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Rye's Reference Sheet by Kuejena Rye's Reference Sheet by Kuejena
EDIT: I had decided before putting up this ref that he wouldn't have a tail in his revamp, but I found myself missing it too much. Now it's on one side and not the other just to see him with it out and with it hidden.

black heart bullet General Info black heart bullet

Name: Rye (Actual name is Rykhael but he'd rather drown than tell you his full name)
Gender: Male
Age: 28 (Young for a demon)
Species: Demon. More specifically, an Incubus. 
Height: 5'6
Weight: 150 lbs.
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual (If asked his response would likely be, "I don't give a shit.")

Short Description: Thin, small, lithe male. Very feminine. Naturally black and slightly wavy hair but white up near the front. Yay bleach and toner. He's pale. Has a nose piercing on his right side and one standard ear piercing on his right ear. His left ear has two piercings along the top. He also has nipple piercings but only wears anything on special occasions or on request. Or on a whim. He has a tattoo on his right wrist saying, "Stupid Sadistic Suicidal", which is a song by Mindless Self Indulgence. The other tattoo takes up his entire back, two greyscale wings with a symbol based off demon symbols in the center. He has wine colored eyes and his general theme goes off black, white, and wine colors. 

Bullet Point Circle Pattern - Light GreyI also have his general wardrobe drawn if you care enough to see.

Relationship Status: Single
- He has no friends

black heart bullet Personality black heart bullet

Diamond Bullet Hot Pink Sarcasm
Diamond Bullet Hot Pink Wit
Diamond Bullet Hot Pink Flirting
Diamond Bullet Hot Pink Touch
Diamond Bullet Hot Pink Blades
Diamond Bullet Hot Pink Pizza
Diamond Bullet Hot Pink Music
Diamond Bullet Hot Pink His phone
Diamond Bullet Hot Pink Math

Diamond Bullet Hot Pink Demons
Diamond Bullet Hot Pink Exorcists
Diamond Bullet Hot Pink Cooking
Diamond Bullet Hot Pink Himself
Diamond Bullet Hot Pink Feeling caged
Diamond Bullet Hot Pink Sun
Diamond Bullet Hot Pink Language Arts

    Rye is a very free spirit with an open-minded view towards most everything. He's generally a good-inclined character, but he's also easily swayed and morals easily bent. Put him in the hands of a manipulative and intelligent person, and he can be molded to their will. If done right anyway. Even so, Rye doesn't classify things as strictly good and evil and doesn't strongly believe in much. He's also likely to jump into (or lured into) potentially dangerous situations, not out of trust, but sheer curiosity.
    Rye also has a disdain for other demons, especially other incubi/succubi. Exorcists too. As much as he hates them, the only thing he hates more is himself. Rye has a dangerously low sense of self-worth, but will cover it up with layers of sarcasm and deflection. 
    Speaking of sarcasm, Rye can get along with most personalities, but he adores sarcasm. Anyone with enough wit and snarky remarks is bound to end up becoming fast friends with this idiot. He himself is a sarcastic little shit. When he's not busy coming up with smart-ass responses, he's flirting or being a nuisance. I wouldn't be surprised if he had imp somewhere along his bloodline. 
    Rye's also secretly a total nerd.

black heart bullet Bio black heart bullet

    Rye himself is a full-blooded demon, weakened by generations of his bloodline being born on the human plane rather than Hell. Which is why he has very few demon features. Still, he is in every way an incubus. And as far as his bloodline goes, he couldn't care less. Even if he liked being a demon, he's never met his biological parents and never will. Rye was a trashcan baby, left behind in the hopes to ditch him. He was luckily found soon and brought to a foster home. The family there, a very religious home, raised him for many years before he was transferred all over Italy, staying at various foster homes and orphanages as he aged. He was never adopted, but that was fine.
  What really damaged him was his high school English teacher. Being a small school, she taught more than one grade, and she seemed to follow Rye for three years, giving him a breath of mercy during his senior year when she didn't have him. She discovered him to be a demon, and Incubus no less, and used everything she could to demean and drag him through the mud, taking out her anger and hunger for power out on several students, but Rye was her favorite to ruin. This is the point where he starts to dress a bit girlier, trying to find confidence in something else. Rye put up with her tormenting because she gave him good grades for it, having sucked at every language arts class he's ever had. The only thing that carried Rye forward was his math teachers. Rye had a natural affinity for mathematics, it came easy for him. With his talents, the teachers insisted he go to college. 

