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Thu Jun 30, 2016, 10:37 AM by Unikeko:iconunikeko:


News and Announcements

Fri Jul 13, 2018, 3:04 PM by Unikeko:iconunikeko:

The Great Design Central Overhaul Is Coming, Don't do too huge fp sheets(spare our FP counters), Track your slots, Kuku discord has emotes!
We are finally able to continue with the design guide updates. And we've decided to go big or go none! While this is little ironic to announce closure of design approval again right after announcing it's opening, this update is really needed to make the guides more clear for all of us to use. We will be adding - for example - range images for all ruffle/tail types!
    Shortly: The Great Design Central Overhaul will start 27.7, with closure of Design approval at 9 PM GMT. This means, you have two weeks to post your designs to approval! Design approval will stay closed as long as it takes for us to go through all guides and possibly create new journals etc.
    Design corrections will stay open for week after Design approval closing. Design corrections are closing on 3.8, 9 PM GMT. If you do not post your design to corrections before design corrections closing, possible new marking rules will apply on your design after overhaul has been finished.
We are excited to finally be able to move with this update, and I'm pretty sure many of you will appreciate full overhaul on that piebald gene!
    If you have something in mind regarding the unwritten rules, it's starting to be last chances to let us know about them! Head to the poll to drop your comment!

Keep good track of your kukuris used slots! As of late, there's been many overbreedings happening, hurting the overbred kukuri. Remember to check from status updates page for how many slots your kukuri has on each rank. 
    Another reminder; overselling slots to your kukuri is against the group rules. You are not allowed to write slots to kukuri that doesn't have them. For example, writing to permission "Do not use this slot before the kukuri reaches x rank" is rule that we will not honor when rolling results to breedings. When slot is written, it should be usable the same moment you've hit submit button.
On side note, we will be discussing overbreeding penalties with the team and there will be update regarding them in close future.

Collaboration bonus applies to literature! This was applied with the personal bonus, but because of some kind of brainfart, it was not added to the Fate Points and Skill Points journal. But it is there now!

To ease workload on our FP team; When doing FP sheets, please avoid making them too huge. Too huge FP amounts (from 60 FP ++) are harder to count.

On not so serious matter; we have added some emotes to official Kukuri group chat! (Discord)! While it's still few, there will definitely be more in future! Come check them out if you haven't already!

Design approval open, New minimal art selling rules, Reminders, Miniature examples on marking guides, Design approval admin spot open, Monthly quest clarification
There's many updates and reminders today and it's a lot to read, but we can do this together /o/ There are some important changes and reminders included.

Design approval is now open! Remember the 1 design per 24 hours rule when posting!

Genes and mutations now has both common and prairie miniature range example images on all marking guides + minimal white/black! Big thanks to Peurankasvo Jalohauki and Crashfurs for working on these! We will slowly continue with the marking guide polishing also! We've read the suggestions from poll and listed what is needed to be done. 
    When designing and looking for inspiration to designs: You may not trace any designs of an another Kukuri. Kukuris have a wide range of markings, and we courage people to strive for uniqueness. While you are allowed to get inspirated by other designs, even by few parts of them, the whole design should still be unique and not look exactly like some other design.

We have updated minimal art selling price rule of the group! In general, it's good to remind ourselves of the Group Rules / Terms of Service, if it's long time from last reading. 
    At minimum an activity roll can be sold at 5$, if more kukuri of the same owner are included, every additional kukuri is +2,50$. For three kukus, that would mean full image is 10$.
    General minimum price for art sold is 5$, but for pure FP and sheets with re-used bases, the minimum price for each FP is 0,50$. Meaning 1 FP = 0,50$, 10 FP = 5$, 25 FP = 12,50$ and so on.
These rules apply on both group advertisement folders and discord advertisement channels. 

General reminder of linking kukuris in the submission descriptions!     
    From now on in Training, linking all the kukuris in description of training images/literatures is must.
 If this has not been done, your request might get declined and forwarded to the Training corrections. This rule is set for the fact, that it makes the working on both FP counts and Training completion harder if they have to guess are the kukuris real or not, do they get the other kuku, guardian and parent bonuses or not.

Breeding: Enamored rules got little polishing. We added part which explains the minimum requirement for background to pass, which is 3 bigger elements at minimum. However, more the elements, bigger chance of passing!

We are still accepting applications to the Design approval admin position! The admin team (and applications)While you're at it, do check the awesome admin pile image that was added on the page! This image was made by Crashfurs.

