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Thu Jun 30, 2016, 10:37 AM by Unikeko:iconunikeko:

News and Announcements

Wed Jun 19, 2019, 6:36 AM by Unikeko:iconunikeko:


Old breeding thread broken and how we fix it, Looking for FP counter and Jack of all Trades, Divine Shop closed, FoD reward claiming closed, Familiars are added in bank

I'm here today with little bit of sad news, but also good news. Let's start with the bad news first ´v`'

Unfortunately OLD breeding thread(July 2018 - April 7th 2019 DO NOT COMMENT IN THE JOURNAL!) has reached 10,000 comments and thus broken. Past few days we've been trying to figure out how to handle this.
When journal reaches 10,000 comments in DeviantArt, it breaks the nesting of everything and you can only see all the comments with flatted -listing. We've been trying to avoid this from happening, but it seems like all the geno transfers and registry comments have brought way too many new comments to the thread.

But fear not! We are working on it! Just as you read this, we are going over every comment in the journals and search for all buns etc. 
As soon as that is done, we'll be posting brand new journals with all your proofs and all transfers, uploads, adoption center proofs and so on. You'll also be tagged in each new proof. 
Here's an example on how they'll look like
So basically, we will be changing the place of proofs from breedings between July 18 - April 7th 2019 to new journals within next weeks. There's no date when this will be finished, as we don't really know yet how slow it is to work on.

>We will be finishing this before design approval re-opens, so all genos from the broken threads will receive new proof links. However, it's very important that you don't comment to the thread, as it pushes every old comment to bits from 10,000 and forward.

In future, we will be making new breeding journal for each month to avoid the breaking. 

We're really sorry for all the trouble this causes!

Then to bit more positive news o3o/ /

- We've filled the Misc admin position from inside the current team and we're soon choosing on the activity admin! We are still looking for Jack of All Trades, and as new addition, status updates are in need of new FP counter! If you fancy joining the team and helping the group as it grows, please head here to read more!

Divine Shop 2019 and Festival of Death 2019 reward claiming are now closed! Thank you all for the past months, they've been fun! 

- Misc team wanted to remind everyone, that Familiars are added in The Bank, and not in import updates. However, when you remove familiar from kukuri, it's done in Import Updates



Monthly Quest updated, Hunting season changed, Festival of Death 2019 reward claiming closing soon, Divine Shop closing soon, Breeding now has links to old threads, Kukuri import update and bank reminders

Bunch of stuff today so let's get crackin'!
We heard you loud and clear and updated Monthly Quest to now allow broader level of love to be spread around!

Hunting season was changed - it's now summer!

Festival of Death 2019 reward claiming and Divine Shop are both closing at 15th - at 9PM BST. Be prepared!

Breeding has links to the old threads for when you lose that one geno proof you desperately needed right now.

And lastly, we would like to remind you of few things and curb actions before they become habits:

✘ If you've acquired a new kukuri, don't put them into status updated/import updates before they have been transferred to you through our ownership transfer. We have no way of knowing it's yours before we have gone through the transfers.
✘ When transferring pelts, ALWAYS list the COLOR of the pelt - even if you have only one pelt in your bank.

Remember to apply sun screen if your country is embraced by sun!


Extra round of aerial sales

Yes, we noticed! As admins were just as excited for some feather goodness, and some felt like being left in the dust because of it, we decided to hold extra round of aerial semis with special perk of no admin being able to take part in them as a surprise! If you were bummed out about missing aerial semi hype, this will be your last chance for a good while. They're next week, so prepare thine buns!

Notice that the time is 9PM BST to better try to balance these last sales for around the world.


Monthly quest, Kukuri of the month, Breeding open, FP reminders, Design range update status, So many things to list, Import info reminder, Flash sale today
I bring many news! Or actually, I bring wall of text.

