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Spectra by Kuejena Spectra by Kuejena
Little Pixel Heart So here we are, the different races of Spectra.  BE WARNED THERE'S A LOT OF READING.Little Pixel Heart 

I changed some rules around to make it better. So basically, if you have wings, you are able to go back and forth between the spirit world. Everything connected to the spirit world has colored lines.  Different species have different characteristics and abilities. 

:pearl bullet: Spectra itself is nestled in the cold, uninhabitable part of the far north and south expanses. Spirits can use the poles of the planet as a source portal of sorts back and forth between the North and South, but only in the spirit realm. Their architecture.... well all their buildings are made of ice and snow. The most popular form is the igloo shaped center, but the hallways are made of ice, usually manipulated in such ways to be aesthetically pleasing. Much of their buildings are under piles of snow in regular villages so as to avoid detection, but the main cities far into the icy continents are above ground and are WAY more decorative.

As for fashion, I feel this needs to be addressed. Spectrals have a hard time grasping the concept of clothes. Save for the Cherubs and the dolls, none of the Spectrals are wearing literal clothes. It's just a manifestation of themselves. Their clothes are a part of their body, there is no taking it off, though they can reshape it. What they wear really just depends on the current trends and the wearer's imagination. In this current time, "cute" is a rather popular trend as well as socks. Socks are very popular. They do their best to match the mortals' clothes, but it turns into a clusterfuck of different colors and things that don't always make sense.

Can you imagine if Spectra ever went through a scene phase? PFfffffffff

:pearl bullet: Cherubs-
 This is Benji. He's a Cherub. Cherub's have the weakest connection to the spirit realm and have the weakest magics. Their connections to the Spirit world are the feathers on their ears and in their hair. It takes considerable concentration for a Cherub to reach the spirit world, and it's easy to fall out of it. Cherub's are closer to the flesh of the living, and are formidable healers. Their touch alone numbs pain, heals wounds, and gives pleasure. Cherubs are also the only Spectrals to feel pleasure in the traditional sense, and are the only ones that procreate physically (other Spectrals use a special sort of magic). Their eyes are usually made of three rings of different shades of the same color while their pupils are three very light dots. These are the Spectrals most likely to travel out of their Kingdom in times of peace, but are sheltered as medics in times of war. Cherubs are also the only Spectrals wearing actual clothes, as previously mentioned. 

Benji was originally adopted by Chocodopts on this sheet -->
Not much design change. Benji himself is a Cherub that lives on the border between spectra and the Dais Kingdom. See, in times of peace, Cherubs set up stations on the borders of all the kingdoms. They are healing stations that help with things the Kingdom's modern medicines might not be able to cure at that time. More physical wounds, such as broken bones, can only be numbed. Cherubs are healers, but not surgeons. They can, however, cure diseases and viruses, numb pains, and cease the production of cancer cells. Benji runs one of those stations. Even Blaxton has turned to him for help at one point. During times of war, however, these camps are shut down and pulled back into their kingdoms.

Also, he's supposed to have markings on his legs but I forgot. I'll include those the next time I draw him but I'm just too lazy to go back and change it ok? I spent a long time getting this draw, I'd rather not break my back on this. 

:pearl bullet: Harpies-
 This is Phillip. He's a Harpy. Harpies are the natural warriors of the spirit realm, always very capable at flying through the two worlds of spirit and reality. They are excellent flyers and their claws are able to cut through flesh and spirit alike. Their magic is very limited however. Their spells usually consist of simple force manipulations. For example, lessening and strengthening the gravitational pull acting upon them. Good for actual combat and other practical uses. Harpies are also able to detect lies, and likewise are unable to lie. 

Phillip is actually an adopt I revamped to the point of not even being able to recognize it. He's not even the same species. Got him from GizzyAdopts. #34 on this sheet if you're curious --> Yeaaah, It's not even recognizable. Bascially I wanted an OC named Phillip and then remembered I did have one already. Which I was happy about since that meant I didn't have to choose the palette from scratch thank god. I hate choosing palettes, it's why it takes me so long to finish adopts. 
Anyway, Phillip is a nervous kind of guy. He may be a harpy, but he's no soldier. He's more a history buff, and trust me he's a font of knowledge. He serves Queen Ariana as an adviser. 

:pearl bullet: Phantoms-
 This is Bianca. Bianca is a Phantom, the most common race of Spectra. Phantoms have no ability to phase to the physical world, so to remedy this situation, special dolls are created for the phantoms to possess. These dolls require a living aspect to them, so they usually have a tooth or a bone inside the porcelain, parts of the body that preserve well. Some older dolls are made entirely of bone, but the demand for dolls is too high to continue doing that. Many phantoms don't have dolls, but are always looking forward to when any are made available. Their magic is also very limited through the dolls, but without, there is no way for them to them to get their magic to the physical realm. Even so, Phantoms have the most powerful magic and can even make themselves visible to mortals close to death. Only during eclipses are Phantoms able to enter the physical realm, and while that time is brief, they are capable of inspiring feats. There are rare events where Phantoms are able to contact mortals through a reflection, but this takes a special connection between the two.

