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Countdown to Carnival of Life - Week 4

Sunday, October 28th @ 12:00pm

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Thu Jun 30, 2016, 10:37 AM by Unikeko:iconunikeko:

News and Announcements

Sun Oct 21, 2018, 11:34 AM by Unikeko:iconunikeko:

Contamination is spreading and little rule clarification
Carnival of Life is going forward and week 4 has started! Hold onto your kukuris, since the fighters are now more likely to spread the contamination, which is stronger than before! Be careful if you don't want to get your kukuri get a nasty shroom flu, but if you are looking just that, you know what to do! *kicks kukuris into the arena*

And just to be safe, we've added new rule to the event. Some of the entries have depicted kukuris having more playful fight than others. Remember, Carnival of Life is about sparring against your dear friend-enemies and even if it can be quite fun sometimes, it must be a fight! So leave silly playfights to lore pictures and let's make kukuris fight with one another real time! If you have entry with playfight, don't worry, those will count as long as they're posted before this newsflash!

It's getting slippery out there, for both walking people and drivers. Keep safe and drive slowly!

Coliseum of Life has been contaminated, and new admins have been cont- chosen
Week 3 of Carnival of Life has begun... but something is wrong, terribly wrong. When all seemed nice and fun, the fighters of the coliseum have been caught with the Contamination.

This puts following changes to the coliseum:
- Contamination is now attainable from the fighters
- All PVE pictures must show the contaminated fighters (sorry those who did them in advance!)
- You are able to heal the contamination via picture during the event
- You may continue PVP till 28th of October as promised, and you may continue fighting against the contamination till 15th of November. These entries count for the reward amounts.
- The questionmarked rewards have been revealed!

On top of that, we have new admins (who are fine, for now)! TentiSlime joins as an activity jack, so you'll see them helping with all the activities, and Eraili and MaraMastrullo have joined as design approvers once the central opens! Please be understanding with them as they adjust to their positions and welcome them warmly in the team <3

Enjoy your shroomy october! Remember to use reflector when going out in the dark (it's very dark in Finland)!

CoL rule addition regarding magic and literature
Hello sweetie pies and long time no see! I'm back to ruin your childhood dreams and lay down some rules that we found are necessary.

Your Kukuri may not use magical powers in any of the official events, including this CoL. You CAN portray your Kukuri using such magical oddities in your own personal pieces for FP and even for activities, monthlies and such, but as Kukuris do not by lore have magic, it can't be recognized in the official events.

However, since this rule was not written down, entries on the last week that have Kukuris showing magic will still be accepted, but this week they will be denied.

We have also clarified that the literature involving CoL should have at least around 50% of the required word amount concentrated on the fight.

Thank you for understanding and hope you're enjoying CoL and sparring against each other! The entries so far have been magnificent enough that even Life would stop being a grumpy butt for once and we're excited to see what you'll bring us next week <3

Carnival of Life, Remember your miniatures, Kukuri of the Month, Past monthly quest Bgs gone from shop
Carnival of Life 2018
The unpredictable storms this autumn had thrown onto people did not stop them from preparing for Carnival of Life. As the coliseum doors were opened, Kukuris were excited to test their skills against each other in controlled environment, and the handlers had fun betting against each others. Small stalls selling products every kind imaginable were littered around the coliseum, the usually quiet place teetering with life and laughter.
As usual, the God festivals brought Kukuris wild and tame together, and medical team was on the site prepared to break more blood thirsty fights and attend anyone who needed it. You could feel the tension and excitement on the air, and the excitable screams of cheering.
However, it was all broken in one simple night.
No-one knows how it happened, but suddenly the head fighters of the coliseum got infected with contamination, which some people could remember happening from 

Carnival of Life 2018 is here! Join us on the arena, prove yourself against mighty fighters and win awesome rewards! There are some updates on the rules this year, and how event is handled! Read the journal carefully through before continuing on event entries! Timer will return to group page soon to mark us the end of each week!
    We want to point out that Leasing kukuri for entries this year is not allowed! But if you do not own your own kukuri, you can use the group starters! 
While CoL is rolling, there will be no monthly quest. Let's have awesome Carnival of Life together guys! 

We have our second Kukuri of the Month! Congratulations to Milka 4720, owned by MaraMastrullo! Rewards for winning have been given out, thus starts the voting for Kukuri of the Month for November!

Is your miniature still without toes? It is still free to move miniatures to new import! Time is running short though, so I'd hurry! Head to this journal to read more!

Past monthly quest BGs have now left the Shop!

HERE WE GO! October is upon us and winter is coming! Stay warm!


SURPRISE ATTACK from your fellow reminder admin!
That's right, I only stopped by to give you something to do while waiting our big things to update! Design overhaul is going great, we are about halfway done with all of the guides and such! The team is working with it as fast as they can, and we aim to open design approvals sometime in October!

But while waiting, remember that Carnival of Life is approaching us all! So if your kukuris have unused skill points and you want them to be in top shape in arena, update them now to avoid queue during the event!

Kukuri of the Month voting is still going on! If you have an idea who you would want to see on the front page for next month, let us know~

While I'm on it, you have little less than a week time to post breedings of September, vote for kukuri of the month or take part for Monthly Quest to receive unique cat friend! All of them will be closed 29th at 6 PM GMT!

