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Ukko 5694 by Kuku-ri Ukko 5694 by Kuku-ri
Name: Ukko
ID: 5694
Handler: Joku as a young kukuri, knight Oswald later on
Breed: Prairie kukuri
Gender: Rook
Age: 10
: Orange
Height: 9,2ft
Weight: 950lb
Genotype: aa/ee/Xx/nSm/nTw/nVr
Phenotype: Smoked Raven with Tailwind and Viper
Feather type: Regular
Ears: Lynx ears
Horns: Moose horns

Skill points:
ATK: 7 DEF: 7 SPD: 5

Biorhythm: Crepuscular
Diet: Omnivore
Rank: Gamma

    • Iron armor blueprint - Allows you to armor kukuri up with armor mostly made from iron
    • 1 x Small totem [+1 DEF]

Ukko is a loyal kukui, who has a fiery soul. He is very dedicated personality, and does everything 110%. He is always, in the end, his own master. Even thought he is a war kukuri with a human knight handler, it was his own choice to join them, and by his own choice he stays. He wants to do right, and aims for justice. He isn't very lawful, and does what he feels is right by his heart (that isn't always morally the "right" choice). 
Ukko is a good, skilled fighter, but a little bit too easily provoked. He leans towards aggression easily, and won't stay still if he feels he's being insulted. He has a big ego, but doesn't automatically except people and other kukuris to respect him; he's ready to prove his worthy. He wants to be a leader, and in their Knight's Camp he is already considered to be the leader of their kukuri loaf. And if asked from him, he's the one who leads, not his rider Oswald. Ukko has even a protective take on Oswald, and he trusts the human. He has seen the humans skills and his worthiness, and accepts him. Oswald's calmness helps Ukko calm down too, and their differences in personality complete them as a working duo. 

Original import:  Ukko ORIGINAL by RoutArt

---------------------------------------- SSS: Unknown
------------------- SS: Storm 3734
---------------------------------------- SSD: Roux 2656
Sire: Salmiakki-Lakritsi 5182
---------------------------------------- SDS:  Saltstream 2652
------------------- SD: Haikili 3440
---------------------------------------- SDD: Unknown
---------------------------------------- DSS: Nemo 005
------------------- DS: Tapio 307
---------------------------------------- DSD: Untuva 002
Dam: Kivutar 4863
---------------------------------------- DDS: Vrask 2653
------------------- DD: Kummitus 3476
---------------------------------------- DDD: Unknown

Design byRoutArt
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momma-kuku Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2019
Ra'Lua by momma-kuku
Ra'Lua gives +3 defense to the Kukuri it's applied to.
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Shroomie - Familiar by momma-kuku
Equipping a Shroomie to a kuku will give the Kukuri +3atk skillpoints!
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Flying Shroomie - Familiar by momma-kuku
Equipping a Flying Shroomie to a kuku will give the Kukuri +3 SPD skillpoints!
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Kukuri of the Month -badge by momma-kuku  

Kukuri of the Month - March 2019
Awarded for winning Kukuri of the Month voting.

Your Kukuri receives +1 ATK, +1 DEF, +1 SPD.
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Carnival of Life 2018 medal by momma-kuku
Warrior’s spirit Medal

Awarded for surviving the fury of the Goddess at the Carnival of Life 2018.
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Ukko 5694 has finished the Basic Trust Training

Basic Trust Training - badge by momma-kuku
momma-kuku Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2018
Basic Trust Training

Arpg: Learn to trustPast is something one shouldn’t forget, as it has built you to the person you are today.
That’s what the war prairie Ukko was thinking today, as he was roaming freely around his home camp, the traveling Knight’s Camp. One of the kukuri doves that lived in te camp, had laid eggs this morning, and it had made him thought about his mother. It was a weird, bittersweet feeling. His memories took him far away from here, to the time when he was still so very naïve and innocent, carefree prairie pup.
When Ukko was still a young kukuri pup, he lived with his proud mother Kivutar. She was all that meant for Ukko then, and not to forget his siblings too. But mother has a special place in their son’s hearts. Young Ukko had enjoyed his short life in the wilderness with his mother, and hadn’t really thought about their recent travels. They had lived in a secure, dense forest, but recently they had been traveling away from there. At first he didn’t mind, and j
  arpg: Right way forwardWhen prairie kukuri Ukko was still a young adolescent rook, his mother took him to meet her old friend. Ukko wasn’t delighted about that, as he felt his position as his momma’s number one threatened. Was he jealous, yes he was, and he never denied that feeling. And when his mother decided to leave him into the company of this weird humanoid being, young Ukko felt like his whole world had been shattered.
He still remembered that feeling, even now as he was already around 10 years old prairie. He was laying on grass next to his handler’s tent. They were living within a Knight’s Camp, and he enjoyed his life there. Today was nicely peaceful day, and his handler and him were having a day off. Oswald, the knight who was responsible of him, was sleeping inside the tent, probably suffering from major hangover after spending his night at the nearest tavern. Oh well, Ukko was feeling well rested and peaceful. But also curious, as there was something new happening in the
  Arpg: How the story startedThe morning sun was only rising up, when the first soldiers were already practicing on the training grounds. It was yet another new day at the Knight’s Camp, which was at the moment located next to a wild river. They had camped here, as a nearby city offered lots of work for traveling knights.
Ukko the prairie kukuri was there too, laying on soft hays. Other war kukuris were sleeping around him, curled up nicely close to each other. Despite them being trained to be coldblooded beasts in a dangerous lifestyle of fighting alongside knights, they had a warm family dynamic. Even right now, one of the common kukuris was nuzzling his head on Ukko’s side, crawling closer to his warmth. Ukko didn’t mind that, he left the common be.
He had been part of this camp for, how many years already? He rose his head up, and looked past their tent roof and up to the sky. Four, five? It felt much longer actually, like he had been here for whole his life. But that wasn’t the case.
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May 28, 2018
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