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Sweets 6102

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Published: August 4, 2018
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Name: Sweets
ID: 6102
Previous owner: GinSasori 
Breed: Common Kukuri
Gender: Male
Age: 1 Year Old (Puppy)
: Blue
Height: 61 cm
Weight: 20 kg
PhenotypeSmoked Hazel with Socks and Dalmatian
Ears: Droop
Horns: Devil
Tail: Fuzzy
Mutations: Miniature

Skill points:
ATK: 6 DEF: 1 SPD: 1

Biorhythm: Diurnal (originally nocturnal)
Diet: Omnivore
Rank: Beta

    • Timeshift Syrup - used to change biorhythm from nocturnal to diurnal
    • 1 x Scroll of Modification - Allows you to put unique factor on your Kukuri

    • 1 x Small accessory blueprint - Allows you to put an accessory to your Kukuri
    • 2 x Rainbow dye (Blue) - Allows you to put paint on your Kukuri
    • 2 x Rainbow dye (Pink) - Allows you to put paint on your Kukuri

PersonalityLoves to be coddled and treated as a baby. He wants to be held and carried around, and he cries when he's put down. He does carry a nasty bite when he's protecting mom from dangers, however. 

Original Import: Sweets by GinSasori

---------------------------------------- SSS: Giraf 392
------------------- SS: Azuna 2085
---------------------------------------- SSD: Seth 1174
Sire: Haamu 4045
---------------------------------------- SDS: Romeo 049
------------------- SD: Say'ri 1749
---------------------------------------- SDD: Rooghi 746
---------------------------------------- DSS: Talvikukka 1636
------------------- DS: Komui 4623
---------------------------------------- DSD: Routa 1067
Dam: Tsurara 5554
---------------------------------------- DDS: Flicker 364
------------------- DD: Fuji 3123
---------------------------------------- DDD: Halfmoon 2477

Design byGinSasori ; Feet drawn by jrusti 
Image size
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Monthly Familiar July 2016 - Muri by momma-kuku
Muri is guaranteed to bring back 2 items from traveling, and gives +5% bonus to traveling.
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Muni by momma-kuku
Muni the familiar gives the Kukuri it's applied a 3% chance to find a common or uncommon kukuri egg from any activity.
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Award wall
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Sweets 6102 has finished the Retrieval Training and gained +1 SP.

Retrieval Training - Badge by momma-kuku
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Kukuri of the Month -badge by momma-kuku
Kukuri of the Month - December 2018
Awarded for winning Kukuri of the Month voting.

Your Kukuri receives +1 ATK, +1 DEF, +1 SPD.
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Sweets 6102 has finished the Basic Trust Training

Basic Trust Training - badge by momma-kuku
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 Retrieval Training

[Kukuri][Training]The Grand Treasure Of Almanor!

II - Let it go

A kukuri can only hold so much at a time and sometimes has to decide on what items to bring back and what to leave behind.

° Draw or write your kukuri trying to decide out of multiple items what to pick with them. Did it make them sad to leave something behind, or did they make a bad choice of dragging down coal and leaving crystals there?

The miniature kukuri's paws gripped the rope tightly, giving it a strong pull before he was sure that it would be safe to decline. Sweets took pause, staring back over at the cavern and to what great depth stood before him, but he gulped down his resolve and took a strong hold. His small, brighly colored foot kicked suddenly at the side of the wall, and he held on for dear life as the rope swung, carrying him with it as it arced, swiftly
  [Kukuri][Training]Secret Of The Frozen North!

III - The Family Secret

All of us have that uncle that has the BEST fishing spot. Sometimes someone from your family, be it biological or adopted by handlers, just know a certain knack for some areas.

° Draw or write your kukuri's handler/parent showing some kind of special place to get stuff from, maybe it is a very profitable tunnel, maybe a place where people dump stuff, or maybe just a place where birds fight a lot and there's lot of feather available!

"It's s-so cold," The miniature said, his breath trembling harshly from the sub-zero temperatures. His words transfixed before his eyes into icy mist and blew away into the wind, disappearing into a thousand sparkles. 
"Shh, shh, sweet," came a soft, soothing voice of someone close to him. Sweet's soft blue eyes opened wide, and from within them came into view

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Basic Trust Training

Wasting Energy by GinSasori   Learning Tricks by GinSasori   Mini Terror by GinSasori   Here We Go... by GinSasori
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