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Kuja - Final Fantasy Dissidia - Angel of Death

"I'm gonna die anyway. I won't have to be afraid anymore. But I'm not gonna die alone."


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Character: Kuja - Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy Dissidia.
:iconnarcisspuppet: Model, costume, make up
:iconone-photographie: Photographer and lighting technician

© 2013 ONE Photographie / NarcissPuppet
This image is protected under copyrights. Do not use, cut or modify this image without permission.

Kuja - Final Fantasy Dissidia - The Dark Messenger by NarcissPuppet Kuja - Final Fantasy Dissidia - The finale by NarcissPuppet Kuja - Dissidia - I'm the only actor needed. by NarcissPuppet Kuja - Final Fantasy Dissidia - Requiem by NarcissPuppet <da:thumb id="428911058">  Kuja - Final Fantasy Dissidia - I'll play with you by NarcissPuppet Kuja - Final Fantasy Dissidia - IX - An encore. by NarcissPuppet
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© 2013 - 2021 KujaOnii
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XTerraDiabolusX's avatar
Holy crap!
For a second there I thought this was a screenshot from a Duodecim trailer. D: 
PrideAlchemist7's avatar
*tries to say "amazing job" but falls flat on her face* *holds up a thumbsup*

(keep up the epic work as always! :D )

KujaOnii's avatar
*bows like a nobleman*
PrideAlchemist7's avatar
Haruhi435's avatar
KujaOnii's avatar
Thank you my lady.
Haruhi435's avatar
you`re very welcome
Kalea--Jade's avatar
This cosplay of yours is so good that I mistook it as CG artwork of Kuja. <XD Great job! :clap:
clairebearrrr's avatar
This is simply amazing
debu-san's avatar
omg !! how did you manage to get the same atmosphere that was in dissidia ff cg animation ? it looks as if it is an actual CG
KujaOnii's avatar
We based ourselves on the original CG picture's for the pose, the lighting technician adjusted the light similarly, my photographer added the cloudy background afterward.
LadyofAzzaroth's avatar
This is a wonderful Cosplay :) !
ash1rose's avatar
I...cannot believe that this is a cosplay.  I have no words for how amazing this is.
KujaOnii's avatar
*soft Kuja laugh*
HalfLightPhotography's avatar
This is freaking amazing!!! Final Fantasy 9 is like my all time favorite Final Fantasy game, this almost looks like straight out of the game or a live action film! :D Stay awesome. 
Gedogfx's avatar
this is so amazing , love your work =')
KujaOnii's avatar
You have my gratitude. *smiling softly*
Noir-fox5's avatar
I didn't think this was a real person in cosplay when I first saw it : D it's so well done it fooled me
KujaOnii's avatar
As it fooled so many. *smiling*
Noir-fox5's avatar
still extremely well done. I kinda wish my cosplays were that good. would sure wow a lot of people at the con
RukarioTrainer's avatar
This really is amazing. Realy really amazing.. though what would one expect from one so interested in theater ;p
KujaOnii's avatar
And the model (which is me) is also interested in theater, in fact.
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