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First Auction tonight. Adjustments to Divine Shop Semi-Custom Auction and Potion Bundle 2. NEW Potion added to the Divine Shop: Mutating Potion Bundle. Reminder regarding Carnival of Life corrections. Looking for new Adoption Center admin.

Morning everyone!

First and foremost, the first Divine Shop 2019 Auction will take place tonight, 7PM GMT+0!

Secondly, patch notes. Adjustments have been made to the Divine Shop, including the addition of a Mutating Potion Bundle:

1. This year, gene points available in the Semi-Custom Flash Sales were to all be increased +1. This had been done for the Flash Sale, but the Auction had not been increased. This was our mistake and has now been rectified; Auction gene points are now +1. - Yes, this means that, this year, you get more maximum gene points!

2. The Potion Bundle 2 was displayed with a Breed Booster Potion, but the potion itself was not included in the bundle. This has been rectified; a Breed Booster Potion has been added to Potion Bundle 2.

3. A NEW potion bundle has been added to the Divine Shop; the Mutating Potion Bundle! This bundle includes Mutating Potion I, Mutating Potion II, Mutating Potion III, Dominance Potion, and Breed Booster Potion.

This brings us to our next subject. Upon release of the Divine Shop, there was some controversy surrounding our gene point pricings, particularly in regards to Aerials costing +3 gene points. This will not change, but - for those interested - we are going to explain our reasons for the pricing decision:
1. The Divine Shop Semi-Custom sales which opened when Aerials were first released were specifically for Aerials, and for this reason they cost no extra gene points to acquire. This allowed for the first influx of aerials into the game. The Nov-Dec Divine Shop is a separate event to this.

2. This year, semi-custom sales gene points were increased by +1 across the board. This was to compensate for Prairies initially appearing as +2, whilst Aerials have initially appeared as +3. Therefore, you will have the same amount of gene points for markings and other features for Aerials as you would have had you bought a Prairie in the Nov-Dec divine shop of their release. However, we appreciate that there was an error in the auction tiers.

3. Aerials are, in every aspect, a new and rarer breed to achieve. By controlling access to higher rarity/genobomb aerials, we are attempting to slow the decline of their value in the in-game market so that members which do not have access to significant funds to purchase semi-customs do not have the value of their own aerials compromised.
The decisions made are not dissimilar to how Semi-Custom sales were treated following the release of Prairies. As these issues were not raised with the Prairie release, it’s our belief that the popularity and success of Aerials has brought forth these concerns. We thank you for loving Aerials as much as we do, and hope this sheds clarity!

Next, a reminder for those posting Carnival of Life corrections. Please ensure your corrections are posted to the correct thread. This year, corrections should be posted to the same thread they were posted originally. Therefore, if your entry was Week 4 PvP, post again to Week 4 PvP.

Lastly, we are recruiting a new Adoption Center admin! Our current admin (me, hi!) will be taking on extra work in other areas, and so a position has opened up to assist in the Adoption Center. If you’re interested in the role, please head over to the Admin Team and Applications journal for further information on how you can apply.

Decisions are currently being made regarding the latest Admin posting for Jack of All Trades. Successful applicants will be contacted shortly, and news made afterward to confirm the roles have been filled. If you were unsuccessful we, unfortunately, are not able to reply or give feedback to everyone. However, your applications will be kept on file should we look at hiring another. That said, should the position open again (or another you are interested in), you are more than welcome to post a new application.



Divine Shop is open, Magical feature rule update

Divine Shop 2019 has finally arrived! We will be using counter at the group main page for each happening semi-custom flash sale and auctions. Reminders of these sales will be made at our discord server, 1-2 hours before the sale happens. After that the purchasing threads will be dropped to the Divine Shop 2019 journal without another warning! 
    - Cerberus 9318 slots are available during Winter Divine Shop only! He is counted as seasonal starter from now on!

We've polished our Kukuri+Magical skills rule. Now it's following: For anything official (event, activity, enamored, monthly, etc.) Kukuris who have magical abilities in their lore can be shown these abilities passively. For example, there can be icicles on a kuku, but they can't be shown to create these icicles; there may be flowers in their horns, but out can't be portrayed speeding plant growth. Likewise flying would be considered active ability, but for example kuku can be portrayed to be levitated by their handle, or floating in zero gravity zone.

