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Ray and Death Note Doodles

By Kuitsuku
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Oh, and Kuro's in there too. xD

Last doodles of the night...I'm tired. |D
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ButtercupBabyPPGStudent Filmographer
oh wows xD I member you drawing those chibis in pchat over a year ago xD :heart: time flys so fast @_@
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LOLX1000 L and Light XD That's awesome:heart:
Kai-dono's avatar
Doodlez? Awesome.
Esoteric-Lovers's avatar
Adorable, both of them C:
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I abstitootly love Light. oo:
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lycchiiStudent General Artist
at first I thought it said, "Death Note Noodles" x3
cute by the way C:
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teramikuProfessional Filmographer
I love Death Note. <3

Nice doodles. >3
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aww the little L and Raito make me happy :D
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Waww nice style ^^ ! I like Rei in this kind of style :3 Very good ^^
ocean-raven's avatar
oooo, looks sweet :0
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Tsume-the-lone-wolfHobbyist General Artist
love the Death Note doodles. Tis very true O_O
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danii-01Hobbyist Digital Artist
DEATHNOTE!?!? xD < 3.
Cute doodles c:
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>w< You pwn my soul~<3 Your poses are so original~!

And, omg, Kuro in a shirt? -wtf'd-
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MekkiProfessional Filmographer
its Ray from Beyblade mwahahaha =D
t3h-kittyness's avatar
Cool action pose!
digielectro's avatar
ha!! I so love the smooth and flow-ie lines. :D *hugs drawing*
Inkblot-Rabbit's avatar
Inkblot-RabbitProfessional Digital Artist
'w' Ahh, just saw the DN movie last night-YOU MUST SEE IT 8D
VioletVampireVixen's avatar
VioletVampireVixenProfessional Digital Artist
I like the details on the bigger Kuro and those are some neat poses you've got there :D
Kieroski's avatar
HOMG! LMAO!! I read up to that part of Death Note and I cracked up. I thought the same...It was getting kinky xP I still find it funny!
meihua's avatar
hahhaaha cute
lemondemon411's avatar
AAAAAAAAH L -glomp/huggle-
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tirranyHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome! I luv the pose on the Ray one, and the DN one cracked me up, u make L look so cute! x3 Luv them all really, nice work! ^^
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-liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicks the Raito chibi- |D; <33
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