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Published: March 20, 2016

A lost sense can severely impact a Kuku's life, more so in the wild but also when tamed. While deaf Kukus usually have it easier, they have harder time communicating with their species and can get harmed by that. 

You can choose to pick either one or both of the impairments. However, only the one/s chosen are listed in the import info.

Blind or deaf Kukus require special training on top of normal BTT to be able to breed and take part in the events that require BTT, so that they learn to live with their lost sense better.
Blindness and Deafness Training - badge by momma-kuku
Blindness and Deafness Training - Badge

a blind Kuku's eyes can appear very light blue, shades of grey or red, and may lack a visible pupil. However you may also use the inherited color from the parents, but the pupil must be very light or the color slightly whitened.
The eyes of a blind kukuri cannot appear bright and saturated even when inherited from a parent, unless luminescent/iridescent is present on the kukuri itself.

Blind Eyes 1 by Kuku-ri
Blind Eyes 2 by Kuku-ri
Blinded or deafened Kukus start their life with randomized -1 stats in two of their skills. These -1 stats are chosen by the player.

Blind/Deaf and other mutations

With Eyeless mutation, Blind/Deaf mutated kukuri has to choose Deafness to their kukuri, as there are no eyes to blind.

With Orthrus mutation and Blind/Deaf mutation, you can opt to three different alternatives. 
- Both heads have same mutation
- One head has Blindness and the other one has Deafness
- Both heads have both mutations

Acquiring blindness or deafness

blindness and deafness can be acquired before and after Design approval!
Kukuri with acquired blindness/deafness requires same special training as kukuri that was born blind/deaf. Acquired mutations require -1 to two of their skill points the same way as naturally inherited blindness/deafness.


 Acquired blindness/deafness can be half blind/deaf (other eye/ear healthy, other one blind/deaf). However, if kukuri was born blind/deaf, then mutation affects both eyes/ears. 

If you wish to apply acquired blindness/deafness to your kukuri, mark it to the import info with following:
Mutations: BLIND (acquired)
Mutations: DEAF (acquired)
Listing the (acquired) part is important, because it shows in breeding rolling that the mutation is not inheritable.


Acquiring blindness or deafness after getting your kukuri approved and uploaded can happen in few different ways. 

Blindness can be acquired by using small scar (each eye needs its own small scar to become blind) or it can come as result from Eye-infection, that was not healed before continuing doing more activities after one week cool down period from becoming infected.

Deafness can be acquired for free by heading to Import Updates and requesting it. Other way is getting Ear-infection, that is not healed fast enough after continuing activities.

Examples for BLIND/DEAF in existing Kukus
Kenno 518 by Kuku-ri  Astral 6198 by Kuku-ri  Steampunk 5613 by Kuku-ri  Cookie and Crumble 5263 by Kuku-ri
Nari and Ori 5975 by Kuku-ri  Raato 4141 by Kuku-ri  Gemini 3870 by Kuku-ri  Vaivainen 3289 by Kuku-ri

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TheGalacticSaberStudent General Artist
Could you choose to have a both blind and deaf kukuri? 
GenevieveMeuniere's avatar
GenevieveMeuniereHobbyist General Artist
So, do I have to earn acquired Blindness or can I just add this on the import before the design gets approved?
And if can I chose what stats are affected?
If I want only one eye to be blind would I have to show the character from both sides?
Kuku-ri's avatar
You can acquire it before dropping it to approval. Mutation minuses will apply, and you have to add the -1 to two random stats yourself. When acquired, this mutation doesn't pass down in breeding, but the kukuri requires blind/deaf training in order to breed.
You don't have to have both sides showing, if you explain the colors on the import info.

If you have more questions, please head to our Questions and answers journal!
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xeebeeStudent Digital Artist
Is it possible to draw a scar over the acquired blind eye?
Kuku-ri's avatar
You can buy scar pack to your kuku once it reaches known rank, and add the scar to import then! But nothing stops you from drawing the scar in the art before being able to add it to import image.
Activity got scars however are different and are able to be added before reaching known rank.
Hiirisydan's avatar
HiirisydanHobbyist Writer
Could a blind kuku have eyes like the cat seen here?…
It keeps its natural eye colour but has incredibly large pupils as the eyes try their best to pick up light but cannot.
Kuku-ri's avatar
Sorry, but kukuri eyes sadly don't work that way ^^; they will have to appear greyed or blinded in some manner of form.
Hiirisydan's avatar
HiirisydanHobbyist Writer
That's alright! :D
starbossmonster's avatar
can you choose to have a kukuri be blind/deaf in only one eye/ear?
Sorry if this is the wrong place for this.
kuroya-ken's avatar
kuroya-kenProfessional General Artist
Yes you may :) It will be marked as 'acquired blindness/deafness' on the import sheet. But do keep in mind that the randomized -1 stats in two skill stats, and the higher chance to lose fights, will still apply to them.
starbossmonster's avatar
Oh, I was meaning more as in if I had a kukuri that was born blind/deaf rather than having acquired the disability ^^;
But thank you anyway!
kuroya-ken's avatar
kuroya-kenProfessional General Artist
Oh dear, I had interpreted it as though you wanted to add blindness/deafness to a kukuri who does not have that disability^^"

Deafness is not visible on the import sheet and thus does not matter if the kukuri is deaf in one ear or both. Blindness though, if only in one eye, would impact the way the import sheet looks when you design. In that case, the question would have to be passed to Unikeko for confirmation :'D
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