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April 28, 2014
An exceptional cosplay with great attention to detail, and an uncanny resemblance to the character. Kuja - Final Fantasy Dissidia - Requiem by NarcissPuppet
Featured by pullingcandy
Suggested by Darkphoenix909
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Kuja - Final Fantasy Dissidia - Requiem

"Let us make beautiful music..." - Kuja

Character: Kuja - Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy Dissidia.

Model, costume, make up: :iconkujaonii:  - My Facebook page Facebook 

Photographer: :iconone-photographie: 

© 2013 ONE Photographie / NarcissPuppet
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© 2013 - 2021 KujaOnii
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gornintheusa's avatar

He was also a villain from final fantasy 9

UmbraEvergloom's avatar

Kuja is my favourite character in Final Fantasy 9 and I really do not believe that he is evil. If he were evil,he wouldn't have saved Zidane by taking him away from Terra and leaving him for Baku to raise. Another reason he can not be evil is because he saved Regent Cid's wife and he didn't even know who she was; all Kuja knew was that she was in trouble and that the mist monsters would kill and eat her if he didn't save her.

Vash-da-bountyhunter's avatar

Weird question but how'd you do the codpiece? Literally last bit I'm struggling with currently

RayaFairyPrince's avatar
Lovve it !! How did you make those boots??
TsukiLunaray's avatar
The-Water-Maidenmoon's avatar
That is amazing! Good job!
Bavai's avatar
Oh wow....that's amazing, really ! *-* Love it ! ♡
Great work, you can be proud !!
Kuwaizair's avatar
wow this is fantastic.
I'm one of those horrible people that don't appreciate cosplay when the people do things like, look like Don Imus and do Misty from Pokemon.  so good, all good.

and I'm so so hoping someone tries doing an accurate Kuja at a school. I need to know if a teenage boy does Kuja if he gets susspended for dress code violation.
KujaOnii's avatar
I am pretty sure he does get suspended if he does. Hmphehe.
Kuwaizair's avatar
I'd still like to see it tried. so people know then not to say "boys can wear what ever they want and girls have dress codes"

also. does Kuja's outfit count as a male power fantasy? feminists make me beleive that any scantly clad male or male in skin tight clothing for video game characters is uh, not sexualize

XD 0_o
KujaOnii's avatar
I have not thought of it in this matter. I could hardly add to this subject.
It could be seen all simply, that it's just a man wearing extravagant clothes.
Kuwaizair's avatar
Oh, maybe I just over think or spent to much time on tumblrized feminist facebook pages.  putting a woman female girl in that outfit would be "just was done so heterosexual men can slobber over, boooo-hiss we need feminism"  or when people say everything is -ist or an -ism or -phobia. (like the character Him possibly being an attack on gay men)
lunamoonvenus's avatar
KujaOnii's avatar
I wonder from where this nickname came from.  *smiling*
GalaxyCreations's avatar
Truly amazing cosplay,really fit the piece.
funnaejc's avatar
cool pictures! great lighting!
KujaOnii's avatar
Thank you again, Cloud.
AlexBuster's avatar
You know, I "came here" because of your Vincent Valentine's cosplay and discovered this jewel. This is another cosplay that made a great impression on me. What an amazing image, very well done. I'm really enjoying going through your gallery. :-)
KujaOnii's avatar
I'm enjoying that you are going through my gallery, I can assure you, sire.
*pleased smile*
Sephikuji's avatar
Realy Cool i love Kuja, he is so beautyfull man. :) Heart 
lupko1994's avatar
EPIC COSPLAY!!! :clap:
KujaOnii's avatar
My my *smiling*
Merozart's avatar
Your Kuja cosplay is so beautiful!!!!!!!I can't believe I can see the cosplay of Kuja like this!!!
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