Lastly, we've adjusted the Monthly Quest a little: You can now draw Puuhka familiars helping, or guarding your possessions against the stealing birds! This is not must however, but if it tickles your fancy, go wild!
    We also forgot to mention last time, that July monthly prompt was suggested by TwoTassel, meaning that July had two winners from the suggestion contest! Congrats!


New monthly quest, Read before you post breedings - breedings are open, new journals
So the June has passed and we turn our gazes on July. July offers us new monthly quest, with new familiar named Puuhka! Some nasty birds are rampaging around the land of Kukuri, stealing the shinies....... 

Monthly Quest has changed! Congratulations to EscapingValhalla, who is the winner of this month from the familiar/item suggestion contest! Head to the journal to read more about this months quest!

Breeding is now open again! However, please continue reading before you hop in to the journal and new breedings.

    - Post a breeding request and Post a breeding slot permission both have new journals now
! They were getting too close to 10k comments and thread breaking, that we decided to move to new journals! Update your links guys!

    - When posting breedings, please read carefully the Familiars/Traits: part! You don't need to write mutations, markings, skill points or ranks thereas they are not traits. Only literal breeding familiars(Puhva, Chio, Enmi) and traits(Knowledge of the Wild, Hunter of the Wild, Friend of all Floral, Archaeologist Extraordinaire and Discovery Expert) are listed there.

    - Do not use thumbs when linking enamoreds or kukuris! Thumbs slow our work down.

    - Do not use icons when tagging people to breedings! Usage of @ tag is suggested. Icon tags slow our work down.

    - If you're doing split breeding with other member, remember to confirm the split/item usage with reply to the breeding or if you own one kukuri in the breeding, write to the permission that it's split with you.

That's all this time!


Skype closed,  New admins, Training prompt clarifying, Orthrus/Blind/Deaf/Eyeless clarified, Adoption center open, Breeding and Monthly quest closing soon!
EDITStatus updates are now open! Remember the 1 tracker/24h -rule when posting, otherwise, have fun!

Hello! Many little updates and fixes has been done with this update. Take your time carefully reading through them! We are gonna update/clarify the minimal art selling rule in close future, but it unfortunately didn't get in time for this. However, let's hop in to the updates!

Adoption Center is now fully open! If you were saving some genos to donate in adoption center, now is the time to go wild!

We have now not one, but two new FP countersWarm welcome to AkinaTakesora and SomeSunnyBunny to the team! Please be kind to them as they learn the secrets and mysteries of FP counting! Hopefully with our new hands and few role adjustments inside admin team, the FP counting backlog has bright future ahead!
        We are still looking for Design approval admin thought! 

Official Kukuri Skype chat has been closed! Discord has became a lot more popular chatting platform, and as the Skype barely had admin monitoring, it got run over bots and...... yes. If you still wish to keep chatting with fellow kuku peeps, join us in Discord! Kukuri group chat! (Discord)

Training - Wild Basic Trust Training, Prompt VIII - What it Takes to Survive has been clarified that the background needs to be city or rural area.

Mutation - OrthrusMutation - Blind / Deaf and Mutation - Eyeless had some clarifications added to their pages! You can read more from their pages, but shortly explained:
    - Orthrus + Eyeless = You can add the eyeless mutation to only one head if you wish. However eyeless minuses     still apply.
    - Orthrus + Blind/Deaf = You can mix'n'match the Blind/Deaf on the heads, as long as both heads have                 mutation.
    - Eyeless + Blind/Deaf = You have to choose Deaf with Eyeless, as there are no eyes to blind.

Friendly reminder of some threads closing on 29th of June, 6PM GMT.
    - Breeding. Breeding will be closed for June and will re-open once current queue is cleared, but earliest on 1st     of July.
    - Monthly Quest! June Monthly quest will be closed as we prepare for July monthly quest! Now is the time to        post your monthly entries if you wish to obtain Celestial rock! Catch them before they're gone!

I'm feeling I've forgotten something. Past days have been so warm, so it's good to remember importance of staying hydrated! Drink that water guys! Or lemonade, who am I to judge?

I hope you all are doing fine, stay awesome folks! :heart:


Design approval is closed
Design approval is now closed! It will be reopened once current queue has been cleared. Thank you all for understanding! Design corrections are open normally.


Small info clarifications, please send help, design approval closing, drink water
Item guides got little info clarification on mirroring identical items. Mirroring is allowed to do with one use of scroll, so if you have for example, small sock on left feet, you can add the sock on right feet with same cost. As long as you are adding them at the same time!

Dun can't create rings on tail or other limbs. This rule now reads on the page too!

