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Tue Feb 9, 2016, 10:32 PM



Iridescent is a rare gene that makes the coat of Kukuri shine, and may also saturate it. In it's non dominant form it can create an area of shine which does not have to follow the Kuku's base coat rules or can make as many markings shine in unnatural color (or natural, why not!).

 In it's dominant form it may affect the whole coat, in which case it does follow the Kuku's base coat.

iridescent can appear on the horns and ears even if the marking itself is not near them as long as it follows the marking rules!
Iridescent can't color anything that is stated to be "white," like Piebald of Snowflake. Likewise iridescent cannot color or go over inked.
Iridescent can't color the mouth, but it can saturate it. It can also saturate the eyes.

Iridescent does not affect the coat of a sphinx, however if the sphinx has a tail/ruffle mutation, the iridescent can affect those areas with the longer fur.

In case haze and iridescent appear on same geno, Iridescent always overrides hazed.

Marking border allowances (when creating own marking):
Soft edged smaller by Kuku-ri  Blended edge smaller by Kuku-ri  Textured edge smaller by Kuku-ri


Example 1: 
Iridescent only saturating markings

Iridescent doesn't always have to make things shine and glimmer, sometimes it can just colorize/saturate a marking without that extra glitter!
Example 2: 
Iridescent making a marking shine and glimmer, also colorizing it

Iridescent is somewhat the rebel of the markings - it can pass by marking requirements when it comes to color or shine, and affect a single marking in any way it wishes. While it can also color others, they have to follow the normal marking color rules (sans the saturation part)

Iridescent also overrides the "lighter" or "darker" requirements, but cannot affect anything where color requirement is "white."

When iridescent colors a marking, it cannot make a marking on it's own.

     Iri3 by Kuku-ri
Example 3: 
Recessive iridescent coloring multiple markings.

Recessive iridescent can affect as many markings as you wish while following the normal base coat rules - as in an crimson Kuku would have red, orange or yellow shaded markings when colored by iridescent - and only one of them can shine in unnatural color.

In this example iridescent creates unnatural color on Blanket, while following the general rules of Smoked on Raven (which can use any common base colors)

     Iri4 by Kuku-ri
  Iridescent allowed examples by Kuku-ri
Example 4: 
Iridescent can create it's own area of color

When used in this way, it is unaffected by most boundaries of color, HOWEVER:

✿ It cannot cover more than approx. 25% of the Kuku
✿ The color of the iridescent can be anything you desire - it does not have to follow the marking rules.
✿ Only gradient allows for multiple different colors to appear on iridescent! (more bellow)
✿ The area can have some shapes in it, but it cannot have "holes" in it. It cannot be spread around body in several points.
✿ The area must be soft edged, completely blended, or textured (no mottling).
✿ This cannot be combined with iridescent affecting markings, it's either this or that.

     Iri5 by Kuku-ri
Example 5: 
DOMINANT Iridescent can affect the whole body

When Iridescent affects the coat, it must follow the usual base color rules - meaning that a crimson Kuku will have only to be able to have common color iridescent as it's coat. However, with iridescent the coat can be as saturated as you want, and have shimmer and glimmer if you desire.

The markings will show as per normal, but you can still use the recessive iridescent properties; Making markings shimmer, or creating it's own unique area of glimmer.

Dominant iridescent can also use white, black and grey, and color up to two markings with the same unnatural color.

Gradient affecting iridescent allows even bigger color pool to be added!
Iridescent examples Gradient by Kuku-ri


        Irinoboth by Kuku-ri
Example 1: 
Iridescent can NOT affect markings that state that they are "white"

This means markings like Snowflake and Piebald. These markings will still be white when iridescent is present.

Iridescent cannot affect Inked.

        Iri NOO12 by Kuku-ri

Example 2: 
Iridescent can NOT create too radical shapes

When Iridescent creates its own area the shape shouldn't resemble too much of existing markings, and while it can have some shape in it it should be kept somewhat natural. Flowy, soft shapes are okay, but for example jagged edges, stripes or spirals won't pass.

        Iri NOO345 by Kuku-ri

Example 3: 
Iridescent sparkles

If you decide to make your iridescent glimmer and sparkle, it should be noted that the shiny spots shouldn't be too big, stripey or create shapes inside the marking. There can be few a bit bigger sparkle spots here and there, but they should never be mistaken for dalmatian spots.

        Iri NOO6 by Kuku-ri

Example 3: 
Iridescent can NOT glow

While iridescent can create shine and saturation, it still can't create glow effects like Luminescent does. It also can't make eyes or mouth glitter, but can saturate them.

        Iri NOO7 by Kuku-ri
Example 4: 
Iridescent can NOT have holes

Iridescent should always be a whole area, and while it can be stretched and have some shape it can not have any kind of holes in it.

        Iri NOO8 by Kuku-ri
Example 5: 
Iridescent can NOT spread to multiple areas

When creating its own area, iridescent must be a whole, connected area and it cannot be scattered to multiple areas on the kukuri.


Empty by Kuku-ri

When iridescent creates it's own marking on prairies, you can choose for it to affect all the primary and secondary feathers, regardless of their placement away from each other. The coloring of the iridescent across the feathers should still stay uniform. 
However, if chosen to be used this way, iridescent cannot appear anywhere else in the body.

When used this way, iridescent cannot affect covert feathers.


Basecolors and Markings   Candied Iridescent slide by momma-kuku



To give an idea how the marking looks, or maybe some inspiration!

