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Thu Jun 30, 2016, 10:37 AM by Unikeko:iconunikeko:

News and Announcements

Sun Apr 7, 2019, 11:28 AM by Unikeko:iconunikeko:

Week 3 has begun at Festival of Death, Adoption Center price update, looking for a new activity rolling admin, and reminder about selling to the shop

Week 3 has started at Festival of Death, where you finally get to the business of rebirthing Death.

Adoption Center has now different price for inbred mutations compared to the normal mutations, and also has bonus price for Kukuris which have a trait!

We are looking for admins, now with added activity roller! If you've ever wanted to help the group from the inside, give it a look!

And lastly, please remember remember when selling to the shop to split the items based on how they're in the bank, using the provided form. It is there for a reason and makes our job fly smoother. The transactions may be declined from now if they're horribly misaligned.

Keep your chins up! There will be a smoother road for as long as you keep on walking.

Aerials have made their arrival at the Festival of Death, Design approval closing in two weeks, letters and BGs can now be sold to the shop, new group folder and reminder about BTTs

Week 2 has started at Festival of Death, and there's some new faces that have answers many might have been wondering about.

And now with that, Design Central will be closed in two weeks in preparation for AERIALS. Make sure to post your designs in time! The Aerials will be available for breeding and raffles at the end of the event when Divine Shop opens again.

Letters and Background sets can now be sold in the shop, for 500Cr and 2000Cr.

There's also now group folder for COMICS, so go wild, go inspired!

Lastly, please remember when offering slots to untrained Kukuri to complete it's BTT, ALWAYS link your finished BTT tier in the journal so people can see it's done and you can avoid admins poking your sides thinking that you're trying to skip over it.

Be excited! Be hyped! 'Cause we know we are.

Festival of Death, Kukuri of the Month, May's BG purchasable from the shop
Festival of Death has begun! Though usually cheerful festival has turned little sour after the motherly Death was slain by her sister. Maybe we can at least make sure that she can rest easy?

Kukuri of the Month has also been chosen! Congratulations TwoTassel, and everyone make sure to vote for the next month's memorable Kukuri! Who has stuck to your mind, whose lore have you really enjoyed, or has some design just really been always on your mind? Make someone's day by voting!

Last month's background set Cherry Blossoms is available for purchase from the shop, but only for this month! So if you missed getting it and have some extra Cr, now's your last easy chance to snag one up!

Remember that even if it's april's fools, it is not an excuse to do harmful pranks, be mean to someone, or hurt someone. Some people also really do not like being fooled, so switch the cereal milk to water only to someone you know will get a good laugh out of it!


Bunch of reminders to keep you awake before month's end!
It's that time of the month again! It is when I, your official reminder admin, come and tell you stuff we all should keep in mind~ Also there's been little changes here and there so bare with me.

We have added it more clear to the Amputated page that acquired amputation DOES NOT give breeding penalties! So if you want a chop off a tail and give epic scorpion stinger for a kukuri, but have been holding off in fear of nests being affected, you can put those fears to rest.

Then couple reminders about Breeding in general; we have added to hopefully more clearly on the breeding page that do not use thumb images when posting the breeding! We will cruelly jump over those and tell you to re-post if it happens.
When doing a split breeding, please comment clearly who gets which pup after results have been delivered! It makes design admins job a lot easier when they don't have to guess if the pup truly belongs to you!

We have clarified the details in literature enamoreds! If you're writing an enamored that will be used for some other ARPG pair as well, the 500 words is not enough to count for enamored! It needs to be treated that there is in fact two pairs now and around 500 words need to be about kukuris.

There's also couple requests from other admins as well. I hope you're still paying attention!

It was asked me to remind that familiars are added in The Bank, not in Import updates! But removing the said familiar is not done in the bank, but at the import updates!
And it was also asked that when doing FP sheets for your kukuri, as much as it would tempt you to post it all at once, it would be very nice for FP counter admins if the sheets would be divided to chunks of max 100  FP! We all have our eyes twisted if we have to count over that in one pic!

All these reminders are made to ease our job! We admins are voluntarily making the game running for you, but we could be even more efficient with these little things taken into consideration!

Oi! That reminds me that Monthly Quest, Breeding and Kukuri of the Month will close at 30th day of March at 9PM Finnish time! If you still want a shot for our gorgeous Cherry Blossom background set, you still have time to take part! Monthly quest will take a break for next couple months, since Festival of Death is coming.