- June brings us awesome Monthly Quest with several different prompts, with Celestial Rock and Etherical rock as a drop
- June kukuri of the month is Chloe 1906, owned by SignlessCan! Congratulations! You can start voting for the July's Kukuri of the Month!
Breeding is open again, go wild!
- If you've ever been confused of your kukus skill points from the birth, they are always tracked in the Kukuri Breeding Sheet. The tabs are listed by every thousand, and the first tab tracks your monthly breeding slot uses. This doc is linked in the Breeding page!
        > Overall, you can count your kukus total skill points by checking the totals from the bottom of Status updates journal(it has the SP totals listed by ranks), combined with the breeding sheet information and familiars/items added to your kukuri import. The total skill point/breeding slot per rank listing can also be found from the Fate Points and Skill Points page!
- FP counting team wishes to remind everyone to add correct short cut links to their FP trackers. The main threads are required to be linked in the journal/stash! If you copy your tracker base from your old kukuri, make sure that you change the links to correct ones.
    > On other note regarding FP trackers: If you're moving your tracker from to journal, let the admins do bulk upload: it's easier and faster for them to work that way.
- Kukuri import info: Do not remove other side of the Kukuri from your! If we find broken links from the import info, we'll remove the link.
- Design central update is currently at 80% completion. I'm sure some of us are excited for getting their new kukuri in, but let's wait a bit more until we can open the gates - Design team is working hard for the ranges!
- Flash sale will happen today at Divine Shop 2019 - There will be reminder of it 1 hour before the sale in our Discord server!

It's finally June \o/ Warm months are upon us(hopefully, see me jinx it and we get snow next week), so staying hydrated is very important. Sip those tasty waters and other drinks whenever you can! I know I will 8)



Closing time for the major threads!

Ahoy peeps, it's me again! Nothing too serious this time, just a little reminder.

Breeding and Kukuri of the Month voting will close at 30th of May 9 PM Finnish time (6 PM GMT), so make sure you've posted all your breedings in! If you have eggs, those are available to be opened through the whole year!
Don't forget to vote for Kukuri of the Month too, if you want to see your favorite fluffy raptor on the front page for next month~

There's so much pollen in the air that it makes my throat so sandy and eyes itchy. Who said the outdoor air is good for you?



Quick little announcement about raffle semi-customs!

Hello there again! I won't talk long this time, I'm just giving you a heads up for rule additions to semi-customs, that were won from the recent raffle.

To prevent the possible abuse of these free gifts, we added to rules that if you don't want the semi-custom, you can gift it back to the raffle pool, and it will be given to someone else taking part of the raffle!
However, when the semi-custom is designed and uploaded, it will receive this special comment to its award wall:
"This Kukuri originates from the Festival of Death 2019, and may not be traded, gifted, or sold, but may be placed in the adoption center."

We hope you're still enjoying your semi-customs!~ It has been a blast to see all the designs rolling around in chat lately!



Semi-custom raffle is over, heterochromia mutation got a new feature and adoption center has new traits that carry Cr!

Hello everyone! This is Jalo coming back at you with a magnificent news from thundering Finland!

Semi-custom raffle of Festival of Death 2019 is over! We were excited to see over 200 members taking part to the festivals and thus we raffled out 23 semi-customs! Let there be aerials! The lucky winners are
DirectorElibert, Xenon-ARPG, Miruae, ReoTokotas, Anarchisme, FallingFireX, ethanoI, vampyrowo, NeochmiaPhaeton, OrangeJustice69, mishdreavus, IFeelFreeLikeABird, Infected-Skully, Gela98, Rosedraq, Lucja5, AkaPanuka, VisceralLuster, VortexTurmoil, Snowwolf213, LumyOwl, Aludrown and fadestom675

All details about your semi-custom can be found from this comment, which can be used as proof too! Congratulations everyone!
You can still claim rewards from the event, but unfortunately no new raffle will be held.

On more minor news, we made little adjustment for heterochromia mutation. If you kukuri has black sclera on their lineage, the pup can have both white and black sclera, if they have the mutation! Such a neat feature! However, it doesn't affect to kukuris with markings that chance eye color, such as koi, ink or piebald.

