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Last week of Festival of Death event, monthly updates, admin leaving
Here I am again, with the teeny update of what has happened in past week! Events are eventful times, I am bamboozled. Anyway, last week has started for Festival of Death 2021! You have still time to make your last entries, and earn FP and one more feather! After that we'll most likely have 1-2 week break to clean up, before you can claim any rewards. Remember to save the comment you posted into the journal! It's needed if you want some sweet, sweet loot at the end of the month!

Unfortunately I carry some sorrow news as well. Dark-Mare910 has decided to step down from their admin position for personal reasons. We wish you all the best and hopefully see you somewhere in the future! 

And last but not least, Breeding is open once more for May! Kukuri of the Month voting is also open, and May's new queen is none other than Lempi 12113, owned by hanttapuli. Congratulations!

Happy celebrations everyone! Keep your toes out from the cakes and leave some for Death as well.

~ Jalohauki


Festival of Death event week updated, and new admins have been picked!
Time flied by again so fast I almost tripped on it! Second to last week is open for the event, and all prompts have been revealed! Yay! It's been lovely to see kukuris making friends with shroomies this time, instead of beating them up like in every event before this!

And on positive note, we found new admins! Everyone welcome to the team our young FP stars HeidiHakalaArt and hanttapuli! They're starting training today, so please be nice to them while they're rolling numbers! 

Remember that BreedingMonthly Quest and Kukuri of the Month will close at 29th day so you still have time to take part!

Not that much this time! We are facing winter again here in Finland, even in end of April. I don't want to complain, but why Finland has to have four season in spring too?

~ Jalohauki


Festival of Death event week updated, beauty contest winners and open admin applications!
Once more one week rolls by, and new week starts! We clarified a little of the rules in the Festival of Death 2021 event, as all entries requiring shroomie to be visible needs a fullbody of the said creature! Only one is needed to count, you can add as many as you want on top of that.

Beauty Contest has been rolled! Noita was generous this time towards her fans and gave her kiss of blessing to Welldips, Dark-Mare910 and magicalcreatures700! Next theme fits perfectly the event, as it is Mushrooms!

After such a long time, we're needing help once again! We are looking for FP counter, and need your input in the matter if you like playing the game and enjoy numbers! Head to the The admin team (and applications) and read more! Remember that even if you have send in application earlier, please send it again if you want to apply as we register them during each open time!

Now I'll go lay down on the shower floor as weekend of socialization took all my energy out of me...

~ Jalohauki


Festival of Death event continues! Familiar FP update and event rule update
Heyoo everybody! I see people have enjoyed our little Festival of Death 2021 event so far! Prompt 3 has been released, and you can now take part to week 2. We'll apply one hour safeguard into weeks from this point on, for you all who left things on last minute (like I did, heh...). We also applied new rule to the event; lore entries can be posted on any week you want, but you can still only do one for each week! So if you're not ready with week 1 lore entry, no worry, you can post it still! Just remember to link it to right comment thread.

We also forgot to apply this to Fate Points and Skill Points back when we updated the rules; but familiar bonus stacks now! You can draw all five familiars of the kukuri, and get bonus for each one. But remember; drawing multiple same familiars stacks the bonus only if kukuri has that many same familiars applied!

Hey, and don't forget, you still have time to take part to Beauty Contest

That's it for now. Go catch some shroomies you rascals!

~ Jalohauki


Festival of Death event has begun! Admin team has been changing and Monthly BG set has been added to the shop
It is once again time for the event! The Festival of Death 2021 has begun! But oh no - everything is a mess! And there's black goo everywhere! And mushrooms! Oh... I think our old friends are back and they're not happy! You have to do something, quickly! Save everything you can before Shroomies will eat it all!
Festival of Death will last next 5 weeks, and each week a new weekly prompt is revealed! We decided to cut the amount of prompts this time for 5, so rewards have also been updated accordingly! You also are this year allowed to do one extra entry on top of your rewarded entry, in case you want to explore more lore and earn more FP!

Monthly Quest will take a two month break during the event. Kukuri of the Month voting has been opened once again and the lucky winner of April is Mandel 9480, owned by NoxxScales! Congratulations!