Hey, have you noticed? There's been a feathered shape floating around in the sky around the Coliseum. But Death... isn't she dead?
Happy incoming April!


Small but important changes all around the group, and Kiwi's slots are raffled!
I hope you all are sitting, because I bring you a bunch of important smol things we've cooked all around the group! Most of them have already been updated, but couple had to wait news to be released.

Hunting season has been changed to spring! Remember to check which animals are more active when nature wakes up to maximize the loot!

Two FP clarifications has been added to Fate Points and Skill Points. Kiwi's bonus has been added there to be more clear and bonding gives now FP bonus as well!

We all know how hard it is to get angelberry leaves... and even more hard is to use them to something else than Safe nest potion! So we changed Crafting recipe of medicine! Now instead of angelberry leaf you need grumberry if you want to craft some tasty meds for your kukuris.

After discussions, we have decided to ease a little the bitter feelings peeps might be having if they find out that kukuri has become infertile in breeding, before they could use the slots. So we are honoring all those slots! You can use a breeding slot if the permission has been written before the kukuri has become infertile! However, the owner of said kukuri can't use it, or take part of the breeding. It's still a punishment from overbreeding. But in case you've bought a slot to the kukuri and got nothing in return, this is our little way to give something back for you.

Our little lovely mascot Kiwi 100 has leveled up again! And this time the breeding rights landed on xXCheshireSinXx and fine-spine ~ Next rank also gives out two slots, so keep leveling her up! Keep in mind though that even if Kiwi can be included into activities, the artwork taking part to raffle must be in Kiwi's journey folder, and in that folder only. We noticed couple entries that have been rolled for monthly reward, and even if the entry don't have to be in Monthly Quest folder, it can't be used in two purpose. This is to prevent possible abuse with multiple loots. All pictures found in wrong folder are noticed and returned to their right place.

Long winter is behind us finally! March is known as month of spring here in cold Finland, but hopefully the marks of nature waking up are visible all around the world~ Still, remember to suit yourself for winter surprising us!


Juliet gone - slots raffled, Kukuri of the Month winner, New monthly
Henlo, it me again!

Monthly Quest has changed! This months reward is pretty Background Set - The Cherry Blossoms, painted by GinSasori! Hop in to the Monthly quest journal to read more.
    > Lucky bounce and automatic reward explanations have been added to the Monthly quest page.

Since monthly quest changed, Juliet 7125 has mysteriously disappeared.... Let's wish her good luck finding her Romeo!
    >Since our questing admins have been working hard, we were already able to roll the Juliet slot winners - Congratulations TwoTassel Meow-Productions WickedSoull Nerryn and JoTehBunny! Your slots have been written and you should receive tag for them. 

Kukuri of the Month March 2019 is Ukko 5694, owned by RoutArt! Congratulations! Voting for Kukuri of the month - April 2019 has started~

Don't forget our Kukuri group chat! (Discord)! Hop in to discuss with fellow kuku members /o/

Few marking updates, kuku ownership transfer talk, Zada leaving team, looking for admins, threads closing soon, Juliet slots
Hello everyone! We're terribly sorry for the long silence - things been busy. Let's hop right to the update:heart:

Design central:
    > Just small update on Dalmatian, which now has a handy minimal / maximum size example made by lilwyverngirl 
    > Smoke got revamped on prairies and their feathers. This will now hopefully be easier to understand and judge for both users and design admins. For people wishing to fix their existing prairies to fit the new ranges, they can simply use alteration scroll! We however allow the old style smoke be used until end of February! After that, only new ranges are allowed.

When selling your imported kukuri to other member - remove personality/name before you change the ownership. Ownership transfers are ment only for transferring kukuri ownership, thus name/personality removals won't be done. This is the best way to guarantee the info change, as once the ownership has been changed, previous owner doesn't have any rights over the kukuri. 

On sadder news, Zada2011 has left the admin team due not having time for admin work. Let's all give them warm thank you for all the help they have given us! 

As our group grows, we need more hands to help us to keep group running. We are still accepting applications for misc admin spot, but now also second jack of all trades spot is open! Head to The admin team (and applications) read more!

Kukuri of the MonthMonthly Quest and Breeding will be closed for the month on 27th of February, 7PM GMT. Remember to vote for the kukuri of the month, and drop your entries for monthly quest for chance of adorable Chinchilling! Not to forget breeding. This is such short month. 