Our event team is actively rolling and working hard on the Carnival of Life event rolls. Reward claiming and badge give-outs will start later this month! See you later!



End of the Carnival of Life event! Reward claiming and mystery raffle prize revealed! News about Divine shop!

Hey again, my little fighters and brawlers! You can finally breathe and let out that big sigh of relief, because Carnival of Life 2019 has ended for this year! It was long and eventful, including a mighty new warrior and a whole generation of aerials, and a ton of gorgeous artworks and exciting literatures! We admins will work still throughout the November, but you can take a breathe and relax for now~

Reminding that reward claiming will open once all entries have been rolled and 48 hours have passed after last correction comment! Use the time wisely and collect the comments for the entries so they're easy to post once the claiming will begin! Remember to use comment posted to the Carnival of Life-journal, not the comments on the collabs, pictures or literatures!

Did you all saw a mention about mystery raffle at the bottom of the event journal? I can now finally announce that this raffle is for slots for our mighty hunk of meat Cerberus! This furious prairie can't share his three heads, but he can make two-headed, four-armed, fanged and tusked pups with no fear from infertility!
Everyone who participated for the event are automatically added to raffle! The amount of slots raffled will depend on the final amount of participants. Slots will be raffled during same time as reward claiming opens!

Small fix-up that has been missing from the Eyeless mutation page; if kukuri has this mutation, no marking, dye or accessory can fake eyes on it! It is eyeless after all!

And just like in the last year, Divine shop will be opened after the event has ended! We don't know yet the exact day as we have a lot to do, but we try to aim opening it during this week! So get that cash ready if you have been dreaming from certain familiars, eggs, starters slots, modification items etc!

Now take a break and focus on your own lores! You've deserved it! You made this event such a blast once again~ We try to do our best to power-roll through all entries as fast as we can, but we'd appreciate if you try to stay patient while waiting ´v`/



It’s the final days of the Carnival of Life event!

Hey everyone!

There are just two days left to show your strength in the Carnival of Life and then the fight is over; you can rest. We all know that the weekend is a mad dash to finish off your final entries (and we’re sure this week will be the most hectic of all), but remember to pace yourself, take care, and - most importantly - have fun! On behalf of the kukuri admin team, we would like to express how astounded we are by all of your hardwork and dedication to CoL; it really shows in your entries and it has been an absolute pleasure to see each.

Reward claiming will open once event rolling is completed.
We apologise for the delay in rolling entries but, with the event coming to an end, we anticipate that this will speed up. - Stay tuned!
Badges will also be awarded once event rolling is completed. It is most likely badges will be handed out alongside rewards.

Breeding is now open for November.
In case any eager individuals had noticed it opened quite late today, we were busy triple-checking the thread comment counts weren’t reaching breaking point.

Kukuri of the Month has been awarded to Seikou 8381, owned by Ebonmere - Congratulations!
This means Kukuri of the Month is open once again for votes. Remember, if you’ve voted for a kukuri in the past and they didn’t win, there is nothing to say that you shouldn’t vote for them again. Over the months, we see quite a lot of popularity for a few but it’s spread so the votes don’t come together! :( Whether you want to write a new comment or want to copy-paste your last, the choice is yours.

Now that the battles are (almost) over and the cold air is setting in (unless it’s Summer for you!), I’d say it’s beginning to feel a little...Christmas-y perhaps?

On a less fun note, it’s now the height of cold and flu season. So, unless you’ve already succumbed to the perils of viral infection, remember to wrap up warm, wash your hands regularly, and take care! <3



Chromatic discovered!

We are dropping updates like crazy now, but this one is gonna be quick and small one!

KitKat5500 has discovered a new random mutation - Chromatic - in breeding! Now both of the new mutations have been discovered.



Wishes from admin team, Breeding and Kukuri of the Month closing time, Waiting time updates, and a lot of rule clarifications!

Hello again, my little bloodthirsty monsters! Last week of the Carnival of Life has started finally! Just a final push towards that precious freedom and that magnificent loot~

As a well-known reminder, Kukuri of the Month and Breeding are closing on Wednesday, 30th of October, 7PM BST. Monthly quest will not return for the November, as we try to push through all of the entries and then open reward claiming, but Breeding and Kukuri of the Month are hopefully opening 1st of the November!

Alright then, let's open some letters, shall we? First on our list...

''Hello my precious fighters!

