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Post-Apoc Characters by Kuejena Post-Apoc Characters by Kuejena
So, if you read my Dystopia story (, you caught a glimpse of the story I'm writing. Here's some of the characters. These are not all of them though. I still need to draw Kale, the main character, the priest guy, and some sketches of the protagonists. I also have to draw Dr. Steward. And what the "zombies" look like. I might toss in a few more characters, because why not? You can bet there will be many character deaths in here MUAHAHAHA! So anyway, here's a quick overview of my characters.

Also, I need help. Should this book be written as a novel, or in third person? I'm leaning on novel, but I don't know...

Name: Dia
Age: 16
 This chick is totes cray. She wants to be a demolitions expert, but seeing as there aren't many explosives hanging around or any guide books, she makes do with what she has. If there are ingredients with the potential of causing a good boom, they're hers hands down. She's very lithe and good at hiding. She's also a sass mouth and drives Avery crazy. She considers herself to be the hardest of hardcores. She even pierced her ear. She wants to eventually pierce her lips as well. She's also the youngest of the group, and probably one of the youngest alive. 
Weapon of Choice: Grenade and baseball bat

Name: Dr. Ellis
Age: 64
 Say hello to the douche who started this! He's the scientist that created the domes and made a giant mess of things. 
Weapon of Choice: He's dead. He doesn't need one.

Name: Denny
Age: 42
 He's the leader of the mini group that Kale stumbles onto. Don't let his hippy appearance fool you. He's a great fighter and he's been at this fighting thing the longest. His story is a rather sad one. Once the apocalypse took place, he initially gave up. He scavenged the world for drugs, with enough water and food to survive. He traveled with his best friend James. James never took part in the drugs. One day, while Denny was high, they were attacked by Rabid Men, people who's mind have been destroyed from the apocalypse. Denny was way clouded with drugs and couldn't react well enough to defend himself. He never really cared if he died in the first place. However, James gave his life to save Denny, and that was something he could never forgive himself for. Since then he's been drug free and hardcore. He's fought of Rabid Men and zombies for quite a few years now. He's respected by his group.
Weapon of choice: Shotgun (details later) and nailed stick

Name: Avery
Age: 27
 Avery's dad was in the army for many years until he retired and became a policeman. He was one of the few that didn't bail after the apocalypse. He stood ground and tried to keep order in a world that was falling apart. He was doing well with gathering up men and reviving the police force, but he was shot while saving a family from Rabid Men. Avery respected her father and wears his dog tags at all times. She took up his job of trying to keep order. She has a very high sense of morality, which means she doesn't get along with Dia. At all.
Weapon of choice: Her dad's Glock 21 and sledge hammer

Name: Luke
Age: 24
 Luke doesn't like being touched, talked to, or messed with. Often times, you can't tell if he's complimenting or insulting you because it sounds the same. He feels being nice is a sign of weakness, and all he wants to do in this crazy world is survive. And no, he's not your standard anime is-tough-but-soft-on-the-inside type. He doesn't like kids or bunnies either. He like trustworthy people, and even then he's not the kind to come out and say "You're cool man, I like you." Nah, in fact it would sound more like, "Whatever idiot." He's not the most sociable, but he's reliable in combat. He's also hella gay and gets with the main character. And very vain. He loves his hair, but don't tease him about it unless you want a black eye.
Weapon of choice: Semi-automatic Pistol and his fists

Name: Kat
Age: 36
 Kat was just a writer and an artist before the apocalypse, so she doesn't exactly have the physical experience the others do. She can do enough to get by with the group, but it's not her strength. Most people with ample knowledge died during the apocalypse. Fortunately for her, she wrote many mystery and survival books, and has researched many things to make her books realistic, so she's the closest thing there is to a scholar. She's also creative and can come up with great ideas to get out of sticky situations. 
Weapon of choice: Pistol and leg of a chair

It is crucial for everyone to have both a long range and melee weapon. You'll see why as I post up the baddies. Also, there's a random hand.

Other things along this story line:
BunnyBelladonna Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Love the characters and the colors you used for them are very nice, I like nice job Kuejena. 
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