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Super Lakewood Plaza Turbo - Stan Lee

By KujaroJotu
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NAME: Stan Lee

AGE: Timeless


SPECIES: Human from another reality

BACKSTORY: Stan was a comic book writer from another reality. One day, he was transported to the reality of Lakewood Plaza Turbo, where he found himself imbued with incredible, reality warping powers.

CHARACTER BIO: He acts as a powerful guru that comes to heroes when they need guidance.

ATTACKS: Absolute control over reality.

WEAKNESSES: Can’t resist making a cameo.

FUN FACT: Is often called “The Godfather of All Heroes.”
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K.O.: (Fanboying) "Can it be? Are really the legendary Stan Lee with a power level of Excelsior?!"

Stan Lee: "The one and only, you bet kiddo". (Winks)

K.O.: (Ecstatic) "WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW! I can't believe I'm talking to THE Stan Lee! Will you sign my Avengers comic book, please?!"

Ah Stan, we're gonna miss you. We'll never forget the impact you left on us comic book fans.

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I still cry every time I see his face

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Cool, can you do SLPT Hero Card - Winter Soldier
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He even made a cameo in a DC movie lmao
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"I don't care if it's a DC movie! I love cameos!"
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Teen Titans Go to the movies 
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The real superhero, he will be miss.
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Excelsior indeed 
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Rest in peace. Love 
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God needed a hero so he called Stan
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Definitely deserved his own POW card.

Excelcior Stan Lee
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Gonna miss the guy.
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He literally was 95 years old until he died.
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