About Juliet slots - apologies for the wait everyone. Unikeko got whisked to magical trip and her catbus got sick and needs doctor, so she can't process any slot payments right now. They'll be processed as soon as she gets home! Thank you for your patience meanwhile ; _ ; / 
    > SLOTS FOR JULIET (February only)

New starter for February, new monthly quest and import update got an update!
You all have been waiting for her since we announced that Romeo would be taking this year off. He has ventured to somewhere far, but his replacement has arrived in time! Juliet 7125 is beautiful dove with unique chimera-related trait that should make your socks roll in your feet! 

During all February you can purchase SLOTS FOR JULIET, before she'll go away looking for her love again! She has inheritable chimera mutation, but unfortunately rejects all chimeras in breeding.

She'll also be the star of our new Monthly Quest, where you have 20% chance of finding new familiar Chinchilling - as a bonus, we'll be raffling out 5 slots for Juliet between all peeps participating to the monthly! You can only get one ticket per user, so there's no need to draw more than one entry if you don't have time for more~
Lastly, Import Updates has been split into two different threads to ease the work and wait! Now you can get text edited in one comment chain, while other is used mainly on adding items to the kukuri's picture. It is a great system!

Our recent poll raffle winners have been chosen and rewarded! Kukuri of the Month has been opened for voting again!

I'm very excited to hear what you think about our new lady! Please remember to treat your family and friends during this month of love~

Reminders from various thingies, some design details have been clarified, healing thread customization and many more!
Hello there, all adventurous kukuri peeps! I'll yet again bring you a bunch of reminders and couple tiny but important updates!

First of all, if you yet haven't claimed your prices from Carnival of Life 2018, it's very soon too late! Price claiming will be closed on last day of January!
With same relation, BreedingMonthly Quest and Kukuri of the Month votes are soon closed, more specifically on 30th 9pm Finnish time, which would be 7pm GMT~ Make sure you have everything in, before month changes again!

Heal Kukuri of Injury/Illness got a little chance! Now you must have the cure item in your bank when adding kukuri to the queue, and there is no option for buying the cure item when doing the healing! This makes our banking goblin's job much easier~

Our head design admin also wanted to clarify couple small but important details in designing.
~ Marking with darker / lighter rule has to be visibly darker or lighter. This means the value has to differ at least 5 points from the base color. This also includes markings with multiple values in them. For example: marbled border has to be visibly darker than the dark color filling in the middle. Example
~ Effect called fringe (in paint tool sai) can not be used on markings to create a border. (exception being Marble if the effect is used for creating border for marble. Example

Last but not least, our lovely mascot Kiwi 100 - if you draw her in any situation, you are only able to take part of the raffle for her slots if the picture is submitted to her own folder in the group! This means, if you add her to activity roll/monthly quest/event picture you want to use for its original purpose, you are not taking part of the raffle. The picture will still count her for FP though, but it can't be used for loot in two places!

Alright, I think that's all for now~ Winter is gripping tightly from us all, and atleast here we have still snow coming like no end. Beware the slippery weather!

Looking for a new admin, bunch of marking guide updates and some marking changes, the poll familiar raffle deadline

As an admin is taking extended leave, we're looking for a new misc admin! If being an admin has ever tickled your fancy, head to The admin team (and applications) and see what it entails and fill in the form!

The design team has been working hard to try to iron out confusions and general pleasantries of markings, and here are what's up:
  ► Prairie feathers got visual examples for the rules they have had. People seem to be very confused about them, so hopefully these will aid in that!
Likewise in the same page: Regarding same area, Prairie hands and feet are free area same as with common kukuri. They just don't have separated layer - this information has been added.
  ► Haze got velvet/ebon sliders added. Also confirmation that this marking HAS TO affects all free areas on kukuri. Ears, horns, hands, nails and prairie feathers.
  ► "Iridescent can appear on the horns and ears even if the marking itself is not near them as long as it follows the marking rules! " This has been allowed always but we forgot to add it in the guide initially.
  ► Blindness page now has visual examples of blind kukuris eyes
And for actually big change in a marking;
  ► Siamese got washed out of mandatory minimum amounts on limbs. Only thing needed for this marking to pass up is mask. However, if the mask is hidden (by for example hood), it has to show in limbs, so keep an eye for that!

Lastly, the date for the poll raffle to end is 31.1.2019 9PM GMT - sorry I forgot to put it in earlier!

