for getting their new kukuri in, but let's wait a bit more until we can open the gates - Design team is working hard for the ranges!
- Flash sale will happen today at Divine Shop 2019 - There will be reminder of it 1 hour before the sale in our Discord server!

It's finally June \o/ Warm months are upon us(hopefully, see me jinx it and we get snow next week), so staying hydrated is very important. Sip those tasty waters and other drinks whenever you can! I know I will 8)



Closing time for the major threads!

Ahoy peeps, it's me again! Nothing too serious this time, just a little reminder.

Breeding and Kukuri of the Month voting will close at 30th of May 9 PM Finnish time (6 PM GMT), so make sure you've posted all your breedings in! If you have eggs, those are available to be opened through the whole year!
Don't forget to vote for Kukuri of the Month too, if you want to see your favorite fluffy raptor on the front page for next month~

There's so much pollen in the air that it makes my throat so sandy and eyes itchy. Who said the outdoor air is good for you?



Quick little announcement about raffle semi-customs!

Hello there again! I won't talk long this time, I'm just giving you a heads up for rule additions to semi-customs, that were won from the recent raffle.

To prevent the possible abuse of these free gifts, we added to rules that if you don't want the semi-custom, you can gift it back to the raffle pool, and it will be given to someone else taking part of the raffle!
However, when the semi-custom is designed and uploaded, it will receive this special comment to its award wall:
"This Kukuri originates from the Festival of Death 2019, and may not be traded, gifted, or sold, but may be placed in the adoption center."

We hope you're still enjoying your semi-customs!~ It has been a blast to see all the designs rolling around in chat lately!



Semi-custom raffle is over, heterochromia mutation got a new feature and adoption center has new traits that carry Cr!

Hello everyone! This is Jalo coming back at you with a magnificent news from thundering Finland!

Semi-custom raffle of Festival of Death 2019 is over! We were excited to see over 200 members taking part to the festivals and thus we raffled out 23 semi-customs! Let there be aerials! The lucky winners are
Sidanyis, Xenon-ARPG, Miruae, ReoTokotas, Anarchisme, FallingFireX, ethanoI, vampyrowo, NeochmiaPhaeton, OrangeJustice69, mishdreavus, IFeelFreeLikeABird, Infected-Skully, Gela98, Rosedraq, Lucja5, AkaPanuka, VisceralLuster, VortexTurmoil, Snowwolf213, LumyOwl, Aludrown and fadestom675

All details about your semi-custom can be found from this comment, which can be used as proof too! Congratulations everyone!
You can still claim rewards from the event, but unfortunately no new raffle will be held.

On more minor news, we made little adjustment for heterochromia mutation. If you kukuri has black sclera on their lineage, the pup can have both white and black sclera, if they have the mutation! Such a neat feature! However, it doesn't affect to kukuris with markings that chance eye color, such as koi, ink or piebald.

And as another minor edit, we added Cr rewards to Adoption Center for prairie and aerial sub-species!

I can't simply abandon my duty as reminder admin, and tell that we've added a timer to front page telling how much time is for the next semi-custom auction or flash sale!

And back to the studio! Thank you for listening!



More Timezone fixing, new dates for the semi sales, remember to post your FoD reward claims to take part in the semicustom raffle!

For the relief of members and admins alike, and to avoid constant confusion amongst our mids, the Divine Shop 2019 timezones now only tell one time - But we've also put a countdown on the front page which will be counting to the next semi-sale. Hopefully this will help us all out!
And related - I don't know what past me had eaten, but I better not eat it again. However, the semi-sale days in the Divine Shop had gone crooked, and have now been fixed to make a little bit more sense. Please make sure that you're having correct day in your mind!

Remember! Only two days to post your reward claim for Festival of Death 2019 to take part in the aerial semicustom raffle!

