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RD App: Benji Filipov by Kuejena RD App: Benji Filipov by Kuejena

"I'll give you a joke, but I need it back when you're done."


[Name] Benjamin Filipov
[Nicknames] Benji

[Age] 29
[D.O.B] October 7th
[Gender] Cis Male

[Height//Weight] 6'1 / 165lbs

[Nationality // Race] Polish American / Caucasian
[Sexuality] Pansexual, Panromantic

Publican (Run's the pub Anna's)
[Street] Hill Path


+ Good Humored // Secure // Thoughtful
= Listener // Laid Back // Witty
- Lazy // Sarcastic // Low-key Judgemental

Benji is generally an agreeable fellow. He's not one to pick a fight or put someone else down, and upon meeting someone, he assumes they're a good person until proven otherwise. He's really good at laughing things off and keeping a light atmosphere, a quality characteristic for the type of place he runs.
 As laid back and non-confrontational as he is however, Benji is not one to leave someone alone if they seem downtrodden or depressed. He will go out of his way to sit them down and talk to them, to the point of being pushy if need be. Despite all he's been through, he's truly happy with hsi life. 

He gives off a super chillaxed attitude because he is. He prefers to be the listener in a conversation than the guy talking through it, but that doesn't mean he doesn't like being the center of attention. You'll find that out quickly from the nonstop quips and puns and dad jokes he throws at people. In fact his sarcasm can make it hard to take him seriously or get him into a casual conversation sometimes. Not to mention the fact that, even if he doesn't voice it, he really is judging everyone and their life choices. 

There's a reason the pub doesn't open until 4pm. He's lazy. He hates mornings and likes to sleep in until noon at the earliest.  


 Alcohol (particularly vodka) // Night // Pens // his hair // Sarcasm // Listening // Puns // Licorice

 Raised Voices // his hair // Pen Thievery // Mornings // Hot weather // Arguing


 Night strolls
 Hoarding Pens
 Tells the worst/best puns


[Reason for moving]  Benji saw this small town as a great opportunity to get away from his family, and also to open up a laid back kind of bar. Seeing how small and homely the town was, a pub suited him and his new home perfectly. This place is both his dream and his getaway.
[How long they have lived in town] 
Newly moved in but had been making arrangments for a while now what with the Pub and everything.

    Benji grew up with a pretty standard family. A dad working for a business, a mom working part-time at a clothing store down the road, an older brother and a younger sister. Benji had an especially close relationship with his sister Anna. They shared and talked about nearly everything with each other. For most of his childhood, Benji had a totally well-adjusted family. Or so they all thought. Anna was suffering from depression for a while now, but everyone thought she was fine. During her freshman year of high school, she started getting bullied, humiliated daily. She started pushing everyone away, suffering silently. And it didn't end well. Ultimately, she took her own life.

    This shocked everyone in the Filipov household, and ultimately broke it apart. The dad shut down, stopped talking to anybody. Spending more time at work and away from everyone else. His mother did the opposite, yelling and blaming everyone for Anna's death. Unable to accept what had happened, suddenly Anna was the child no one else could even compare to. Benji's older brother Malachi quit college and joined the military just to get away. Leaving 16 year old Benji behind to deal with broken parents. At home, Benji learned to be quiet and patient. He dealt with his mom's accusations, her blame and her spite. She blamed her son for not stopping his sister, for not seeing the signs and trying to do something. Benji blamed himself too. He had no outlet until an acquaintance at school invited him to a night out with her buddies.

    These night outs consisted of drinking. A good bit of it. It was fun and everyone there quickly accepted Benji as their own. He was still the quieter of them, but not voiceless. Not anymore. And the alcohol reminded him of when he and his sister got into their parents' beer. He could actually remember his sister fondly for the first time in what seemed forever. He realized blame wasn't important, but keeping her memory alive was, so he was finally able to mourn in his own, healthy way. For the rest of high school, Benji still had to mediate between his mother and father, comfort a mother that still blamed him every chance she got, and keep his head down and stay quiet. But whenever he got a chance, he was sneaking away with his buddies, enjoying the nightlife and whatever schemes they came up with.

    Come time to head off to college, Benji knew exactly what he wanted to pursue. Brewmaster. He wanted to learn how to make his own brewery, his own drinks. But decided at some point having to be in charge of so much wasn't his thing. He wanted something smaller, to run his own bar while brewing on the side for fun, adding a business degree to his college time. Now done with that, all he needed was a place. Benji at first tried to go back home now that it'd been years since he'd seen his parents. When he did, he found his parents were divorced. His dad was still dead to the world and his mother, while somewhat moved on from Anna's suicide, never lost her mean streak. The moment he came back into town to see them, the drama was kicked up all over again. He remembered exactly why he went to college so far away. So less than a week later, he was already on the move. His search for a new home lead him to Lichbarrow. There was an old bar in town that was being sold, neglected by the previous owners for some time now. So with a few correspondences, Benji bought the rights and turned the rickety building into a pub, naming it Anna's in memory of his sister.


Anna Filipov: Deceased younger sister whom he adores

Borys Filipov: His papa. Benji hasn't had a decent conversation with him in many years.

Dianna Filipov: His mom. Very rocky relationship. He cares about his mom, but can rarely talk to her without it turning into an argument.

Malachi Filipov: Older brother. They talk sometimes but aren't as close as Benji wishes they were


☂ Has piercings on his ears and on his cheeks
☂ Hoards pens like you wouldn't believe
☂ Has a scandalous tattoo on his hip
☂ Speaks a lil bit of Polish
☂ His best friend from high school and college is named Lily Hernandez. They still keep in touch.
☂ He has a necklace of his sister's ashes hanging by his window at home.
☂ Brews his own beer and vodka as a hobby
☂ Here's his playlist.

[RP Preferences]

☂ I'll hc or do literature, MAYBE script for certain people. I prefer RPing on google docs or on discord, but I've used forums in the past. I won't do Skype however, sorry. I'm leavin' that mess behind.

Benji Filipov (C) Kuejena
Application (C) RainyDays-RP
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