Hope your year has started pleasantly without Life testing you out too hard!

New status update journal, Design approval reminder, Backlogs blabla, Claim your CoL rewards
Status updates has now new journal for posting status and skill point updates. The old journal reached over 10.000 comments without us noticing, so the nesting has been broken. This may cause some rank proof links being lost in the black hole. We're terribly sorry for this happening.
We will go through the already posted Status update requests on the old thread, but Skill point thread is beyond saving. So if you remember posting skill point update request and it wasn't handled, please re-post the request to new journal.

Design approval reminder. Do not re-post your approval or correction request multiple times. Once you've posted to the comment thread, admin will get to you once they reach you in the queue. Re-posting while waiting the admin comment should not be done before getting actual comment from admin.

We're now slowly getting back from the holidays and back to catching backlogs. In general, we aim to make it so that no-one has to wait more than week/7 days for reply(so when posting request, prepare to wait 1-7 days for reply).
Backlog might happen (especially) on holidays when admins are allowed to rest and spend time with their families/loved ones, or when they've caught flu/fever/other sickness. It's important to remember this is our hobby, not our real job(even though Kukuri being real job would be awesome).
Thank you all for understanding, we're trying to keep the game running as best as we can :heart:

Carnival of Life 2018 reward claiming will close last day of January 2019! Don't forget to claim your loots!


Monthly Quest change, breeding open, Divine shop and Varma claiming ending soon
Monthly Quest has been changed! Jump to the snowy fun with your Kukuris and get a snow coating of your own!

Breeding of January is open!

Both Divine Shop and claiming your Holiday Varma are closing at 9PM GMT, if you have some business to do with either one of them, hurry up!

Divine Shop ends at 1.1.2019 9PM GMT, Varma claiming ends tomorrow, Kukuri of the month chosen
Due to being the scatterbrain I am, I never put clear ending date for Divine Shop. SO, I gave it a small extension with a clear date to avoid any mishaps.

Also the holiday Varmas are here for only one more day! If you haven't claimed yours yet, do it soon so you don't miss out!

Kukuri of the Month was chosen! Congratulations O-RainKnight-O who charmed the audience with Bishop 759! Make sure to vote for the next month's Kukuri to give them the spotlight!

Happy new years!

REMINDER: Breeding closing for the month, Vote for Kukuri of the month, Divine shop closing soon and CoL badges have been awarded.
Breeding will close tomorrow (30.12) at 9PM GMT+2, make sure to post your breedings before then! The breeding will be opened again when the remainings breedings have been rolled.

Remember to vote for the Kukuri of the Month! There's certainly someone out there who really could use the moment to stand on the spotlight!

Divine Shop is closing on 31st, but before that there's one more semi-custom auction on 30th! If you've been looking for one, keep your eyes open!

And lastly, all the Carnival of Life badges have been given out! If your Kukuri is still missing one, head off to error reports, and give a link to the kukuri and the event COMMENT showing their participation!

Remember to bundle up for the winter cold! Getting frostbite is no joking manner and can leave permanent damage.

Shroomification arts are here, Divine shop closes on Monday the 31st, CoL Reward claiming reminder
Apparently we are really busy with the updates almost daily during holidays, but I promise we are resting too.

Contamination art is finally up for public upload! Now you can add the contamination to your kukuri when you apply the Contamination potion in import updates.

Divine Shop 2018 will be closing on 31st of December! If you still planned to get something from the shop, you might wanna hurry.

Carnival of Life 2018 reward claiming will close last day of January 2019! We will post another reminder for claiming somewhere in January. Don't forget to claim your loots!

Lore catch up-page and new lore layout, holiday Varmas are up
Happy holidays on actual holiday day (at least here in the cold land of Finland)! As a christmas present we've made lore so far page, where you can catch up on what has happened in the events! Maybe you're an old member who wants to relive a bit of the past, or a new one who has been left in the dark until now. Regardless, it's pretty fun to watch back to! As special celebration for the page, both this and folklore have a special layout skin with the art from GryAdventures, so big thanks to them too!

Also holiday Varmas are here once again! Go claim yours - for free! But they're only there for the new year's, so make sure to claim yours in time!

Again, take care of your safety. It's easy to get carried away in the holiday season, but your safety is more important than appearing cool. And to those not having a pleasant holidays - Stay strong. You are worth it. You are loved. No environment around you changes this fact.

