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Countdown to Carnival of Life week 4

Sunday, October 27th @ 12:00pm

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Sun Oct 13, 2019, 11:09 AM by Unikeko:iconunikeko:


                New fighter joins the Carnival of Life! + bunch of reminders, including update to miniature import and price sheet

Carnival of Life 2019 medal by momma-kuku

Let's get these news started with the elephant in the room! Or rather... prairie in the room. Carnival of Life had received a brand new fighter that joins the fight! Why? For the glory of Life, of course! He is Cerberus, long lost guardian of the Coliseum and he is not happy to see weakness within his walls! He will be available in the both NPC and collabs fights, as you can either face him alone, or with your collab partner! Remember, your kukuri's or kukuris total skill point value must be 10 or more to challenge this beast! To win this prairie, you must really be in shape!

Everyone participating to the Carnival of Life 2019 will receive a badge to their kukuri's import!

Then some minor news, important reminders!

~ When making trainings for your kukuris, the handler should have always the form with thumbs! You can use that shapeshifter's other form in traveling activity, but in trainings we have to see those lovely thumbs.
~ We did a goof and put the event bonus to be +2 FP, but it is actually +3 FP! So enjoy that little extra boost! We are terribly sorry for the mistake!
~ When your kukuri needs a bulk upload, please leave it completely for the admins! It is much easier for the FP counters if you're planning to move a large amount of FP from one tracker to the next. Always give us a warning if your kukuri has large gap between last count, since we would appreciate time to get ready for long counting progress! Thank you!
~ Common miniature import has been update with new horns/ears/mane ruffle! Go look at that tiny little horse!
~ And last but not least, the price sheet has been updated for this day! Some items have been removed and can't be sold for now, but this will be adjusted in the later date.

I hope this was the payoff you were looking for the event! CoL is never gonna be without its surprises and we'll be eager to see many entries challenging our new boy! Stay frosty!



Carnival of Life event starts! + Emote contest winners and kukuri of the month!

Welcome one, welcome all! It's time to drop the CoL bomb and start Carnival of Life 2019! Get your horns ready and smell that air, because it's time to fight in the name of Life! What this event holds in, we don't know yet! You have to fight to find out!

This was long overdue, but the Discord server's emote contest finally ended and we picked up the winners! Congratulations VQnava, Tarkfir, Ventuaer, Hiirisydan and yellowtail11! Thank you for all to participating~ New emote icons are already usable!

Little reminder from our monthly quest team (who will be called event team for couple months now) that you don't have to wait for your entries to be rolled! You can still make more entries if you want~ Three first entries are guaranteed to drop atleast one rewards, so it's worth participating multiple times!

Last but not least, Kukuri of the Month is Samnaun 8216 who belongs to Crashfurs! Congratulations for the win~ Next Kukuri of the Month can be voted again!


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it seems that i have misplaced my kukuri and i rememberr getting one, how would i go about trying to figure out where it is?
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Conickity Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
when you got this kukuri was it on your current account : ? most of the common kukuri finding trick is to plop in ‘kukuri’ and your username into google and hope it comes up!
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yes it was on this acc.
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How do I join?
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There was a problem with dA for a moment, making it possible for people to join the admin team without any problems and it resulted some groups being vandalized. Member requests are closed for unknown time, but you can still play the game even if you're not member ´v`/ We don't require it!
D-Arrall Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2019  Student Digital Artist
ah understood
I'm looking for a kukuri, where can I put my journal so someone can see it?
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You can submit a journal looking for kukuri into advertisement folder ´v`/
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