Dung beetle
Crested Quetzal

Examples and ideas for IRIDESCENT in existing Kukus
(Remember that directly copying a marking idea is not recommended, but rather use them as inspiration):
Fusors 1007 by Kuku-ri  Betelgueze 1168 by Kuku-ri  Zjarri 844 by Kuku-ri  Nebula 833 by Kuku-ri Phasma 5156 by Kuku-ri  Nahjus 3356 by Kuku-ri  Skylla 5814 by Kuku-ri  Royale 5479 by Kuku-ri

Iridescent on sphynx does not show:
Tamia 586 by Kuku-ri

Hel 4074 by Kuku-ri  Toru 5379 by Kuku-ri 

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FireHeartSong Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Can Iridescent display itself as spots?
Kuku-ri Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018
Nope, it needs to be connected if its making marking on its own!
shadowangely Featured By Owner Edited Feb 1, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
can non-dominate iridescent slightly saturate the base coat like this Iri Mini? or does the base coat have to stay desaturated like this Desaturated Iri Mini ? breeding comment if it helps (…)

and can non-dominate iridescent saturate multiple markings as long as the colors are common base colors like in the linked designs above ?

I been reading reading the journal over and over but i don't know if i'm doing the design right because in the non-dominate iridecent examples i see two kukus with saturated orange base coats and they don't have dominate iridescent, and i don't see design examples of iridescent saturating multiple markings using the common base colors except kenno like it says it can either and i just don't want to wait a while in design approval then find out the entire design is wrong and i have to fix it then wait a while again ^^;
ScribbleWoof Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Can iridescent on back have more complex shapes?
also, can it shift from rater dark hue to really light one?
I have this example and i'm not sure if something like this is allowed: Vol2
GryAdventures Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Hello! sorry for taking long time on replying ~
  • The dark color has to be the same hue as the light one. currently, it would need Gradient for you to be able to make such radical change on color ~
  • The shapes are mostly fine but there are some pointers that are not fine. I am not very good at explaining what it is but the "tail" part of the iridescent you made is a bit too complex imo.
    image to click.
ScribbleWoof Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for the response c:
I'll make all the required changes
shadowangely Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
can dominate iridescent have  its own multiple areas with any color ? and or color multiple markings with any color ?
shadowangely Featured By Owner May 20, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
it says that Romeo as this gene as dominate but when you look at his genotype he doesnt o.0 is there any kukus that have it as a dominate gene ?
Kuku-ri Featured By Owner May 20, 2017
It was nerfed some time ago, and he was given an extra gene to compensate for it.

There are no dominant iri kukus at this point in time.
TheLegendaryPixie Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017  Professional General Artist
Hello, I just wanted to ask something: If it is possible, where on the face can the Iridescent actually appear? And if I have it on the arms/legs/tail, can it also go along the body kinda like a stripe??
GryAdventures Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
If iridescent is as its own marking, it cannot mimic other markings, so Stripes are out of question. It also has to appear as one solid marking like seen on these kukuris: 
Alvie 2052 On Tail.
Bugger 1908 On Back
Illusia 1833 On neck ( ears and horns are free area so iridescent can appear on those)
Sereth 1951 this kind of iridescent is fine. But if you have it like this, then it cannot go on arms. 
This means that you can't scatter it around the body. you can, however, cover the whole face of the kukuri with it.  

There are few Kukuris around with faulty iri but those were made before rules were changed.

If your kukuri has marking like siamese or smoke, then iridescent can affect those and go where they appear on.
Tequila Sunrise 1428 Siamese is affected
Mustajaa 1746 Siamese has affected as well.
TheLegendaryPixie Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017  Professional General Artist
Ahh ok! Though I was reffering to one long stripe from its hind to the shoulders ^^; but I still see now that that can't be done x'D
and thank you! I was wondering how and what the affect was on Mustajaa, cause that's a really nice effect *v*

GryAdventures Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Can you maybe make me image of what you mean and I can tell you if it is possible or not because I have a hard time visualizing that at the moment.
TheLegendaryPixie Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017  Professional General Artist
Kinda like this

Say if you have like, DOM Smoke or something, at can connect as a marking
GryAdventures Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
If you have iridescent affecting marking then it cannot, unfortunately, make it's own marking but I can say for sure that in future we will have a marking that allows kukuri to have a single stripe on body and Iridescent could affect that AND smoke if your kukuri happens to have that marking.

also you could make that stripe on your kukuri as its own marking with iridescent, but then  you would have to remove it from legs and arms and head o/ 
TheLegendaryPixie Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2017  Professional General Artist
Ahh ok! well thank you so much, this has helped quite a bit! :D and that sounds great! I can't wait for that to happen *v*
xeebee Featured By Owner Edited Mar 16, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Question about this- When looking at Romeo disco daddy you can see that he has both blue and purple iridescent, so i was wondering if you can have several colors to imitate the way it shows on animals, or only on one/only in dominant? (I think so, just want it clear)
tarynsgate Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
To my understanding you have the base iridescent colour, but you can show other colours to produce a "shine" of sorts. It's not restricted to dominant, even recessive Iri can do that, so you could get an effect like it shows on a real animal if you want.

Some examples of multi-coloured iri:

Betelgueze 1168 by Kuku-ri   Fulbright 596 by Kuku-ri   Illusia 1833 by Kuku-ri
xeebee Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Student Digital Artist
yeah, thought so. Thank you (:
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