Carnival of Life healing thread closing up, semi-custom flashsale soon
There's only a hour left to post your healings of shroomification to the healing thread of Carnival of Life, and then it will be closed and you cannot heal your Kukuri with an art or literature piece. If you've planned to get your shroomified baby healed, be sure to do it soon!

Likewise within a hour there's another flash sale happening in the Divine Shop 22th of December 7pm EST or midnight GMT. As it turns out I'm very bad at timezones no matter how hard I try, so if the times are confusing you, the first time listed is always right. Apologies for any inconviniences this might have caused.

Keep yourself safe during the holidays! 

Some training and design approval clarification, new things in the Divine shop and happy holidays from the admin team!
Times are starting to get busy in group, as well as in real life, so hear me out! We don't have much time before the year comes to an end. 

First of all, if you're doing Kukuri bonding with two kukuris which belong to different owners, only one of you need to post the entries in training completion! Both kukuris will still get the badge.

If you kukuris needs another side in design approvals, always remember to flip the other side picture so the kukuri is facing opposite direction!

There's something new dropped to the Divine Shop! Looks like a whole bunch of SPECIAL EGGS have been scattered all over again! These are new kinds of eggs and can be purchased even if you've already used your other egg limit!

Last but not least, the whole admin team is taking a break during the holidays! We'll most likely still hover around, but please allow us to have a momentary breathing moment, things might be a little slower because of family visiting and overall holiday hopping! We'll get back soon enough!

Remember to eat a lot of good food, remember your loved ones and spent a wholesome holiday overall!~



Semicustom flashsale soon
Flash sale is starting in 20 minutes at Divine Shop 4pm GMT or 11pm EST! This is fastest gets it, so be ready.


First semi-custom auction going, CoL healing thread deadline
The first Semi-custom auction has started in Divine Shop! Apologies for certain silly founder forgetting that timesaving is a thing that exists and the american times were one hour off, hopefully it is now fixed!

Carnival of Life is closing it's doors, and the healers are slowly leaving the premises. You have now 2 weeks (22.12.2018) to 11PM GMT time to post your healing entries if you wish to get rid of the contamination, after that it must be cured with the antidote and healing entries will not be accepted. Please be sure to post your heals in time!

New bank, Crafting reminder, Celestial rock max 3 eggs, COL rewards claiming open
Hello.... it's  me! Ma-rusti! I'm bringing good news!

Carnival of Life Reward claiming is open
! Read the reward claiming form with time and remember to link the proofs correctly - with that: roll down to the journal and go wild!

We'll have the first semi-custom auction tomorrow! Read more of the time from Divine Shop 2018~

We've had the same bank for a long while, with multiple admins old and new in it. As there was recent mishap of it, we felt it was time to create a new bank doc to make sure there's no-one with access who shouldn't be. The new bank is foundable from The Bank! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Bank goblin has sent me to relay message regarding crafting: When crafting tattered feathers, you can craft them in packs of 5 only. So you can do 5, 10, 15, 20>>, but for example 7 or 11 is not possible.

We also wanted to clear up that Celestial Rock egg maximum is 3. No bonus that enlarges the nest amount from the original amount is applied to celestial rock.
I got feeling I forgot something, even with the reminder list we had prepared Discord Emoji - Thinking If I forgot something, you'll hear of us soon! Until then, stay warm!

Kukuri bonding, monthly quest change, kukuri of the month, extra info on traveling, some link cleaning
Does your Kukuri have a soulmate, someone they always come back to? Well, now you can truly showcase their love with Kukuri bonding! With this special training the pair will gain +2fp bonding bonus whenever they're portrayed in pictures together (full body, colored, shaded)!

As month changes, so does monthly quest! This time you'll be helping wild animals, and as a reward dog and cat friends are back with new additions! And yes, there additions are immediately appliable, even for sets bought from Divine shop.

GinSasori's Sweets 6102 won the kukuri of the month this time with her cuteness, and you may start voting for January's Kukuri! Which of the kukuris has caught your eye lately? What story has stuck into your mind?

Traveling can sometimes be confusing, so now there is a guide to help out with it! Hopefully you'll find it both useful and inspiring! 

And lastly, some link clean up. Overall in navigation, but also open chest/herb pouches links can now also be found from bank to hopefully make people's lives easier!

Hope you enjoy the last month of the year! Make the most of it, but try to not fill yourself up too much with sweets and treats!

