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Catching the sunrise

By Kukanotas
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Airbus A330 in early morning at Schiphol. A great way to start the day. :)
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Jun 22, 2009, 6:01:59 AM
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may i use this for my website?
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Hi, depends on what sort of website that is. As long as it's non-profit and the credit is given - feel free!
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That looks absolutely amazing! ;D
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It'd be so amazing to just go and take pictures of planes :3
I would like to, for when I pursue my future occupation, which is being a Airline Pilot :D
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Just go for it!! ;)
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I've only been to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol once, Arvydas, but that one visit was enough to satisfy my curiosity about mega-airports in Europe. (London Heathrow Airport was yet to come on my itinerary.) Here in the U.S., Chicago O'Hare International Airport takes the size prize for being way too big. World's worst airport, in my view: Toronto Pearson International Airport, thanks to its thoroughgoing lack of customer friendliness. (At least the customs/security people at Heathrow were jocular and witty.) The best: Keflavík International Airport, where everything is just the right size and the folks who work there are helpful.

Sorry for those digressions.... Anyway, that's a brilliant photograph! I love it! Way to go. I used to be a big fan of aviation, back in the 1960s; but airline travel has become total crap since this hub-and-spoke mega-airport craze took hold. Nevertheless, some of the old romance comes back when I see a fine photograph — such as this one you made. It makes me want to just get on an airliner and go somewhere!


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Thanks for the comment! Well, Amsterdam Schiphol is huge, but if you have a bike, it's a great place for planespotting and taking pictures like this. Access to great locations is quite easy and the security personnel is very very friendly. London Heathrow for example just can't be compared to that, as it has only a few good spots, and I heard a few stories of security guys calling police to check planespotters and such. Anyway, I agree that romance of civil aviation that we had in 1960s is nearly gone, especially in those mega-airports but I still love it! :)
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Oh, god, yes! I can imagine the difficulties brought to aviation photography and/or plane spotting by all this terrorist-under-every-rock paranoia. It's insane! I'm glad to learn some airports are less infected with that paranoia than others.

It all reminds me of the nuclear-attack paranoia during the 1950s and early '60s. "Duck and cover!" became "Bend over and kiss your ass good-bye!" to most of us. Thankfully, none of what was feared ever came to pass.

Well, it's refreshing to know there are still dedicated aviation photographers such as yourself who know where to go and what to do in order to make fine photographs. Keep up the good work!


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Thanks a lot for the kind words! Highly appreciated! The worst thing is that I don't have a lot of free time right now, but still I'll try to do my best! Anyway, maybe in the future there will be even more fine pics from me. Depends on my career.. :) Thanks again!
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A great capture! In my favorite without second thought :D
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beautiful aah Amsterdam skyline in background right?:P:O
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Yeah, that's Amsterdam over there ;)
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nice ^^ Love the picture
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How come I didn't see this one before? That's neat!
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thats amazing!
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The lighting, the runway lights, Schiphol, Amsterdam, the A330... So many things I love in just one picture. :heart:

Oh, and airports early in the morning is just something out of this world, in my opinion. :)

Great shot!
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Thanks a lot! You've just wrote my thoughts! :hug:
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wow, what a perfect exposure!
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Thanks, I was lucky that day. :D
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What an amazing shot. Love the A330...:D
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