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[TAS App] Shouka 'Aobara' Kazenaka
For :iconthe-atoll-state:.
- - - - - - - - - - 
Name: Shouka (小花) - Surname: Kazenaka (風中)
=> "small flower amidst the wind";
Family nickname: Aobara (青薔薇; "blue rose")
- - - - - - - - - - 


Grew up in a locally prestigious family known for its outward piety known as the Aobara ("Blue Rose") for priding themselves in the symbol of the blue rose, which they often use as a visual adornishment in their garments. It signifies the unattainable, the impossible, the spiritual reality. It blends in well with the blue-painted Atoll state.

She grew up as a child in a rather protected environment and regarded society as split between good people who go to church, respect the theocracy and the rules, and the bad ones who do not, but who ought to be corrected. She grew up with a mindset of doing what’s good and keeping morality in mind. That’s what drove her when she made her first, most important friend, in elementary school, by protecting him in a moment of weakness where he got bullied by other pupils. And also maybe because he was her first little school crush.

However, what if those who once walked on the same path as you suddenly stray from it?

You then start to question your own way.

As she grew up, she easily molded into the rules carved by the theocracy as it fit her personality and upbringing, but people close to her experienced the brutal side of the blue world. And these people started to question everything they might have to a point stood for. To handle with these changes, Shouka could only cope through justification: they must have their own reason; there is an explanation for sure. She stopped thinking in black and white terms, but she also stopped truly standing up for something herself. She became a person able to judge and empathize with both sides of a coin, but not someone to take a firm decision without excessive consideration.

Before graduating high school, she decided to major in cybernetics, and study everything that could possibly lead her to the source of everything, maybe in hopes of having a great revelation of God. She knows that neither the extremes of the politics have the truth, and she can’t fully support either of them, but one day she dreams for a church reformation; this leads to a strange duality of a believer soul with the clothes of a rebel. If such a grand dream can’t come true, at the very least she will be able to get a job as someone that can fix cybernetic body parts, maybe at a lower price for those who cannot afford it.

However, as a daughter of the Blue Rose, it is in her character to strive for the ideal, to dream the impossible.

- - - - - - - - - - -

[Introspective & Neutral] She's a person capable of thorough introspection but weak in dedicating herself to a specific goal if it comes down to taking radical decisions. She will often steadily stay in a zone of of neutrality and think well before making a move. While she cannot be easily pursued when it comes to extremities, she is attracted by impassioned individuals who could throw their life on the line for their cause.

[Tolerant] - she appears to be very tolerant with all kinds of people, because she justifies everyone in her mind ("there must be a reason for that"), avoids confrontations, keeps things to herself, or makes very mild critical comments that go unnoticed. She can put up with a lot, and not show it, but not necessarily without being internally disturbed. Another reason would be that she is well aware of her own shortcomings and can be understandable with people that struggle with same things as her. Towards people she cannot naturally stand, she is more polite than friendly and discreetly avoids encounters.

[Passive-aggressive] - her way of dealing with anger and displeasure is having negative emotions pent up and then explode in rage at the trigger of a mild harmful gesture, to the shock of all people around. She avoids confrontations believing that "it doesn't bother her" or that "she shouldn't get upset over this and move on". But when smaller bad things pile up, they make a large monster who get the worst of her when most vulnerable.

[Ambivert] - she is friendly enough to approach people, but only individuals and not groups. Can be quite talkative and lead topics of conversation, but not in large groups, especially unfamiliar ones.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Attack: 2, Defense: 3, Dexterity: 5.
She learned in time useful self-defense moves that increased her defense quite a bit, but her body is a bit too weak to land any good blows! However, if she were to have a role in military, she'd probably make a good infiltrator. She's good at things that need special concentration/attention (eg. sewing/make-up/etc).  

Rebellion: 5, Angels: 4,  Criminals: 1.
She's at heart a fairly honest worshiper, but chose to support the rebellion because she wishes for a church reform, as she thinks some things don't work well enough. She wouldn't be among the first to take someone else's life. I'm not saying she'd never be convinced to do so, but it's highly unlikely for her to do such.  She has very low-key ties with the underworld; that is she wants to keep the door open in this direction as sometimes she might need certain medication deemed illegal whenever she's mentally struggling with the pressure of her degree/research, and sometimes she might need things like hard-to-find references or even unpublished manuscripts.

Real-life ethnicity: Japanese
Hobbies: make-up; fashion
Likes: churros; roses; cosmetics; jumpsuits (they can be quite impractical so she won't wear them often but has tons of them!).
**Note: can't do romantic relationships! She's taken asddfads

RP Preferences:
Ehm, I think I prefer more personal, individual development between characters and not live group rps; As in, dm me hahaaaa.
It's because I tend to take my time replying because of irl stuff;;; I'm sorry for that!
Also while I don't mind aggressive/romantic roleplaying, I can be turned off by anything that's too explicit or vulgar.


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