New banking threads, Suraya, Untuva and Raei arrive late, Cleaned news, Breeding+Kuku of the month closed, Who's that p--Badge?
We got brand new banking threads for item trades, stockpiling and applying familiars! Old bank was getting very close to 10,000 comments - aka breaking - so we had to evacuate! 

RaeiUntuva and Suraya were added to the Divine Shop 2018! Terribly sorry for forgetting these three from the shop. 

Breeding and Kukuri of the Month are closed for November! They will return in December~

Old news were moved to archive(linked at the bottom). The journal was growing looooooooooooooooooong!

We are really close finishing rolling of Carnival of Life 2018 too! We are starting to give out the award badges to kukuri who joined in the event in next few days. These will be added automatically to all kukuris imports that took part in the event - we will make news once they all have been given out.
Reward claiming opens once all CoL entries have been rolled, but I think it's good time to start gathering your proofs!

But what's this??
Badge of Bonding by momma-kuku
If you are looking to draw cool prompts, you might be surprised at the start of DecemberStay tuned!

-jrusti rolls away giggling

Lore so far

Mon Dec 24, 2018, 8:40 AM by Unikeko:iconunikeko:

So far there has been a lot happening in the group, and old events where something important happened. You're new player who has no idea what's going on, or has it just been so long that you've forgotten? Or perhaps you want to check for good ol' times sake? Regardless, this is the place for you!

If you don't know the legend of Kukuris yet, I may recommend you to check the Folklore first!

The Fungal Contamination

Event: The Pest by Crashfurs Get out of there! - TFC by MaraMastrullo

The land of Kukuris was suddenly invaded by black gooey creatures attacking Kukuris and frankly anything in their sight. Glowing mushrooms were growing from these creatures' backs, and as Kukuris were fighting them it turned out this disease can spread to Kukuris. Curiously enough, it seemed harmless to other living beings. Luckily  people were also able to find a cure for it if a Kukuri got it. 

As people continued to fight these creatures back from important outposts, it was discovered that deep in the forest they came from laid an Aquatic - or at least grotesque image of one. The glowing mushrooms had invaded it's whole body, seemingly being the only thing keeping it alive anymore. The black creatures affectionately named "Shroomies" were increasingly protective for this creature, and based on how the amount of them and the mushroom spreading to nearby landscape, this creature was dubbed as "Mother." 

Despite how Mother looked, it was not easy task to lay the creature to rest from it's pain. The hyper aggressive Shroomies and the devastating attacks of the Mother gave challenge even for the best fighters. Yet, when the sun set, the final wheezing breath escaped from the Mother's throat, the remaining Shroomies scattered to the shadows. The victory was on our side, but what was that? Why was there an aquatic in middle of a forest, species not seen in centuries? What was that spreading infection which, asides from the area Mother was infecting, spread only to Kukuris?

Could... Life herself be behind this?

Festival of Death (2017)

Soft Breeze by AkinaTakesora FOD: No Five Finger Discounts by Zada2011

Spring is the season we celebrate Death, the Kukuri God of fertility and rebirth. Held at the bottom of the highest and steepest mountain reaching well above the clouds, a lighthearted festival was what people needed after their battle and following rebuilding after Shroomies.

As per tradition, the celebrations of the two Gods were times when both wilds and tames were easily seen in one place at once. No-one would harm each other, and likewise humans were not allowed to interfere with the wilds who wanted to participate in the celebration. After all, no-one would like to offend the God who took care of your soul when it was time to go, and have her send it back as a toad out of spite.

The place was filled with stalls selling everything from food to trinkets, and people were gathering the orange flowers notorious for blooming early in the year around the mountain as offerings for Death. Yet people were quickly noticing that something was happening to the statue they were giving the flowers to, it almost felt... warm to touch.

And then, in graceful motion no-one could expect, Death descended upon them.

Death's Arrival

No-one knew how to act in before the massive Aerial, which didn't seem to need to flap it's wings to stay afloat. The youngest of Kukuris seemed almost excited, almost like meeting your favorite aunt you haven't seen in a while. Yet her very presence seemed to calm everyone, and her voice echoed in people's minds in language they did not know yet understood.

As Death spoke, she revealed of her own reasons for appearing before them. In mourning for the rift in between her and her sister Life, she had preserved the only remaining subspecies of Kukuris that still hold the remnants of genetics of Aquatics - Prairies. However, as she is not the God of living, it is not in her skills to preserve such either. To save the remaining Prairies, she is now asking you to welcome them in your hands and show them what the outside world is, and help to revive their ever thinning population.