We need help! If you have been itching to help with FP counting or Design approving, please head to The admin team (and applications) and see how you can apply!

Design approval will be closed for catch up this Wednesday, 7PM GTMDesign corrections will stay open normally. Approvals will be re-opened once queue has been cleared! Now is your time to drop your fluffy kangaroo-muppet raptors in the approvals!

I hope you all are doing fine - remember to drink lots of water on hot days to avoid that nasty dehydration!


Breeding is open!
Breeding is open again! Sorry for the long wait guys!


Admins fiddling around group here and there and more about the monthly quest!
Monthly Quest has been slightly misinformed event, so we are hugely sorry for all the questions you had to ask! Now they all are hopefully answered! All prompts have been clarified if they need another kukuri or not, and FP bonus of +2 still exists! We are looking forward to see even more colorful and whimsy entries you have created!

Adoption Center received a good ol' update! Now those who wish to part with their adopted, already imported kukuri, can drop them into adoption center even if it would be closed from donations! This act doesn't yield any money, since it's meant for people leaving kukuris and wishing to donate the import back.

Hmm, I have a feeling I'm forgetting something... Oh yeah! The most important reminder of all!
Please try to be kind towards our admins! There's been couple situations lately and we'd like to remind that all mods are people too! Even if you are frustrated, everything can always be solved through neutral actions, there's no need to discharge the ball of bad feeling on admins. We all are hired here voluntarily to keep the game running and would appreciate if the members would allow us a breather or too when mistakes happen~

It's getting hotter! Remember to water plants and keep water bowls for animals full too, while taking a sip of cold water yourself ~



Monthly Quest is back!
We all have been waiting for it; the summertime and the month of pride! Monthly Quest has returned and with a great help of our admin squad we have baked some prideful prompts for you to celebrate during these hot sunny days! All monthly entries have a chance to drop etherical rocks and a new, more powerful, celestial rocks as rewards! Go spread the love ~

To make the workload somewhat smaller, we have decided to keep Breeding closed for unknown time, and it'll be opened once the queue has been tackled! So please be patient with us ~

Enjoy the ice cream you have bought and remember to be patient with yourself too! Happy pride time everyone!



Reminder for loot baskets, breeding will be closed, FP countings will be closed
Ho boy, it's been long work to get all Festival of Death 2018 baskets rolled! Remember to claim your basket before they're out of reach!

As the month is soon changing, we'll go through familiar routine by closing the Breeding today! Post your breedings now if you don't want to miss your usage of breeding slots!

And to help our fellow FP admins, we have decided to close down FP countings as well. Status updates a ka skill point applies will remain open, and you have time until tomorrow to post your trackers into the thread before we close it. The countings will be opened once again the queue has been defeated!

Summer is coming fast and the sun is burning down, so remember to drink water and sit in shade while being outside ~


New potions, New item in Shop, Trait removal possible
7 brand new potion crafts have arrived to CraftingWe've been working on the new potion crafts with the team for some time now, and we're excited to finally publish them! New potions are Timeshift Syrup, Supper Swapper Potion, Potion of Lesser Negation, Potion of Greater Negation, Fur B Gone, Dominance Potion and Breed Booster Potion! Head to the journal to read more of them! Have fun crafting!

With new potions, new item has been added to The Shop - Salt! Salt is used in crafting some of the newest potions.

You can now remove Traits with Divitation potion! However the trait will be destroyed in the progress and it won't be moved in your bank account. This text has been added to the traits page!

-jrusti and Unikeko

Lootbasket claims are open, new admin
Lootbasket claims have opened for Festival of Death! Please read carefully the comment before replying for claims!

We have new Adoption center admin! Welcome Miruae to the team! With this, admin applications are closed again.


Festival of Death end, Activity letters arrived, Familiars page, Looking for Adoption center admin
Festival of Death has ended! Head to the journal to see final conclusion! Loot basket claims will start once all entries have been rolled, and there will be announcement about it later. 

We have new side quests in game - Activity letters! These handy little letters will start dropping activities from this moment onward. Finishing Activity letter prompt will give +2 FP bonus to kukuris included in. You can read more of these Activity letters here - go take a peek on what each letter may include as loot!

All familiars are now gathered in one handy page! You can easily check their bonuses and where they can acquired from. Read more here!

Interested in helping the group roll smoothly? We are now looking for second Adoption center admin! More info on The admin team (and applications) page.

5 weeks flew past so quickly! There won't be monthly quest this month, so we all can take it easy after event and relax. Monthly quest returns in June, and we have something really nice planned for it!