    That took money, and Rye used what he knew to use. His body. From being a prostitute to being a boyfriend/girlfriend for hire to being a dancer or someone's punching bag for a night. It didn't take much, Rye didn't care if something were to happen to him. He was relatively cheap. But eventually, with the help of a few scholarships, Rye had enough to start college and try it out. He started out strong, studying hard, working at night clubs for extra cash. Despite how life seemed to be going for him, Rye was not healthy emotionally or mentally. He was bulimic, insecure, alone, and constantly tired. His grades fell until he simply stopped trying altogether. 

    It was after this point he met an exorcist, one who made a career out of taking advantage of weak demons. Rye survived the encounter, but it only reassured everything his Language Arts teacher had cooed into his ears. The weeks that followed would be his darkest. The exorcist had insisted he'd keep an eye on Rye, causing the Incubus to wander aimlessly through Italy in the hopes of losing the man's interest.  

    Whether it worked or not, he never knew. After a while of wandering, he calms down and continues doing what he did before, whoring himself out or sleeping with strangers in the hopes of having a free place to stay for the night. He ends up sleeping with a woman he recognized from his last foster home. And she recognized him. She insists he stay in her flat while she's visiting the area, and he does. She starts asking a bunch of questions, eventually breaking Rye down and forcing him to accept the fact he's worth something. By the time she leaves, Rye begins to try a bit harder in setting standards for himself. He raises his prices, works hard. He's still a whore, a body for hire, but he's a pricey body at least. Sleeping with people he shouldn't, the rich and powerful. Which ended up with him moving closer to the Vatican of all places. Not that he's constantly locked down. He still wanders from place to place, but he does consider this are of Italy to be his home, a few cities away from the headquarters of exorcists. 

black heart bullet Additional Info black heart bullet

Dark Purple Dot Bullet - F2U! As a demon, Rye naturally has black scleras, but having been on Earth his entire life has left him with the ability to keep them white. And over years it's as natural to him as breathing. However, should he be exhausted or malnourished, this illusion fades and his scleras fade back to black. And he's extremely self-conscious about them. 

Dark Purple Dot Bullet - F2U! Rye is physically weak. He can't fight and tries to avoid any physical confrontation if he can help it. That being said, he has incredible pain tolerance. He may not be able to fight back or effectively defend himself, but whatever you're dealing, he can take it. 

Dark Purple Dot Bullet - F2U! Being a demon, Rye does have abilities that come naturally to him. The first one he's ever noticed is his quick healing rate. Not Wolverine level of regenerative properties, but more subtle. For example, where it may take someone a week to recover from a wound, it'd take him 3-4 days. It helps when you're a hireable body!

Dark Purple Dot Bullet - F2U! Rye also has the ability to put people to sleep through touch. The more contact, the faster they fall asleep. It has to be focused on and takes considerable concentration. However, Rye sucks at it, mostly because he's still not entirely aware he has the ability. When the ability is fully evolved and practiced, it's possible to put an unprepared mind into slumber with a swipe of his fingers down the forehead. 

Dark Purple Dot Bullet - F2U! He'll also be able to heal others through a kiss, but this is beyond his capabilities in his current state. He's VERY young for a demon, and can barely function as a living being, much less utilize abilities this complicated. 

Dark Purple Dot Bullet - F2U! Being a demon gives him the obvious weaknesses to exorcists. Holy water burns like a bitch, the right Bible verse will banish him to Hell, and blessed weapons can kill him very easily. He has a good reason for fearing exorcists.

Dark Purple Dot Bullet - F2U! He can take physical pain, so if you really want to bring the Incubus to his knees, aim for mind games. As weak as he is in self-worth, it's possible to break him and even bend him for your will. This is a hit or miss, however.
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