The Prairie Event

Prairie event: Hit and Run by Jalohauki  Kuku | Attack!! Zagrial and Vincent vs Quill    Prairie Event - Attack!! Zagrial and Vincent vs Quill
    Excitement filled the whole crowd. It was like a thick cloud that hung over both the wild kukuri and the tamed kukuri and their handlers. Zagrial was just as worked up as everyone else too, his eyes wide and watching the sky for Death. While half blind, he was far from deterred by it. Rather, he was excited to get in some training with new creatures. Were they sleek and fast? Or maybe large and strong, like him.
    His mind was pulled from these thoughts as a shadowy figure appeared in the sky, and after a moment drifted down to the crowds. He listened intently, the goat-like kukuri taking a few steps forward in awe. Death really was quite beautiful. It was an odd thing to think, but he couldn’t help himself.
    She started moving and after a moment he wondered after the others, keeping a safe distance from anyone. It was a lo

On the scheduled day Death came back to lead people to the Prairies. After long travel they appear in front of a massive mountain, in a place where people could swear was supposed to be just a meadow. With a single swipe Death crumbled part of the mountain wall to reveal a valley.

The area was clearly drying up, and only eatable thing left was the shrubbery struggling to stay alive. And in middle of that was a small pack of Prairies, cautious of this sudden intrusion. They would not listen to Death, and certainly would not listen to people trying to capture them. But, as she assured, in her care they will not survive for much longer. It was time to tame the Prairies back into the bloodlines.

Carnival of Life (2017)

Dust Up by Zada2011  CoL: Crested fights“Seriously? I want to see Constantin crying on the seats! Nori will get this!”, Suki hissed as they pushed Nori towards her box. The crimson dove sighed and moved slowly forwards. “Bro, you can’t put Nori into a fighting ring? What if she bleeds out?” Suki shrugged their shoulders. “The doctors will pay if that happens! Nori is stronger than you think, so please just do what I say, okay? We got this, Nori got this.” Kale threw his arms in the air and helped Suki by pushing Nori forward. The crimson kukuri knew that they had to fight in an official arena. The air was filled with tension and it made her nervous. Nori was put into her box and her handler left with the friend. This was such a bad idea of this self-loving, sarcastic human. Nori pouted but there was nothing she could do against it. Every minute that passed, Nori got more nervous. It was eating her from the inside out. The crimson dove looked around the box, it was small and cold, mak

Though still wary about the sudden intrusion of Shroomies last year at the time of Carnival of Life, people still decided to hold the celebration. Not only to pray for strength to survive the winter, but it also serves an opportunity for people with all sorts of problem to ask that little bit of more power to get through. Through poverty, through hardships, it's Life's strength that brings people and Kukuri alike together.

The carnival was kept in the old coliseum, used for the same purposes ever since the time anyone could remember. After wrestling with Prairies, everyone was excited to test out their strengths against each other.

Festival of Death (2018)

Kukuri Pinata by AkinaTakesora [FOD] You can't eat those by MaraMastrullo

Since Death made her appearance with the Prairies, people were excited to see her again. Those believing in Her had their hopes up to see their deity again, the young pups wanted to see their aunt again. But Death did not come, no matter how people prayed and offered offerings. 

Yet, something more terrifying appeared. Another shroom Mother was found, this time it seemed like helpless Aerial covered in mushrooms and mycelium, with wounds so severe that it shouldn't be alive, yet was denied of death. Clearly a spit in the face from Life, yet a threat to everyone around it. One would imagine that such sight would trigger Death to appear... yet nothing. The people and kukuris were left on their own devices to slay this Mother, and were left with air and uncertainty. Where was She?

Carnival of Life (2018)

CoL: Oh dear Brother of mine by KebabPekoniRulla CoL | Final Stand by TentiSlime

Despite people fearing that Death would repay for what Life did to her festival, people still decided to hold the carnival - if one of the gods had to be angered, they would rather keep the war-thirsty Life pacified. Blood was shed in her name, as kukuris were not afraid to pull punches against each other. Yet it felt like every week the weather just kept getting darker and darker.

And then, something no-one was expecting. Life herself rose from the seas, silencing every battle with her roar. Her own carnival had gathered a lot of kukuri and people alike, and it was time to test has this "evolved" version of their creations earned their right for survival against all odds - even those made by hers. Icicles formed by ice and dark matter resembling the one of shroomies filled the sky, leaving no-one time or space to escape from it.

