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Extra areas (Hands, feet, feathers)

Thu Jun 1, 2017, 4:08 PM


aka things we couldn't think a better place for.


Save the import file as good quality JPEG or PNG and always on imports original size (2821×1766) to avoid unnecessary design denials! Bad quality, blurry pixels and small import size will make it hard for approval staff to go through your design, does not appear appealing and will get your design declined.

Quality No2 by Kuku-ri
Quality No by Kuku-ri


You are allowed to color the lineart as long as it still stays darker than the color under it. 

Lineart coloring yes by Kuku-ri Lineart coloring No by Kuku-ri

You may create a slight soft border around your Kukuri if you wish to make them pop out of the background. However, avoid using too bright colors or too thick borders as they can become distracting.

Borders yes by Kuku-ri Borders No by Kuku-ri


Hands and feet imitate the markings in the body similarly to horns and ears. They can either be the color of the marking next to them, or have their own color, as long as usual marking coloration rules apply.
Prairie feets and hands are counted as free area aswell even if they do not have their own separated layer


Empty by Kuku-ri

Feathers of the prairies work mostly like horns and ears with some strict restrictions!

Feathers can mimic marking colors with same rules as markings do.
Common coat marking colors for common coats and rare marking colors for rare coats with exception of Raven/Pearl prairies who can sport rare colors on feathers only if one of the parents or both were azure/jade. These marking colors wont inherit to the children of said raven or pearl. 

Black and white are allowed freely on feathers.
> Marking color rules
> Marking rules 

Feathers Right Filling by Kuku-ri
Feathers can have: 
> A soft gradient from the tips of the primary and secondary feathers.
> Fill whole feather area with same solid color
> Primaries and secondaries colored but leave the coverts uncolored. 

Feathers can't be two different colors, or have both lighter and darker color in the feathers without markings affecting them at the same time! Gradient cannot start from the stem!
The filling of the feathers has to be identical. Please do not mix and match different fillings on feathers without marking affecting them.
Feathers examples two colors faulty by Kuku-ri  Feathers Soft gradient faulty by Kuku-ri  Feathers primarysecondary faulty by Kuku-ri  Feathers examples Mixmatch faulty by Kuku-ri  Feathers Soft gradient faulty2 by Kuku-ri

However, not all feather areas have to have filling! Look at the example import bellow! You could, for example, make a gradient on the hind leg feathers and arm feathers, and leave others uncolored! 
Chocobo copy by Kuku-ri

You must color both the primaries and secondaries within a given section, you can't color one while leaving the other untouched!
Feathers examples Primariesuncolored faulty by Kuku-ri  Feathers primarysecondary correct by Kuku-ri

There are markings that cannot affect feathers at all, or markings that have very restricted color rules on them. markings override free filling on feathers!

For example prairie with crested cannot use crested colors on other feathers outside marking allowance area. Luminescent cannot affect feathers at all.

Markings like Socks and Tailwind have strict directional filling. Tailwind fills tail (and feathers on it from tail tip to butt. Socks fill the legs from ground up. Leaving feathers uncolored if the marking touches them is a fault and will count as a "hole".
Incorrect Sock Interaction by Kuku-ri

Markings like hood and blanket allow only for restricted amount of interaction. Even in dominant form they cannot fill feathers in full!

If marking appears on feathers it has to be same color as the rest of the marking!
Example give with sock!
Feathers examples Socks1 faulty4 by Kuku-ri  Feathers examples Socks1.2 by Kuku-ri


If your mutation creates extra parts on your Kukuri, they follow the same rules as hands and feet, aka they can be freely colored, mimicking the markings and colors of the body. The exception to this are Orthrus, Saber and Tusks.
Saber and Tusk both have their colors colored in already and should be left untouched, and orthrus's other head follows the same marking rules as the other head.

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xXCheshireSinXx Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
are feathers allowed to gradient from base color to light? Like this?
~~ Amira Design Entry

I was hoping to color her feathers her base color, and gradient it out to the color of her minimal what. But was not sure if this was allowed.
Kuku-ri Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2018
Heya! The link doesn't seem to work : (
xXCheshireSinXx Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry about that. This link works.
Kuku-ri Featured By Owner Edited Jan 12, 2018
Hey there! Sorry but we have to say no for gradient that starts from covert feather tips. We have edited the gradient rule a bit so that this hopefully wont cause so much misunderstandings anymore.

"✿ Can have a soft gradient from the tips of the primary and secondary feathers, fill whole feather area with same tone or only color primaries and secondaries but leave the coverts uncolored. "

Other than that teh feathers seems to be fine.  

- Gry
xXCheshireSinXx Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
So her import is ok? Or do I need to change here covert feathers? :)
Kuku-ri Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2018
You will have to edit her import. o/ "Sorry but we have to say no for gradient that starts from covert feather tips."
xXCheshireSinXx Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah ok. thank you!
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