Admin team has been shifting a lot lately... Real life is a cruel mistress. Unfortunately our good banker Crashfurs and perfect adoption master TentiSlime had to leave the team because the life just gets busy. But they are every day welcome to return back and we hope all good things happening for them in the future!
However, we have some familiar faces too; caneqqy has returned to the team! Welcome back, love! They will be helping around in the event and after that in activity rolling so be nice to them!

Last Monthly Quest's reward BG set - Mirror Lake has been added to The Shop! It can be purchased for 10,000 Cr and it leaves on 1st of May so get it while you still can!

~ Jalohauki


Additions on status update rules, marking update, new bonding training prompts and Champions in Coliseum!
Yo! It's a little early for monthly update, so you know what that means! We're gonna talk about some new stuff! But first, let me get you through the usual stuff I usually write a news about.

First and foremost, BreedingMonthly Quest and Kukuri of the Month will close at 30th day of this month, so you have little over week time to take part! Monthly Quest reward will then be tossed into The Shop and will take a break when event starts on April. I've been hearing a set of small footsteps all around... Something might be causing havoc in the festival.

Most of you might've already seen it, but there's a new line in breeding that will state specifically who is your split partner! Just to make our admins' job easier. We've also added new rule into skill point applications, which will require you to post a proof of latest count when updating kukuris with ranks that have no clear name! This includes kukuris with 50, 600, 700, 800, 900 or arisen with over 1,100 FP!

As it's just changed, we have new winners for Beauty Contest! This month the lucky winners in Noita's eyes are vampyrowo, jWobblegong and spicytunadog! Congratulations you all! The new theme for next month is Wild West!

Candyland by vampyrowo True Cocoa Fashion by jWobblegong [Kukuri][Coliseum]Sweet As Candy!yr's maw and jaw tightened as he saw the concerned look upon his mate's face. "Do you really think that candy was an alright theme for me to participate in?" Freya was feeling a bit insecure, and it was obvious in her body language; the sway of her tail as she kept it behind her and the low stance of her usually massive height. It was unlike her to feel less confident, but there was something about the frilly and sugary decorations that made her feel more vulnerable... Usually, she spent all of her time trying to appear as menacing and confident as possible, so appearing "feminine" in some way, at least determined by societal norms, made her feel as though she was showing a side of herself rarely seen. "Why of course, Love," he responded in an attempt to console her. The large fluffy piebald hazel prairie flopped into his arms and he wrapped his short limbs around her fluff, holding her close against his chest. "You're sweeter than a thousand candies, I promise," he said, glancing down at her troubled expression. The rook gently touched the dove's cheek in such a way that it caused her eyes to finally pick up off the floor for a moment to glance up to his. "You really think so?" She said with a sad smile, a touch of brightness showing through her eyes but little else. "I know so. Those judges won't know what hit them," the mighty prairie rook responded, feeling slightly bad that this theme happened to be so unfortunate for her... But there was little that could be done about that now! They had already applied into the competition on a whim: Freyr had saw the flier for the 'most beautiful kukuri around'. He had ripped it off and read it shortly before showing it to Freya and boasting, "Well, darling, it seems like they're looking for you!" The hazel dove had blushed so much that the black on her cheeks appeared to turn into a soft pink, and then she'd taken the flier and read it herself. "If not just for me," she said, continuing her blush, "I bet that there will be a ton of really pretty kukuri there for us to meet too." Freyr heard that and gave a deep laugh. "You don't have to make any other excuse for entering, you know!" He boasted, "You'll surely win. But yes, I do think that would be another great reason to hang out around that crowd." The two were natural charmers, after all, and the chance to potentially meet or even hook up with a model seemed as thought it would've been a dream come true. Freyr licked his lips at the thought of it.But that scene disappeared behind him and left him in a dressing room comforting his mate as he worked to attach her costume and to assist her in getting ready for her performance on-stage. The outfit was a particularly flashy and large piece consisting of a few large props and pieces of clothing that were especially important to wear right. The gown was made of a pink gossamer with cotton candy-shaped puffs shaping the bottom of the dress, and pieces of candies and sprinkles were scattered throughout; a lollipop ended up on her flank, a piece of hard candy within the cotton candy mass, and taffies and sour sprinkles throughout. Overtop of it she wore a bust that appeared to be made entirely out of a giant gorgeous rainbow swirl lollipop, one so big that the two massive pieces came up in a collar around the back of her neck, giving her height and prestige. The difficulty, however, with working with candy was that they were such delicate pieces; Freya deliberately held as still as possible and Freyr had to be exceptionally gentle with his large paws and hulking mass to not accidentally crack or break any of the large pieces of the gown. He was able to sigh and sit back only when he'd gotten everything onto her, and double-checked to make sure that it was all being worn properly.Freya grabbed the brush at the makeup stand and went ahead applying pink powder to her face in such a way that almost made it appear that she was skilled in this fashion. "You've worn make-up before?" Her mate commented, surprised. "Hmph," she said simply, giving no more indication than that to answer his question. A male didn't need to know everything about a lady's secrets! The two of them were both hushed by the sound of a loud curtain call from the other room. "Everyone, get ready! The show is about to start!" Freya's eyes went wide and she frantically went to brushing on her last bits of makeup. Freyr grabbed the large container of sparkles and poured the final touch over the double-fluff prairie's outfit. "Go on out there and knock 'em dead," the male prairie said with a grin. Freya responded with a cruel smile that had a touch of sadism within it. "I will," she said as she took her finger and ran it up under his chin. Another call ushered her away quickly out of the dressing room door. Freyr took a big gulp. Although he might not have been as nervous as she was, he certainly still had some butterflies in his stomach butt.