Yet, she alone can not decide the fate of kukuris. From nothing Death flew over the coliseum, spreading her tattered wings and wounded body over it as the icicles started to fall, taking every hit on herself as the people in the coliseum watched in horror. And just as fast as it had started, it was over. 

The light enclosed the God of Death, and she slowly dissolved with it.

Death had died.

Monthly Quest

Fri Jun 1, 2018, 4:36 AM by Unikeko:iconunikeko:

Monthly quest is, as the name tells, a prompt that changes at the 1st day of each month. You CANNOT take part in the past monthly quests, but you can take part in the current month's quest as many times as you wish! Taking part in the quest earns extra FP for every Kuku in the picture, and you have a chance to roll for the special familiar of the month! Do note that the monthly reward is given only for the person who posted the picture, and it is not rolled for each kukuri in the picture.


Remember, the thread is closed at the second last day of the month



Link to the entry:
Link to the at least one of the Kukuris in the entry:
    - Link to the first entry (if any):
    - Link to the second entry (if any):

Art: Fullbody, background, colored and shaded.
Literature: 900 words

You must follow the prompt to be counted in!

Background Set - The Cherry Blossoms by momma-kuku


March 2019

For many years, flowers had been a big part of Festival of Death. And this year, with her gone, Kukuris and humans alike decided to celebrate a very special festival, Hanami. Little fake temples have been build, Japanese food is prepared, and handlers dress up. The small celebration takes place in a cherry tree forest.

Draw or write about your Kukuri attending the festival. Do they spend the evening eating in sushi and dumplings? Do they dress up? For every entry you do, you have 30% chance to find The Cherry Blossoms -background set!
If you do not receive the background set on your 3rd entry, you will be automatically given the item! However, this effect works only once.

Every kukuri participating to the monthly quest will earn +2 FP Monthly Quest bonus.

Automatic BGs / Items / Familiars
For each monthly there's a certain chance to roll rewards. It is rolled for all images. 
However if you don't get any rewards in the first two images, you'll automatically get the monthly reward for the third image! All images afterwards will only get the normal roll - so you get 1 reward guaranteed if you do 3 images.

Lucky bounce
Sometimes someone gets a little extra lucky and gets a second reward rolled (note: the automatic rewards after 3 images does
not count!). In that case the last 2 members before the lucky one will get a second roll for their entry with a higher chance of +10%!


Sun Aug 6, 2017, 4:52 AM by Unikeko:iconunikeko:

Token by momma-kuku

Occasionally an admin will see a picture or literature where they feel that there is excellent story telling, clear improvement made or way more effort put in than usual. We want to reward people going for extra steps, and here it is: Tokens!

What do Tokens do and how do I use them?

Tokens are account bound, and are given to the artist/writer. They cannot be given to or transferred to other members. You may only give your tokens to your Kukuris (One token has one use). If a Kukuri with tokens is transferred to another user, the Kukuri will lose it's tokens - however ranks and such will not be depleted would they go to negative due to this. 

A token equals 3FP

You can give a token to your Kukuri by simply putting an image of a token in their tracker, with a link to the proof of your token under it. A FP counter will mark your token used when they come to it.
You may put your tokens in a brand new "Tokens" tab, or use them at "misc" tab.

Token example 1 by Kuku-ri   Token example 2 by Kuku-ri

I feel I should've earned a token

You should NOT request for tokens. Any harassing admins for tokens will give you a warning. Treat tokens as something that you should never expect, and as such it's a nice little extra you can get.


Any admin can give a token. There are two qualifiers for you to give a token, which go as following:
★ Did the piece give excellent story telling? Was it captivating, well thought out, something that stuck to your mind?
★ Is the quality something what goes beyond what the user usually draws/writes, did they try something they don't seem to usually try?
★ Some other reason? Specify this under the token.

Remember to scroll the comments quickly before giving out a token. This is to ensure that one piece does not give multiple tokens, and it's because of this that it's important to use the image version of the token text (it's easy to spot).
Naturally, you can't give a token to yourself. Likewise, if you seem to favor a friend, you will be put under a watchful eye and potentially banned from giving out tokens.

Use this form when giving out a token:

You've been awarded a token!

Token by momma-kuku
@ username who received token
[give your reasoning here. It can be well thought out compliment, or simply something like "storytelling." But reason MUST be given.]

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