Bianca was adopted from ookami8118 from this sheet --> Yeah, not much change. She's a lead architect and helps created the structures around the big cities. She's a busy-body, so she's kind of hard to befriend. Even so, she's famous for her beautiful designs and ability to work with the ice. 

:pearl bullet: Angels-
 This is Selene. She is an angel. Queen Ariana is also an angel. This race is known for its amazing balance in both the spirit form and physical form, and are never really gone from either world. Their wings are where their bodies are not, though they are still able to hover in either realm, so they are still connected to either. They are slow to anger, slow to trust, and are very intelligent. Their powers are usually elementally based, usually connecting to one element. Queen Ariana, for example, has magic revolved around light. Angels are also very strong physically. They are a very powerful race in general, but also the least common. They tend to make for great leaders, and angels have been the rulers of Spectra since the Spectra was established. Appearance wise, some angels, like Selene, have natural markings on their skin. 

Selene was adopted from Stormdeathstar9 from this adopt sheet--> I added quite a bit of detail I'd say. Anyway, Selene has yet to care about fashions. Her style hasn't changed in eons, but she doesn't care. The only thing she cares about is watching the borders for any sign of trouble or discord. She's always had little trust with the mortals and knows what they are capable of when they do attack.

:pearl bullet: Fairies-
 THANK GOD THE LAST ONE. This is Jewel. She is a fairy. Fairies are fucking rad. They are the opposite of Cherubs as far as connection to realms. They struggle to stay among the physical realm and often slip back into the spiritual. However, they are the only race that has such a clear access to their magics EVEN on the physical realm. No other race comes close. Small in stature and delicate though they may be, fairies have magic that can turn the tide of war. They tend to move and fly slowly on the physical world, however, and they have a weakness that has proven to be very dangerous. All fairies are created with masks. It is an essential part of who they are as an existing being. You can kill fairies by pulling off their masks in the physical world. When this happens, they do not just die, they metamorphose into wraiths, soul-eating creatures that wreak havoc in the spiritual realm. In wars past, mortals would collect fairies at once, keeping them in place with a rare metal called aerite, and after they've collected a group, would tear off all their masks at once. In a way, it was sending a small army to attack the spirit world. It was low and horrible, but such is war. Since then, fairies are kept at the back of armies and retreat the very second anything goes wrong in the battle. 

Jewel was also adopted from Chocodopts from this sheet -->  Again, not much change. Jewel herself is Queen Ariana's head mage, and supports peace above all else between kingdoms. She's been struggling to change the image of fairies. Since that war with the abuse against fairies and mass production of wraiths, the other citizens of Spectra have been wary against letting fairies do much at all outside the spirit realm.

THANK GOD IT'S OVER. I've spent all day typing this up, no lie. I'm very tired. I may eventually maybe perhaps not who knows make a comic with these ocs at some point. ALSO, not every kingdom has this many damn species. Holy snapplesauce. This took WAY too fucking long to type. 

Dark Purple Dot Bullet - F2U! Designs, art, concepts (c) ME
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Feather-Dragon Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhh how I missed hearing you tell your stories. This is the kind of content I would have loved to hear in a Skype rant, because it's all so lovely. I could melt in your worlds.
I love how you're able to take all of the adopts you've gotten and incorporate them into this fantastic, ethereal concept that's just, figuratively and literally, "out of this world." I love the concept of separation between spirit and physical realms and how different attributes of a person's being yield different external connections. It's wonderful.

Btw Philip's design is my ish I would adopt that child in a heartbeat, sweet deadly birb warrior boy.

I'd love to hear more about the wraiths btw? And how the world developed the different distribution of powers? It's all so fascinating, as with all of your worlds.
Kuejena Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hue you flatterer~ I have quite a few I've made. But hey, now that I seem to be able to draw again, I'll probably be drawing the ones I have. Maybe pffFFF I'll try

I am not at all surprised you love Phillip. I'm surprised I didn't think of you the moment I got done drawing him. Though he did not look like this at all to begin with, goodness no. You can't even recognize him, they're completely different. 

Oh trust me, I'll be drawing the wraiths. Wraiths are my favorite thing, like, throughout the history of my imaginings, wraiths have always been evil little fuckers, but so epic looking. I'm excited to finally put them in something.
Feather-Dragon Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Please do! I'd like to see them all.

What did he originally look like? I'm curious. Was he not all nice and feathery like he is now?

I can't wait to see their designs!!! What are they like, the wraiths?
Jymaru Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Oh shit I was gonna comment on this and then I forgot orz

I love all the info you put down on these things, it's all really interesting! I love reading it all! ouo
Kuejena Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's ok

I know you like reading it all, but I'm afraid the large text scared most people away X'D
Jymaru Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Well then that's they're loss, they're missing out on sheer unbridled awesomeness
Kuejena Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fu fu you flatterer e//u//e
Jymaru Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I speak only the truthest of truth
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