Last but definitely the most important! We are searching 1-2 design approval admins! Now is the chance to be part of this awesome (personal opinion, admin note) team and help us once the overhaul has been done! Quoting my fellow jrusti with this ''APPLY FOR DESIGN APPROVER ROLE WEE NEEED HELP''

Remember to stretch fingers and toes whenever drawing long periods of time, alright? I don't know how toes affect it, but it can't be bad for them either!



Starter raffle rolled!
Slot raffle for updated starter kukuris has been rolled! We received HUGE amount of members joining the raffle! Reading through all the messages has been wholesome journey, and we as team are thankful for the awesome community and members Kukuri has. You guys are awesome!

Winners have now been rolled, and can be seen here. Congratulations to everyone! We wanted to share the good feels, and of course encourage spreading some not much seen rarer genes - Wax, Laced, Magma, Eidos and Ripple - so we decided to roll 4 slots each for following Prairie startersAvril 2650Saltstream 2652Maor 2654 and Trona 2657! These extra slots and their winners are listed at the end of the list.


Your friendly neighbourhood reminder admin here!
It's been almost AN ETERNITY since we last time updated!

Our fellow admin team wants to remind you all that refraining from using thumbnails when posting anything to the group is highly recommended! Thumbnails will slow us down in all lines of work (activity rolls, FP countings, import updates, breedings etc) and makes the text and forms really hard to read for some of us! At some cases using thumbnails can even prevent you from getting what you want, since we can send you back at the end of the line! We hate to do it, so please make our life a little bit easier by using links. Thank you ~

On more positive note, there's still couple days time to vote for your favorite starter kukuri! Raffle ends at 14th of September at 6 PM GMT, so make sure to drop your opinion in there to take part to raffle! There's big surprise lurking there so you don't want to miss this!

It's flu season, so keep your toes warm (miniature kukuri toes too) and drink a lot of hot chocolate or tea, loves!~



Admin team is one short, miniatures found their toes and new rule regarding overbreeding!
I have some lovely news, but also some wistful news this time, loves!
Unfortunately Aoiameku has decided it is best to step down from her admin duties. We wish her best of luck to the future and thank her for everything she has done for the team so far <3

But what is this? TOES??

2018-07-26 1252 by Kuku-ri
It has been a long journey to find the missing toes of the miniatures, but now they have finally made it! We have new miniature import lines and you can use them right now! For a month it is allowed to change old miniature lines into new ones for free, before needing alteration scroll to do so~ Head in here to spawn some little toesies for your anklebiters!

We are forced to slam these reminder hammers down once again
- PLEASE link the kukuri imports and their owners into description of your artworks and literatures! We can't stress it enough how much easier life will be if this is done!
- Another reminder concerns a trend of using unapproved kukuri in training (or in any pictures) - do NOT do this, please! If training artwork contains unapproved kukuri (which basically is non-existent before uploading), the training will not pass for any kukuris in the picture. It is smol while to wait while your kukuri is approved and uploaded!

It was also concern how rebirthed kukuris will be used in training - now rebirthed kukuris will be marked as rebirthed, so their old art will pass as training for other kukuris (however, they still don't gain FP from any art portraiting old design and old art can't be used for them as training). You can get this text added into old rebirthed kukuris by finding the rebirthing comment and heading to import updates where admins will add it to awards wall!

Lastly but least, some rule add-ons!
- Overbreeding has been harsh for both kukuri's owner and the possible slot owner. Now when overbreeding happens, the person not owning the overbreeding kukuri is not being punished! They will keep their slot, monthly breeding slot and enamored used like no breeding has happened. However, if the owner of the overbreeding kukuri is the one doing the deed, they will loose everything like normal. The kukuri being overbred will loose slot regardless of the user. Please keep track of your slots so this wouldn't happen to your lovely noodles! This rule will be in use from now on and will not affect old breedings!
- There's been a couple unofficial reference imports floating around, hidden in trackers of kukuris. It is okay now to draw a reference sheet of your kukuri, but it can't portrait anything the kukuri does not have - like missing tail, a ruffle, markings etc. Please refrain from using official import however, to do modifications on your kukuri if you can't submit it to the import updates as soon as possible!

I hope that was everything. Don't you worry, we have plenty of exciting updates coming up while you wait design overhaul completing! Prepare your kukuri couples and kukuri fighters, something is coming from the horizon...



Kukuri of the Month open again, New monthly quest, BGs on shop for limited time
We have our first Kukuri of the Month! Voting ended in draw between two kukuris, so by the rules the final winner was rolled by RNG. Congratulations to Sabroso 083, owned by GryAdventures.
Voting for October has been opened!

New Monthly Quest has arrived! As we wave goodbye the the Ravine, we say hello to the adorable cats! Be careful however, they have sharp claws!

Being as quality as we are - we forgot to put The Alluring Den BG set to The Shop after the monthly ending. So for limited time, lasting whole September - BOTH Alluring Den and The Ravine Background sets are for sale at The Shop for 13,000 Cr each!

Slot raffle for updated starter kukuris is still going on! Hop in while you can! There's been awesome amount of members joining already, so we are planning to drop in some extra slots!

News journal was getting pretty long, so old news have now been archived! I will now proceed to step around the clean journal to make it dirty again.


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