You guys do an amazing job on CoL. There’s so many incredible texts, expressive artwork and gorgeous collabs. But… you guys are too great!! >:,3 You guys spam us with so many breathtaking entries, that we can hardly keep up with that. The smarts butt you are, everyone surely noticed we couldn’t keep up with you crazy fighters.

We all love rolling your stuff and pulling together to push through. But this strange thing called real life also has it’s grab on us. Plus the rest of the group still being busy (how on earth do you all manage that??).

So we sadly have to make small sacrifice. While we don’t want to take away the flavor texts you all love so much, the are a lot of work. So we are cutting them down to 1-2 sentences and a simple Kuku X won. It really hurts us, but we don’t want to keep you guys waiting forever for a result.
We deeply hope you understand what we do so and aren’t too sad. Because we really really didn’t take this lightheartedly.

Keep up the crazily amazing work and enjoy the Carnival while it last <3

Much love, Saphiraly & the Event team <3''

With this letter's conclusion, it's easier for me to announce that the usual waiting time of 1 week has been officially changed to 2 weeks! We have to gather up ourselves and hire new staff to tackle all those queues that has been forming during the event, but until that we decided to give our current admins little breathing room. We still try to aim for that one week waiting time returning some day, but for now we hope you understand that we simply can't keep up with the growing group! Don't get us wrong, we are excited and very happy to see so many people joining us! You just caught us off-guard, that's all!

It has been little unclear for people, but we want to avoid hidden rules and thus, all activity journals now include that every element of the activity entry should have atleast some form of shading. This means handlers, prey, gatherable plants, familiars, other ARPG creatures, should have shading so the entry is counted shaded in Kukuri ARPG.

Now, we have another letter. This time from design team, let's see what it says...

''A Wish from the design team

If your design gets commented and you want to ask something - please reply to the admin who commented your design, instead of bringing it up in discord's help channel, noting the group or somewhere else. That way you receive the best and fastest help - our admins talk to each other within areas and bigger decisions are never made alone!

If you want second opinions or team review, you can ask the design approver to bring it to the team then! However, keep in mind that whenever questions rise, the team is always making team review! No decision is only one admin's opinion.''

Now that we have read that, let's talk about changing name within the group. It's fun and refreshing to change old username finally to something that represents you, but it's very confusing to us admins. Thus we require now old username to be mentioned whenever dealing with bank, activities, monthly quests, import updates, status updates etc, if you any shape or form have used that name in Kukuri ARPG or are still using it some shape or form. It fastens our work and makes your life easier too~
When noting the group about changing name in the bank, remember also update your kukuris ownership in import updates! deviantArt doesn't always do it automatically and can be really confusing for us when trying to work for you!

Last letter, I swear! This time it's from my team~

''A wish from the activity team

Activity tracker should contain your name some way (for example instead of ''Activity tracker'', mine would be ''Jalo's activity tracker''). It would certainly speed up our work and would make your tracker more unique!''

Wow, this day's update was certainly a mouthful. I hope you all got through it without problems. Now I'll go curl up in a ball under thousand blankets and watch snowfall like a wet eel I am.



A lot of reminders and small adjustments! Carnival of Life clarifications, Hunting loot drops, Armor updates, FP updates, Traveling guide visibility and we are looking for new admins!

Cheers, loves, the reminder admin is here! It's time to fix up small thingies all around the group and release also a little cry of help from our part. Let's get started~

In case if wasn't clear (and surprisingly many didn't notice it), the Carnival of Life 2019 event has actually 5 weeks instead of 4! It continues slightly to November, making the last week full! This way you CAN receive 7 entries, even if you've missed couple~

Speaking of Carnival, we'd like to also clarify that whenever fighting against Cerberus, you can still choose if the skill points matter in the fight (you need still at least 10 SP to enter)! However, you won't get away that easily! Cerberus is still hard and powerful opponent, even if the skill points of him don't matter and he will test your luck instead of talent...

Hunting was the only activity journal missing a loot drop list, so it has been added!

We've decided to update the good old armor blueprints! Since we don't have fighting training yet, the armors now give kukuris some skill points! Leather Armor gives now +1 DEF, Iron Armor gives +2 DEF and the mysterious Elemental Armor gives +1 SP to all skills! If your kukuri has armor, drop them to Import updates to get the skill points~

We've updated a FP page a bit! Our lovely Kiwi has updated headshot example and we've added a mention how the mostly white kukuris should still be colored, even lightly, just like all the other basecolors to receive points!