Thank you everyone for supporting the group so far!


updated familiars page, lots of breeding stuff, new traits rarities, activity tracker reminder, timezone oops fixed

Hello everyone! I’m bringing reminders and probably waited information of the new traits rarities \o/

- Updated the Familiars page with all current familiars, and now there's a link where to apply the familiars at!

Breeding related:

- If someone was still confused: New traits brought in by the Aerials can now be got from breeding and egg hatching \o\
- Aerials can now hatch from uncommon and rare eggs! Also the chance for prairie(and thus aerials) have been raised /o/
- We've decided to publish breeding numbers when breeding different subspecies together. This info has also been added to the breeding page! ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)
    ✿ Common x Prairie: 1-75 Common, 76-100 Prairie 
    ✿ Common x Aerial: 1-70 Common, 71-80 Prairie, 81-100 Aerial 
    ✿ Prairie x Aerial: 1-70 Prairie, 71-100 Aerial
Yes, breeding Common and Aerial together can result in prairies too!
- Breed boosting potion: You can only boost breeds that the parents are you're breeding. This has been added to the potion description and on the crafting page.

Hopefully it's now easier to plan your breedings!

- New traits and their rarities will be following:
Common: Banding, Border 
Uncommon: Mirage, Fae ears, Chiro ears, Siege horns, Spiral horns, Monarch feathers, Maned ruffle 
Rare: Mosaic, Leia ears, Pharaoh horns

- Activity team is humbly requesting people check their activity trackers, and possibly create new comment threads or new trackers if they have lots of comments. Some older, and bigger trackers are very heavy for older computers to load, thus they slow down the rolling process. Already adding new comment threads inside the tracker is big help!

- Lastly, it seems like we made a mistake with listing the timezones for auctions/flash sales in the Divine Shop 2019. Those timezones are always so tricky, so sorry for that! They should be fixed now ´v`/
We've received questions will there be any reminders of the sales made beforehand, and we decided to make reminder in discord server 1 hour before the sales!

That's all this time, I hope you all are having good time!


Divine Shop is open, FoD rewards can be claimed, and aerial imports are out

Divine Shop is open, and full of things new and old!

Festival of Death reward claiming is open! Please remember to post your reward claim on the first week (till 22th) to be part in the aerial semicustom raffle! The amount of raffled out is based on how many people participate, so don't feel afraid to "take someone's spot!"

And regarding that, aerial imports are out to be played with!

I wonder if new species makes it possible for new mutations to appear... :thinking: 

Festival of Death end, and what comes after

Festival of Death has ended! Thank you everyone for taking part in reviving the God of Death, and she has rewards of her own for that!

Now that the event has ended:
- Reward claiming will open AS SOON AS ALL ENTRIES HAVE BEEN ROLLED.
- If you post your reward claim in the FIRST WEEK, you'll be automatically joined in Aerial Semi-custom raffle. More info about that is in the journal.
- Divine Shop will open on 15th
- 15th is also the day when Aerial import bases are gonna be published, so be hyped!

Also archived the old news since the journal was getting longer than the longcat.

Lore so far

Mon Dec 24, 2018, 8:40 AM by Unikeko:iconunikeko:

So far there has been a lot happening in the group, and old events where something important happened. You're new player who has no idea what's going on, or has it just been so long that you've forgotten? Or perhaps you want to check for good ol' times sake? Regardless, this is the place for you!

If you don't know the legend of Kukuris yet, I may recommend you to check the Folklore first!

The Fungal Contamination

Event: The Pest by Crashfurs Get out of there! - TFC by MaraMastrullo

The land of Kukuris was suddenly invaded by black gooey creatures attacking Kukuris and frankly anything in their sight. Glowing mushrooms were growing from these creatures' backs, and as Kukuris were fighting them it turned out this disease can spread to Kukuris. Curiously enough, it seemed harmless to other living beings. Luckily  people were also able to find a cure for it if a Kukuri got it. 