On more serious note, dA has started to delete comments, replies and mentions that are two years old! And from your own inbox! So please, save all your important proofs, replies and breedings somewhere outside dA or into stash so you won't have to look for them later. It's a pain to endless scroll something from 2017... I would know that.

Then the additions! That's right, we have updates! Bigger updates!

~ We have released two new Kukuri bonding training prompts! Go check them out if they fit on your lovebirds!
Haze marking has been updated! When haze is dominant, it allows normal saturated markings to be presented in the kukuri!
The Battle Stadium has been very popular and two kukuris have finally reached the elusive Champion rank... or should I say three? Behr 7671 and Toba and Rainier 9458 are the first ones to defeat the arena champion Cerberus and have ascended into the winner circle! It was a long journey, but they are now proudly presented in the hall of fame! The kukuri's owners will receive a breeding slot for Cerberus 9318 during rank up and a right to use the special Coliseum armor!

That is all for now, folks! Keep eye on the festival area, I would hate it if something would ruin it this year. But where are those footsteps coming again..?

~ Jalohauki


Monthly update; Beauty Contest winners, Kukuri of the Month and a new Monthly Quest
Ahhh, springtime. It's upon us, I can tell you! In Finland we finally actually see the sun, so it must be spring, right? Anyway, with new month comes new exciting things! This is your monthly update as usually~

The wedding Beauty Contest has been judged, and this time Noita was very happy with these three ones! The lucky winners are Culexx, magicalcreatures700 and Dark-Mare910! Congratulations for surviving Noita's gaz-- I mean, judgm---
The new prompt is also a sweet one, Candy!

Kukuri of the Month was also voted, and it's been exciting to observe this kukuri's journey. The one, or rather two, carrying the crown this month are Toba and Rainier 9458, owned by FallingFireX! Such a pleasant view to see infertiles getting so much love~

But you came here for Monthly Quest? I sure did! And the prompt is really close to my heart at least... This month your task is to deal with salt and a lot of it! You are able to get rewarded with a beautiful new background set, BG set - Mirror Lake! I wish you all luck!

That's about it! We'll be working behind the scenes to bring something fun to you, especially on next month... Stay safe and remember to stay hydrated!

~ Jalohauki


Cerberus slots are raffled!
Yo, what's up everyone! I've gathered some strength and am finishing the news I was supposed to finish last time. It wasn't all bad to you, since you got some more time to take part to Cerberus slot raffle! However, now his slots have been tucked away until the next Coliseum event and slots have been raffled. The lucky winners are Hbrenee, seepranne, vampyrowo, CocoOlsen and DubzPixelPaws! Congratulations, may the luck be on your side in breeding too!