Have you been confused about traveling laterly? Ever helpful Kiwi now has an image button for traveling guide in the Traveling page, so anyone confused about traveling can travel better! Said traveling guide link has also been put on the Guides HUB page. Traveling. Yes.

And last, but definitely not least and most importantly, we need your help! Our admin team can't keep up with our growing community, so we have two open spots for Jack-of-All-Trades position! If you're lucky, you might even get picked during event to help with the rolls! We know we don't advertize these positions enough and we'll promise to fix that.
We look older applications, but show us your willingly to help and throw us a new one! Head to the The admin applications and show us some love~

I think that is all for now! Let's enjoy the Carnival couple weeks more and wait for the winter. Brace yourselves!



                New fighter joins the Carnival of Life! + bunch of reminders, including update to miniature import and price sheet

Carnival of Life 2019 medal by momma-kuku

Let's get these news started with the elephant in the room! Or rather... prairie in the room. Carnival of Life had received a brand new fighter that joins the fight! Why? For the glory of Life, of course! He is Cerberus, long lost guardian of the Coliseum and he is not happy to see weakness within his walls! He will be available in the both NPC and collabs fights, as you can either face him alone, or with your collab partner! Remember, your kukuri's or kukuris total skill point value must be 10 or more to challenge this beast! To win this prairie, you must really be in shape!

Everyone participating to the Carnival of Life 2019 will receive a badge to their kukuri's import!

Then some minor news, important reminders!

~ When making trainings for your kukuris, the handler should have always the form with thumbs! You can use that shapeshifter's other form in traveling activity, but in trainings we have to see those lovely thumbs.
~ We did a goof and put the event bonus to be +2 FP, but it is actually +3 FP! So enjoy that little extra boost! We are terribly sorry for the mistake!
~ When your kukuri needs a bulk upload, please leave it completely for the admins! It is much easier for the FP counters if you're planning to move a large amount of FP from one tracker to the next. Always give us a warning if your kukuri has large gap between last count, since we would appreciate time to get ready for long counting progress! Thank you!
~ Common miniature import has been update with new horns/ears/mane ruffle! Go look at that tiny little horse!
~ And last but not least, the price sheet has been updated for this day! Some items have been removed and can't be sold for now, but this will be adjusted in the later date.

I hope this was the payoff you were looking for the event! CoL is never gonna be without its surprises and we'll be eager to see many entries challenging our new boy! Stay frosty!



Carnival of Life event starts! + Emote contest winners and kukuri of the month!

Welcome one, welcome all! It's time to drop the CoL bomb and start Carnival of Life 2019! Get your horns ready and smell that air, because it's time to fight in the name of Life! What this event holds in, we don't know yet! You have to fight to find out!

This was long overdue, but the Discord server's emote contest finally ended and we picked up the winners! Congratulations VQnava, Tarkfir, Ventuaer, Hiirisydan and yellowtail11! Thank you for all to participating~ New emote icons are already usable!

Little reminder from our monthly quest team (who will be called event team for couple months now) that you don't have to wait for your entries to be rolled! You can still make more entries if you want~ Three first entries are guaranteed to drop atleast one rewards, so it's worth participating multiple times!

Last but not least, Kukuri of the Month is Samnaun 8216 who belongs to Crashfurs! Congratulations for the win~ Next Kukuri of the Month can be voted again!


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But if you want to get your very own kukuri you can get a geno or import from the Adoption Center or brows the sales journals in our advertisment foulder found in the gallery. You can also get breeding slots from there or the currently running devine shop to breed your first kukuri. Just read up the rules on breeding so you are familiar with the requirements. :heart:

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Would you be able to elaborate what you mean by add markings? The Scroll of Rebirth enables you to completely redesign a Kukuri (So long as it does not have it's Breeding Rites), adhering to the genetics that it has, or the alteration scroll allows you to clean up markings, and alter a few things, to make the design more 'yours' if you're buying an import! ^^ 
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I'm mostly asking if its possible to add a marking to an already uploaded geno, then
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ShadowMagpie Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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The only times you can really choose the markings, would be if you were able to get a semi custom from the Divine Shop when it opens! They will either be for flash sale or auction, but they do have limits aswell :3
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