As people continued to fight these creatures back from important outposts, it was discovered that deep in the forest they came from laid an Aquatic - or at least grotesque image of one. The glowing mushrooms had invaded it's whole body, seemingly being the only thing keeping it alive anymore. The black creatures affectionately named "Shroomies" were increasingly protective for this creature, and based on how the amount of them and the mushroom spreading to nearby landscape, this creature was dubbed as "Mother." 

Despite how Mother looked, it was not easy task to lay the creature to rest from it's pain. The hyper aggressive Shroomies and the devastating attacks of the Mother gave challenge even for the best fighters. Yet, when the sun set, the final wheezing breath escaped from the Mother's throat, the remaining Shroomies scattered to the shadows. The victory was on our side, but what was that? Why was there an aquatic in middle of a forest, species not seen in centuries? What was that spreading infection which, asides from the area Mother was infecting, spread only to Kukuris?

Could... Life herself be behind this?

Festival of Death (2017)

Soft Breeze by AkinaTakesora FOD: No Five Finger Discounts by Zada2011

Spring is the season we celebrate Death, the Kukuri God of fertility and rebirth. Held at the bottom of the highest and steepest mountain reaching well above the clouds, a lighthearted festival was what people needed after their battle and following rebuilding after Shroomies.

As per tradition, the celebrations of the two Gods were times when both wilds and tames were easily seen in one place at once. No-one would harm each other, and likewise humans were not allowed to interfere with the wilds who wanted to participate in the celebration. After all, no-one would like to offend the God who took care of your soul when it was time to go, and have her send it back as a toad out of spite.

The place was filled with stalls selling everything from food to trinkets, and people were gathering the orange flowers notorious for blooming early in the year around the mountain as offerings for Death. Yet people were quickly noticing that something was happening to the statue they were giving the flowers to, it almost felt... warm to touch.

And then, in graceful motion no-one could expect, Death descended upon them.

Death's Arrival

No-one knew how to act in before the massive Aerial, which didn't seem to need to flap it's wings to stay afloat. The youngest of Kukuris seemed almost excited, almost like meeting your favorite aunt you haven't seen in a while. Yet her very presence seemed to calm everyone, and her voice echoed in people's minds in language they did not know yet understood.

As Death spoke, she revealed of her own reasons for appearing before them. In mourning for the rift in between her and her sister Life, she had preserved the only remaining subspecies of Kukuris that still hold the remnants of genetics of Aquatics - Prairies. However, as she is not the God of living, it is not in her skills to preserve such either. To save the remaining Prairies, she is now asking you to welcome them in your hands and show them what the outside world is, and help to revive their ever thinning population.

The Prairie Event

Prairie event: Hit and Run by Jalohauki  Kuku | Attack!! Zagrial and Vincent vs Quill    Prairie Event - Attack!! Zagrial and Vincent vs Quill
    Excitement filled the whole crowd. It was like a thick cloud that hung over both the wild kukuri and the tamed kukuri and their handlers. Zagrial was just as worked up as everyone else too, his eyes wide and watching the sky for Death. While half blind, he was far from deterred by it. Rather, he was excited to get in some training with new creatures. Were they sleek and fast? Or maybe large and strong, like him.
    His mind was pulled from these thoughts as a shadowy figure appeared in the sky, and after a moment drifted down to the crowds. He listened intently, the goat-like kukuri taking a few steps forward in awe. Death really was quite beautiful. It was an odd thing to think, but he couldn’t help himself.
    She started moving and after a moment he wondered after the others, keeping a safe distance from anyone. It was a lo

On the scheduled day Death came back to lead people to the Prairies. After long travel they appear in front of a massive mountain, in a place where people could swear was supposed to be just a meadow. With a single swipe Death crumbled part of the mountain wall to reveal a valley.

The area was clearly drying up, and only eatable thing left was the shrubbery struggling to stay alive. And in middle of that was a small pack of Prairies, cautious of this sudden intrusion. They would not listen to Death, and certainly would not listen to people trying to capture them. But, as she assured, in her care they will not survive for much longer. It was time to tame the Prairies back into the bloodlines.