Festival of Death week 5, Bluejay feather confusion clearing
Fod week 5 has started! And that starts our last week!

There's been confusion of Bluejay feather and what it counts forTrust me, we both have been equally confused. But here's the deal: Bluejay feather counts as normal/common size feather in crafts. It is also used as special feather in some crafts, so you can't use other normal feathers when bluejay feather is asked in the craft.

Have fun with the last week of FoD!


Festival of Death week 4, Help us to make life of FP counters easier, New admins!
Fod week 4 has started! And the familiars have been published!
    There have been confusion of drawing/writing more than one entry to FoD weeks. You can draw more than one, if you want to get that FP boost. But only one image is posted in comment thread each week, because you can claim only one feather per week. So if you draw more than one, posting them to group is enough!

Reminder: Please link the kukuris in submissions/descriptions when you post art of your kukuris! This makes counting and import checking easier to our FP counters, when they don't have to search for the kukuris.

Admin applications have been closed! Welcome in Dexteri to Activity rolling team, and RoutArt to Quest rolling! Please be kind to them while they learn the secrets of rolling and handling things around group ovob


Release to wild published, some clarifying on miniatures hunting
Release to Wild has arrived! You can now release unwanted genos there, instead of dropping them to Adoption center. The influx of genos has grown bigger on Adoption center, so we decided to bring this option to the game! Feel free to move some older not yet accepted donations from Adoption center to Release to wild if you wish to! Just remember to hide the donating comment from other thread.
    Reward for each released geno is 300 Cr, no matter the genetics. This is so to make the releasing easy and quick to handle for both sides. 

Miniature solo hunting minuses have been clarified better. These are not new add-ons, they've always applied in hunting, but now they are written more clearly to Hunting and Mutation - Miniature pages!

Small update in middle of week! I'll see you guys on Sunday when FoD week 4 starts :3c


Festival of Death week 3, Loot boxes revealed, Reminder, Fix on traits page, Admin hiatus
Festival of Death 2018 week 3 has started! Timer has been updated for the new week.
    Loot boxes and what they can have inside have also been revealed! Familiars are still hidden, but they will be revealed as the story continues.....

There was some confusion on Status updates and Design approval of what 1/DAY meant. This has been now reworded as YOU MAY ONLY POST 1 PER DAY/24H. Hopefully this clears the confusion!

Traits page had tad cleaning and rewording, regarding Knowledge of the Wild and FoD acquired traits.

Our Design central main, GryAdventures is going on hiatus. Big thank you for your work so far! They will not be doing approvals while being on hiatus. Fear no however, Peura, Shadow and Zada will take good care of Design central!


Design approval is open
Design approval is now open!

Just this small update this time, but I'm sure some have waited for this!

EDITStatus updates are now open too!


Festival of Death week 2, Adoption center geno donations closing
Festival of Death 2018 week 2 has started! Countdown timer will be updated on upcoming days.

Adoption Center geno donations will be closing for catch up tomorrow, 7PM UTC. Thread will be re-opened once queue has been cleaned. We also have something in works for the huge geno influx there.


Festival of Death, Breeding open, Looking for admins, Another training update
Festival of Death 2018 has arrived! With FoD taking place next 5 weeks, there will be no monthly quest on April or May 2018. For each week, there will be counter placed on top of our group page, where you can check how many hours you have left for finishing your entry!

Traits have now their own fancy page, explaining their bonuses and inheritances.

Breeding is open!

Training - Basic Trust Training - We noticed mistake in few BTT prompts, allowing usage of parent, while tame training is meant for handlers only. These prompts have been fixed, we apologize for the inconvenience the mistake might've brought.

There's few admin positions still open on The admin team (and applications)

Archived old news - Link there can be found at the bottom of journal.


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is there a limit of slots after the 40 slots? or no?
Miruae Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2018
No limit! After the first 40 at 1000FP, you earn an extra 5 slots per 100FP.

So, at 1100FP, you'd have 45. :D
Dorosaury Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2018
is there a miniature prairie kukuri base? 
Jalohauki Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2018
Please try to ask questions at Questions and answers to get answers more quickly.
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when will this group open again? If there is any info on it's next opening can you show me?
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This group is open and fully functional ´v`/ You are free to join any time you want!
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Jalohauki Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2018
The best way add to the design is Paint, that can be crafted ´v`/ Actual genes can't be added on imports or genos.
1-800-CONTACTS Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
May I ask how you receive/craft paint? I’m new to Kukuri’s!
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