Last time I didn't show our beautiful beauty contest winners, so now it's time! The lucky winners of nebula challenge were Lunmina, vampyrowo and Peurankasvo! Such a good entries! There's still couple days more time to take part to new beauty contest, Wedding!

Reminding everyone that our two little lovebirds Romeo and Juliet have slots open throughout the February! Purchase a Romeo or Juliet slot (FEB ONLY)

Last but not least, a reminder from out bank goblin that remember to use full names of items whenever adding them to form! We have so many items with similar names, and if we're unsure what you mean (fancy pottery vs blue fancy pottery for example), we will not proceed your request!

And that is all for now! Stay safe everyone, and use that hecking mask when moving outside!

~ Jalohauki


Monthly Quest changed, Romeo and Juliet slots are available to purchase and Cerberus soon is leaving!
Heyoo again everyone! I have returned from grand adventure from the southern Finland and am ready to put up monthly update! Sorry that we're little bit late, we had some turbulence on the way back.

Like usually, BreedingKukuri of the Month voting and Monthly Quest are open for February! This time the winner of the voting was Anaakeki Tobutsu 9013, owned by Ebonmere! Such a good lad! Unfortunately Ebon had to leave the admin team due to real life pushing more responsibility on their way, but we will hopefully welcome them back sometime in the future! Thank you for all the hard work you did, Ebon! <3

It's time for the month of love! Monthly Quest will this time feature three different prompts where to choose your adventure, and each entry has a chance to get you previous breeding familiars! It's been a while since Enmi and Chio has been seen like this, but you can also end up with common egg! I wonder how many will remember the time when this reward combo was available last time...

Speaking of love, our two little lovebirds Romeo and Juliet are back! Their slots are once again available to purchase, Romeo being most handsome iridescent azure out there with exclusive Hearts marking, and Juliet, the sweet adorable dove with inheritable chimera mutation! Purchase a Romeo or Juliet slot (FEB ONLY)

You still have day or two time to claim Cerberus slots or take part to the raffle! It will be rolled soon, so if you haven't linked your entry in, now is the last time!

That is all for now folks! I need some rest, but will return soon enough! You won't get rid of me this easily!

~ Jalohauki


Special Cerberus slot raffle and sale!
I knew something was forgotten. I return to you this quickly with news because we've opened a special sale of starter slots and raffle! This big boi Cerberus 9318 was unfortunately forgotten completely from the Divine shop! We decided to compensate this by making completely own sale for him, and you can also win his slot by taking part to a raffle! All you need to do is to present us a kukuri-ARPG artwork or literature you've done on the year 2021! Steer yourself to this journal to check this special event out!

And a reminder about December monthly quest; you still have time to turn your presents into backgrounds and familiars if you so want! Be warned however; presents that are not redeemed before end of the January are useless! They can't be used next year! So turn that one pesky present into background so you get something from your hard work!

That's it! I hope you all have been staying safe and there is not too much holiday chocolates left laying around. I inhaled mine too soon anyway.

~ Jalohauki


Opening and closing around the group! Happy New Year 2021!
It's time...

to say goodbye to sucky 2020 and start new year! Clean canvas for all of us, this is where everything can start again from emptiness! The year doesn't need to try much to be better than last one, but it sure could try.

And to the update! Like always in start of the month, we have things opening! Monthly Quest has a beautiful pre-made tattoos for your kukuri, Breeding has opened once again, and Kukuri of the Month has been voted! It was four-way tie, and the lucky winner was Iberis 3252, owned by Zazwaki! Congratulations, my marbled obsessed friend!

We have also things closing. Divine Shop 2020-Winter was open for a long time, but it's been now closed. We'll see the traveling merchant once again during summer! You also can't anymore claim rewards in Carnival of Life event! You can't claim free Varma familiars either, they'll return in a year with new color options!

And that is all for now! Short and sweet like my sleep usually is. We'll return with more exciting things, there's some neat things planned to be published this year for the game. Stay tuned!

~ Jalohauki

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