Carnival of Life (2017)

Dust Up by Zada2011  CoL: Crested fights“Seriously? I want to see Constantin crying on the seats! Nori will get this!”, Suki hissed as they pushed Nori towards her box. The crimson dove sighed and moved slowly forwards. “Bro, you can’t put Nori into a fighting ring? What if she bleeds out?” Suki shrugged their shoulders. “The doctors will pay if that happens! Nori is stronger than you think, so please just do what I say, okay? We got this, Nori got this.” Kale threw his arms in the air and helped Suki by pushing Nori forward. The crimson kukuri knew that they had to fight in an official arena. The air was filled with tension and it made her nervous. Nori was put into her box and her handler left with the friend. This was such a bad idea of this self-loving, sarcastic human. Nori pouted but there was nothing she could do against it. Every minute that passed, Nori got more nervous. It was eating her from the inside out. The crimson dove looked around the box, it was small and cold, mak

Though still wary about the sudden intrusion of Shroomies last year at the time of Carnival of Life, people still decided to hold the celebration. Not only to pray for strength to survive the winter, but it also serves an opportunity for people with all sorts of problem to ask that little bit of more power to get through. Through poverty, through hardships, it's Life's strength that brings people and Kukuri alike together.

The carnival was kept in the old coliseum, used for the same purposes ever since the time anyone could remember. After wrestling with Prairies, everyone was excited to test out their strengths against each other.

Festival of Death (2018)

Kukuri Pinata by AkinaTakesora [FOD] You can't eat those by MaraMastrullo

Since Death made her appearance with the Prairies, people were excited to see her again. Those believing in Her had their hopes up to see their deity again, the young pups wanted to see their aunt again. But Death did not come, no matter how people prayed and offered offerings. 

Yet, something more terrifying appeared. Another shroom Mother was found, this time it seemed like helpless Aerial covered in mushrooms and mycelium, with wounds so severe that it shouldn't be alive, yet was denied of death. Clearly a spit in the face from Life, yet a threat to everyone around it. One would imagine that such sight would trigger Death to appear... yet nothing. The people and kukuris were left on their own devices to slay this Mother, and were left with air and uncertainty. Where was She?

Carnival of Life (2018)

CoL: Oh dear Brother of mine by KebabPekoniRulla CoL | Final Stand by TentiSlime

Despite people fearing that Death would repay for what Life did to her festival, people still decided to hold the carnival - if one of the gods had to be angered, they would rather keep the war-thirsty Life pacified. Blood was shed in her name, as kukuris were not afraid to pull punches against each other. Yet it felt like every week the weather just kept getting darker and darker.

And then, something no-one was expecting. Life herself rose from the seas, silencing every battle with her roar. Her own carnival had gathered a lot of kukuri and people alike, and it was time to test has this "evolved" version of their creations earned their right for survival against all odds - even those made by hers. Icicles formed by ice and dark matter resembling the one of shroomies filled the sky, leaving no-one time or space to escape from it.

Yet, she alone can not decide the fate of kukuris. From nothing Death flew over the coliseum, spreading her tattered wings and wounded body over it as the icicles started to fall, taking every hit on herself as the people in the coliseum watched in horror. And just as fast as it had started, it was over. 

The light enclosed the God of Death, and she slowly dissolved with it.

Death had died.

Festival of Death 2019

Monthly Quest

Fri Jun 1, 2018, 4:36 AM by Unikeko:iconunikeko:

Monthly quest is, as the name tells, a prompt that changes at the 1st day of each month. You CANNOT take part in the past monthly quests, but you can take part in the current month's quest as many times as you wish! Taking part in the quest earns extra FP for every Kuku in the picture, and you have a chance to roll for the special familiar, background or item of the month!

