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Mad Tea Party

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In my last group, :iconthefearsomeryan: suggested I draw Gengar in one of these, and I had no idea what Gengar could go with but :iconstyrecat: stormed in with the idea of Cheshire Cat and it made me really excited to draw them. :D

Drawn in Flash, textures in Photoshop.
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god i love cross overs ♥
ZookieDragon's avatar
Interesting pairing but it definitely works. Very fun and inventive :)
VinentVanRipperdactl's avatar
DYK Gengar is based on the Cheshire Cat anyway, and i think the smile and eyes of the modern version is based on Gengar, so it loops in that way.
blackhavikgraphics's avatar
i need this one in a print big time! hahaha i love this one!
Tygrawr's avatar
I have a love for the Cheshire cat and Cheshire smiling characters. So when I saw this, I had to get the T-shirt from your Teefury shop. It came in the post today, It looks amazing. Wonderful art. 
Kuitsuku's avatar
Ohhhh that's so awesome, thank you for buying the shirt! :heart:
EbbiTheTigress's avatar
Same wicked smile and mysterious persona! :3 WUV YOUR ART!
those two together would be way too much mischief in one place!
Oshawott191's avatar
Is gengar using some kind of move to make tea fly into his buddy's cup?
JacksonMunch's avatar
It took me until just now to realize that both characters are becoming transparent. That is extremely clever. Excellent job. :)
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Quicksilver1987's avatar
BadASS!! :D I love your style!!
Zerelixon's avatar
This won my heart in an instant <3 My favorite character of all time along with one of my favorite pokémon. LOVE IT! Gotta say I've fallen in love with this whole series too and your way of coloring :D
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That is why Gengar is one of my favourite Pokemon! Because he reminds me of one of my favourite Disney characters! I just realised that when I saw this picture.
ArtViewerDude's avatar
These pieces are too amazimg!
cerberus144's avatar
Suggestion. Mulan sword training with Farfetch'd :3
Dr-Arlette's avatar
This is the best thing in the entire world. If I could award you the entire Internet, I would. Thank you so much for drawing this.
You're the who drew these beautiful pictures... I LOVE THEM
CloudFoxie's avatar
Pokemon and AiW are two of my favorite things ever, and I just love your style. <3
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