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Kue's 2015 Summary of Art by Kuejena Kue's 2015 Summary of Art by Kuejena
I like how Rye takes up an entire column
what an attention whore

:petalsbullet: Also, a lot of the art on this meme isn't art I've submitted yet. OTL Consider that something I plan to improve on for next year. Uploading more things. :petalsbullet: 

:pearl bullet: January :pearl bullet: 
Not much art happening

I had NOTHING for this month. At all. However, there was a thing I had done very late in  December of last year and I figured that was going to have to do. These characters none of you know yet, but that main chick is basically rich and takes in a bunch of cats and dogs and two horses and is currently getting a permit to take care of an eagle. I feel like I've submitted the sheet these characters are on, but I've checked many times and it seems I haven't.
Anyway, It seems I'm getting the basic anatomy down for animals and trying to do the same for humans at this point. My lines are messy and my coloring sloppy, but at least I colored at all. 

:pearl bullet: February :pearl bullet: 
Improvement with humans

I didn't submit anything on dA for months, but I have a lot of things on This gal's name is Elloise, originally an adopt I got from Chocodopts.  I was going to make her as an oc for a roleplay group, and I still might, but she was sort of put on the back burner for now. 
At this point my faces were still triangles, but my lines were ok and my colors soft. I was just starting to get a better understanding of body shapes, but the struggle was real. This month i spent a lot of time sketching and revamping characters. By characters, I mean Rye. I didn't submit any of it, and that's probably for the best.

:pearl bullet: March :pearl bullet: 
Anatomy and coloring are improving

Ehehehe, ah, I feel it's safe to say I was relatively comfortable with anatomy. I still struggled with drawing humanoids, but I was at least albe to get what I wanted if I put enough time into it. I still have a basic understanding of shading and the lines aren't as nice as they could have been BUT all things considered, this was pretty nice. I wasn't drawing much this month, but whatever I did draw had to do with Rye and the rps I was doing with him. Green Star 

:pearl bullet: April :pearl bullet: 
Detailing improves, but art interest goes down

This was one of the three total things I drew this month, all of them dealing with the same fantasy au that I never actually started. And this was the last thing I drew that month, on the 4th. I guess I just wasn't into drawing after this. Maybe school was getting to me. I know I was working on detail work, which I'd say I improved on looking at the things I did that month. Green Star 

:pearl bullet: May :pearl bullet:  
Art picks back up, improvement in coloring

Ah, Rapture, a dragon I drew on Flightrising. Annoyingly, the user didn't even thank me for the picture. r00d. Anyway, I was really proud of this. I didn't have the modded sai yet, so the background wasn't transparent. My lines were messy, but I was getting a method down for coloring. Drawing in general was getting more enjoyable at this point, just from the way better amount of things I did. Green Star 

:pearl bullet: June :pearl bullet: 
So much improvement all around

I did a LOT more drawing this month. Not just drawing, but creating. I had a line of new storylines and creations ready to explore. I did lots of concept sketches I never posted, the new Kingdom people. My art was really starting to pick up. Choosing just one thing was difficult, but I chose Pretzel because it most showed off my improvement in coloring and palettes. I still surprise myself when I remember that I made the entire coloring concept. Also, it's an open mouth, holy shit. This was a great month for art. Green Star 

:pearl bullet: July :pearl bullet: 
Slight anatomy improvement

I didn't draw quite as much, and while I was able to get this out, I remember this being about the time when drawing was getting increasingly difficult. Nothing turned out right, I was struggling with anatomy, style, ideas, and motivation. With this particular piece, I was working on making more dynamic poses and, of course, anatomy. It's not as great as I thought it was when I first made it :'D Green Star 

:pearl bullet: August :pearl bullet: 
Experimenting with shading

Oof, this was probably when my depression was reaching its peak. Most of what I submitted was vent art. I also pushed out a lot of adoptables, but I tend to make a lot of them as a way of blocking out my thoughts. But yeah, I didn't do much else, I was pretty drained at this point :'| Not really a month I want to revisit.
At the same time, I was actually satisfied with this piece. It forced me to focus on using shading and highlighting to mark facial features. Green Star 

:pearl bullet: September :pearl bullet: 
Anatomy practice, but nothing else much

Dear god. So, the only things I made this month was that pill deviation that's still on my front page, and a single sai file of a few sad sketches. I started my antidepressants this month, but it'd take a good few weeks before they started to work, so I was not very productive this month. A friend also disappeared on me, and any motivation to actually do anything was practically nonexistent. Green Star 

:pearl bullet: October :pearl bullet: 
Experimenting with face shape

Thank Christ, I was getting better this month, both art and mentality. The pills were kicking in and I was back into rps and art. I was trying to recreate a system for drawing people, starting with headshots. I wanted a way to make different face shapes. I didn't color but I did manage to do this. Green Star 

:pearl bullet: November :pearl bullet: 
Getting comfortable with techniques

I'm getting back into the swing of things. I'm reopening old works and starting to get comfortable with my art. Enough to color them. I made a ref sheet of Rye in different aus, so I'm liking my style enough to make neater ref sheets. I have some more arts for this month, but most of what I did was touching up old things. Green Star 

:pearl bullet: December :pearl bullet: 
A lot of improvement, especially lineart

I was blessed with neat lineart for once in my life. I think I've figured out a way of doing it (at least for dragons anyway) and it looks so clean and hella! I have a lot of things lined up to do, and right now art is fun and coming to me relatively easily. HOPEFULLY that carries into next year, and if everything goes well, I should be pumping out a lot of good stuff. Green Star 


So all in all, I'd say I definitely improved. I'm more comfortable with humans, extremely comfortable with animals, and downright awesome at dragons. My coloring still needs work, and so do my backgrounds, but those are goals for me to reach. Next year I want to post at least two things every month, but who knows.

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Blue Excorsit (c) Kazue Katō
Skydancers + Imperials (c) Flightrising
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