Do note that the monthly reward is given only for the person who posted/drew/wrote the picture/literature, and it is not rolled for each kukuri in the picture. In cases of collaborations, you are required to link the collab partner clearly to the description of submission, if they are the one posting the submission for roll. However, one submission can be rolled only for one person, so if you both wish to have loot rolled, you're required to complete two collabs.

Always link kukuris into description! Failing this might result for no FP getting rewarded.


Remember, the thread is closed at the second last day of the month



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Art: Fullbody, background, colored and shaded.
Literature: 900 words.

You must follow the prompt to be counted in! 

Scroll of Companions by momma-kuku

For each entry you do, there's 30 % chance to find Scroll of Companions!


September 2019 

Friendship.. is magic?

Everyone needs a friend! Being social creatures, the kukuris are known to forge a lifetime bond with their family, consisting from other kukuris or their handlers... but sometimes kukuri finds something different, something that one could call a pet. 
When hunting goes wrong and the kukuri takes pity on the rabbit it was chasing or maybe the kukuri sees a snake and is fascinated by this danger noodle, a lifetime of bonding can start again! Even though their loaf or handler might not appreciate the kukuri bringing random puppies back to home... 

Draw or write your kukuri meeting or spending time with their favorite animal! Were they scared of the little bunny or maybe they just really like elephants? How the dangerous snake or tiger reacted when the kukuri decided to cuddle with them?

If you do not receive the item on your 3rd entry, you will be automatically given the item! However, this effect works only once.

Every kukuri drawn as full body participating to the monthly quest will earn +2 FP Monthly Quest bonus.

Automatic BGs / Items / Familiars

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However if you don't get any rewards in the first two images, you'll automatically get the monthly reward for the third image! All images afterwards will only get the normal roll - so you get 1 reward guaranteed if you do 3 images.

Lucky bounce
Sometimes someone gets a little extra lucky and gets a second reward rolled (note: the automatic rewards after 3 images does
not count!). In that case the last 2 members before the lucky one will get a second roll for their entry with a higher chance of +10%!


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Token by momma-kuku

Occasionally an admin will see a picture or literature where they feel that there is excellent story telling, clear improvement made or way more effort put in than usual. We want to reward people going for extra steps, and here it is: Tokens!

What do Tokens do and how do I use them?

Tokens are account bound, and are given to the artist/writer. They cannot be given to or transferred to other members. You may only give your tokens to your Kukuris (One token has one use). If a Kukuri with tokens is transferred to another user, the Kukuri will lose it's tokens - however ranks and such will not be depleted would they go to negative due to this. 

A token equals 3FP

You can give a token to your Kukuri by simply putting an image of a token in their tracker, with a link to the proof of your token under it. A FP counter will mark your token used when they come to it.
You may put your tokens in a brand new "Tokens" tab, or use them at "misc" tab.

Token example 1 by Kuku-ri   Token example 2 by Kuku-ri

I feel I should've earned a token

You should NOT request for tokens. Any harassing admins for tokens will give you a warning. Treat tokens as something that you should never expect, and as such it's a nice little extra you can get.


Any admin can give a token. There are two qualifiers for you to give a token, which go as following:
★ Did the piece give excellent story telling? Was it captivating, well thought out, something that stuck to your mind?
★ Is the quality something what goes beyond what the user usually draws/writes, did they try something they don't seem to usually try?
★ Some other reason? Specify this under the token.

Remember to scroll the comments quickly before giving out a token. This is to ensure that one piece does not give multiple tokens, and it's because of this that it's important to use the image version of the token text (it's easy to spot).
Naturally, you can't give a token to yourself. Likewise, if you seem to favor a friend, you will be put under a watchful eye and potentially banned from giving out tokens.

Use this form when giving out a token:

You've been awarded a token!

Token by momma-kuku
@ username who received token
[give your reasoning here. It can be well thought out compliment, or simply something like "storytelling." But reason MUST be given.]

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