And as another minor edit, we added Cr rewards to Adoption Center for prairie and aerial sub-species!

I can't simply abandon my duty as reminder admin, and tell that we've added a timer to front page telling how much time is for the next semi-custom auction or flash sale!

And back to the studio! Thank you for listening!



More Timezone fixing, new dates for the semi sales, remember to post your FoD reward claims to take part in the semicustom raffle!

For the relief of members and admins alike, and to avoid constant confusion amongst our mids, the Divine Shop 2019 timezones now only tell one time - But we've also put a countdown on the front page which will be counting to the next semi-sale. Hopefully this will help us all out!
And related - I don't know what past me had eaten, but I better not eat it again. However, the semi-sale days in the Divine Shop had gone crooked, and have now been fixed to make a little bit more sense. Please make sure that you're having correct day in your mind!

Remember! Only two days to post your reward claim for Festival of Death 2019 to take part in the aerial semicustom raffle!

Thank you everyone for supporting the group so far!


updated familiars page, lots of breeding stuff, new traits rarities, activity tracker reminder, timezone oops fixed

Hello everyone! I’m bringing reminders and probably waited information of the new traits rarities \o/

- Updated the Familiars page with all current familiars, and now there's a link where to apply the familiars at!

Breeding related:

- If someone was still confused: New traits brought in by the Aerials can now be got from breeding and egg hatching \o\
- Aerials can now hatch from uncommon and rare eggs! Also the chance for prairie(and thus aerials) have been raised /o/
- We've decided to publish breeding numbers when breeding different subspecies together. This info has also been added to the breeding page! ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)
    ✿ Common x Prairie: 1-75 Common, 76-100 Prairie 
    ✿ Common x Aerial: 1-70 Common, 71-80 Prairie, 81-100 Aerial 
    ✿ Prairie x Aerial: 1-70 Prairie, 71-100 Aerial
Yes, breeding Common and Aerial together can result in prairies too!
- Breed boosting potion: You can only boost breeds that the parents are you're breeding. This has been added to the potion description and on the crafting page.

Hopefully it's now easier to plan your breedings!

- New traits and their rarities will be following:
Common: Banding, Border 
Uncommon: Mirage, Fae ears, Chiro ears, Siege horns, Spiral horns, Monarch feathers, Maned ruffle 
Rare: Mosaic, Leia ears, Pharaoh horns

- Activity team is humbly requesting people check their activity trackers, and possibly create new comment threads or new trackers if they have lots of comments. Some older, and bigger trackers are very heavy for older computers to load, thus they slow down the rolling process. Already adding new comment threads inside the tracker is big help!

- Lastly, it seems like we made a mistake with listing the timezones for auctions/flash sales in the Divine Shop 2019. Those timezones are always so tricky, so sorry for that! They should be fixed now ´v`/
We've received questions will there be any reminders of the sales made beforehand, and we decided to make reminder in discord server 1 hour before the sales!

That's all this time, I hope you all are having good time!


Divine Shop is open, FoD rewards can be claimed, and aerial imports are out

Divine Shop is open, and full of things new and old!

Festival of Death reward claiming is open! Please remember to post your reward claim on the first week (till 22th) to be part in the aerial semicustom raffle! The amount of raffled out is based on how many people participate, so don't feel afraid to "take someone's spot!"

And regarding that, aerial imports are out to be played with!

I wonder if new species makes it possible for new mutations to appear... :thinking: 

Festival of Death end, and what comes after

Festival of Death has ended! Thank you everyone for taking part in reviving the God of Death, and she has rewards of her own for that!

Now that the event has ended:
- Reward claiming will open AS SOON AS ALL ENTRIES HAVE BEEN ROLLED.
- If you post your reward claim in the FIRST WEEK, you'll be automatically joined in Aerial Semi-custom raffle. More info about that is in the journal.
- Divine Shop will open on 15th
- 15th is also the day when Aerial import bases are gonna be published, so be hyped!

Also archived the old news since the journal was getting longer than the longcat.

More Journal Entries


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