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Photoshop Lineart-Coloring Tut

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This tutorial is also available in French:…
and in German:…

Tons of people asked me to make a tutorial for line art and coloring in photoshop, so here you go~ =3

A few people have requested a Flash drawing tutorial too, so maybe in the future.

This tutorial was made in Photoshop CS2 but it should work as far down as Photoshop 6. All the tools I used are the same in those versions.

Remember, this tutorial shows the way I color. I'd suggest experimenting with this process until you get a result that's nice and easy for you to do. Add more layers of shading, throw in some lighting, go crazy and come up with a style unique to yourself. ^^

To answer questions a lot have been asking:
* I draw with a Wacom Graphire 4 tablet.
* I didn't use the pen tool in any of this. That's...pretty much the point of the tutorial, to get around spending a lot of time on the pen tool. 8D If you don't have a steady hand or your lineart comes out too wobbly, keep practicing. There's nothing more convenient and time saving than a steady hand in drawing.
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fostenes's avatar
very great, thank you my friend..
PowerLogiDRG's avatar
thx for your tutorial,now I know how to color without having problem,I just need pratice more and also I would put your tutorial in my favorite folder as my tips to draw:3
Fantastic work!
Please look my work as well:
scratzilla's avatar
awesome sauce. thank you so much . this is fab 
MAYO101's avatar
This is just what I needed :D Thanks! 
HowManyShipsInHarbor's avatar
Omg you're a life saver! Thank you so much!
ChopSakiSensei's avatar
Nice tutorial dude, I'm gonna try this out myself to see if it works out right for me. ;D
vicfania8855's avatar
Yo don't know how long I've been looking for a tutorial for Photoshop on which the coloring style is like those who use paint tool sai!  Thank you so much, and I'll definitely try this technique out :tighthug:
WarriorsFight's avatar
that was great, thanks for help me so much <3
Wan-Nya's avatar
Very useful and easy to follow; thanks! :D
GhostNinjaART's avatar
Nice tutorial, and very helpful! :D 

I have a question, however- for some reason, whenever I use the Magic Wand tool, it leaves a strange dotted outline around the inside of my drawings. Is there a way to get it to fully color in an object without this happening? If you don't understand what I mean by that, I can send you a screenshot of it. Please help! Thanks 0w0 
Kuitsuku's avatar
Before filling in, make your selection and go to select->modify->expand and expand it by 1 or 2 pixels. That should help a lot!
GhostNinjaART's avatar
Ah, there you go- thank you so much!!! :D 
DragonEmpireWriter's avatar
Absolutely loved this tutorial, granted I had to do this for an in class exercise but love that I'm getting graded for a form of artwork that I'm wanting to learn XD again thank you so much for the tutorial :3
doraemonbasil's avatar
Helped me . Thank you so much :happybounce: :hug:
Beanereeno's avatar
To my eternal shame, I have always struggled with even the simplest things in photoshop. This should help me a lot. Thanks for the great tutorial!
LizTR's avatar
It's so helpful! Thanks a lot ^w^
Pauline007's avatar
ummm would it work if you artline using the Pen (photoshop) a manga and then colour it like you did ?
Thorraxe's avatar
love the step by step instructions, im kind of a perfectionist
manphoto's avatar
Thanks so much for the tutorial! Helped lots!
Siorah's avatar
thanks a lot! but what i would like to know is how to do it like this?…

the video would be helpful, but its in spanish and its waaay to fast D:
XxcookievampxX's avatar
so useful thank you!! 
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