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Spott 2043 by Kuku-ri Spott 2043 by Kuku-ri
NameSpott [ger. Mockery]
ID: 2043
Breed: Common Kukuri
Gender: Rook
Age: adult
: blue
Height: 6,2ft
Weight: 370lb
Genotype: aa/Ee/nDa/
Phenotype: Hazel with Dalmatian
Ears: Elf
Horns: Devil

Skill points:
ATK: 0 DEF: 0 SPD: 3

Biorhythm: Crepuscular
Diet: Carnivore
Rank: Delta


Spott works as a cartographer - at least that’s what most people pay him for. 
But he also trades information he found and heard during his trips, sometimes writing them down in invisible ink on the backside of the maps he creates. 
In general he enjoys giving (false) hints now and then, watching and listening how the story he started expands and grows until an uninteresting valley suddenly has a legend of some hidden treasure or a secret temple.

---------------------------------------- SSS: Unknown
------------------- SS: Fizzle 096
---------------------------------------- SSD: Unknown
Sire: Avens 415
---------------------------------------- SDS: Nabu 048
------------------- SD: Esme 252
---------------------------------------- SDD: Lime 015
---------------------------------------- DSS: Unknown
------------------- DS: Vincent 008
---------------------------------------- DSD: Unknown
Dam: Haunt 160
---------------------------------------- DDS: Unknown
------------------- DD: Virvatuli 007
---------------------------------------- DDD: Unknown

Design by SmirkCatsTales 
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Verias by momma-kuku
Verias the familiar protects your Kukuri from illnesses and wounds in activities, giving the Kukuri it's applied to 50% chance to avoid illness.
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Shiberus - familiar by momma-kuku
15% chance to be rolled for up to an extra 3 items on top of your normal roll; no longer has disadvantage if hunting large prey solo. Miniatures no longer have penalties while hunting large animals.
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Spott 2043 has finished the Retrieval Training and gained +1 SP.

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Spott 2043 has finished the Basic Trust Training

Basic Trust Training - badge by momma-kuku
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Retrieval Training

The Wasps' Den    “So this is where that secret stash you’ve been telling us is at?” Spott said as he, Jaara, and Diana Lancelot plodded through a valley, empty except for the few clusters of kukus here and there. “Nothing is here! It’s just a barren wasteland.”
    Jaara made an indignant noise in her throat. “I’m sure my mother knows where she’s going.”
    “Thank you, Jaara,” the older kuku said brightly, beaming at them before turning her head back forwards. “I’ve been exploring this area for weeks now when you’ve been out on other jobs, sweetie, and I’ve found a section where you can get into some sort of underground burrowing system! I’ve already found a few gems, plus some interesting artifacts and leftovers from whatever civilization was living there. It’s a good place for naps, too,” she added, to Spott’s chuckling.
  The Wasps' Lair  “Oh, hush,” Jaara teased her mother, completing her stretch before downing the last of her roots. “We went down the smallest tunnels, and you know it.”
 Diana’s coy, amused smile was all she received in return. The three adventurers were tired, dirty, and ready to see the sky. It seemed like the eldest among them was the most vigorous, and that fact hadn’t escaped Diana.
 “So… where to now?” Spot asked, wrapping his tail snugly around himself. “I have the places we went to mapped, but I think we took a wrong turn on our way out…. this spot isn’t on here.”
 “Really?” Jaara popped over to look at the parchment in his hands, gritting her teeth when she saw that the map didn’t line up with their room. “Well… that sucks.”
 Diana chittered and began laughing heartily, a gigantic smile plastered over her face. “We aren’t lost, silly! I
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Basic Trust Training

Spott - Wild BTT 1+2 by SmirkCatsTales Give 'em back! by SmirkCatsTales
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March 18, 2017
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