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Keonai Application for Kyrune by Kuejena Keonai Application for Kyrune by Kuejena
General Info:
Name: Kyrune
Age: 153
Height: 5’10
Weight : 140 
Gender: Female
Birthdate: February 17, 1961
Region: Cold
Flavor: Cool Mint
Colors: White and Light Blue
Detailed appearance description: Mostly white, a bit off-white for the body, and blue spots and markings.
Affinities: None so far
Clan and Position: Not sure which clan, but I’m thinking she’s the Sage
Sexual Orientation (optional): Lesbian

Personal Information:
Personality: Rude, curt. Very mean. Rarely ever likes anyone. If they are trying to befriend her, it’ll take a while. Someone tries to hit on her (looks pointedly at Brett), she’ll probably insult them straight out. She wouldn’t slap them unless they kept annoying her. She doesn’t like touching others. She does throw things though, and with incredible accuracy.
:happybounce: Diamonds
:happybounce: Snow
:happybounce: The Northern Lights
:happybounce: Being alone
:happybounce: Silence
:happybounce: Her fur
:happybounce: Polishing gems
:happybounce: Being appreciated for her intelligence
:happybounce: Stories

:rage: Touching others
:rage: People doing her favors
:rage: Getting dirty
:rage: Tangled fur
:rage: Loud noises
:rage: Crowds
:rage: The sight of injury.

Goals: Wants to educate her clan, be there to help (she likes to help, she’s just weird about it), wants to collect one of every kind of gem.
Fears: Getting lost, especially in crowds.

Background Info:
History: Grew up in the North back before there were clans. She enjoyed being alone, but didn’t like not having any way to learn new things or to show off her knowledge. She travelled a while before she finally found a clan and a cave full of her favorite gem, the diamond. Her grandmother gave her the diamond necklace she wears now. She loved her grandmother, learned all her stories, and lived with her until she died. Since then, for about 10 years she wandered through the icy wilderness of the North until she found the clan and the cave. She knows of herbs and medicines and helps the doctors. She can’t stand the sight of wounds so couldn’t be a doctor herself.
Strengths: Knowledge, mathematics, organizing, polishing gems, giving advice (of the intellectual sort).
Weaknesses: Getting along with others, even talking to others, physical work, helping people with visible injuries

RP Info:
Chatroom Availability: Outside of dA, pretty available. From 5:00pm to around 6:30, then 7:00 to 10:00. Outside that, I’m pretty available on weekends.
Other messaging outlets: Skype
(For the two below please choose one or the other or both)
RP Format/ Script Sample: Um, I’ll try. I’ve never roleplayed before…
Kyrune: Stop worrying about the humans, they don’t come up to the North. If we do, all we have to do is hide in the emergency underground burrows. *Kyrune huffs and walks to the other side of her cave*
Clan Chief: Our scout says that some are moving this way though! What if they’re coming for your cave? It holds the kind of riches they seek.
Kyrune: No one knows it’s here. I’ll cover the entrance with snow like I’ve discussed many times before with you. *Her voice gets sharper with irritation* Just listen to me for once would you? Worrying won’t get us anywhere.
Clan Chief: Watch your tone of voice with me! I’m trying to get you to realize that the situation may not be as under control as we thought.
Kyrune: *Throws rock at chief* YOU SOUND LIKE A COWARD! You’d have us walking constantly though the arctic finding somewhere safe! No one can ever be completely safe. Everyone everywhere who has settled somewhere can never be completely safe! If humans come, they’ll come! Stop acting like it’ll happen every day! You speak like a rabbit that’s worried because it saw one fox on its travels. Now GROW UP! *stomps away down her cave*
Is that how you do it…?

Paragraph Sample:
Kyrune sat alone in her cave. She stared into the cold center of the stone she was holding. As she turned it in her hand, candlelight bounced of the surface. Kyrune placed the stone against her chest over her heart.
“If this stone had a heartbeat, it would be me.” She said absent-mindedly. She placed the stone back on the table and walked outside the cave. In the distance she saw the rest of her clan, bundled up for the night. She had taught them a more effective way of weaving wool and since then the clan has slept warmer. “Maybe I’m not as cold as I tell myself I am.” With a small smirk she retired to her own bed for the night.

Other Information:
Quotes (optional):
Songs (optional):
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Ink--Beast Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Zel: *slowly touches her fur* "Preeeeeeetty ouo"
Kuejena Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kyrune: *stiffens noticeably* Guh, why are you touching me? Yes yes, it is clean and nice or whatever. Just, please, refrain from touching me.

Ink--Beast Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013  Student Digital Artist
"So sooooooooooft! How do you get it like that?"
Feather-Dragon Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
(Pepper just proposed the greatest idea I wanna see what you think of it.)

Cooridata: *Jotting down quickly scribbled notes onto her clipboard, her eyes glance just above her glasses rims to see Kyrune. With ears flattening, she straightens herself and glares coolly.* While I understand you and I both do not enjoy assumptions I take it you're the Sage? *Her lips tighten into a thin line.* When I told the elders that my clan needed one I didn't expect you to be a possible canidate. Are you currently involved with another clan that I should be aware of or do my statements hold true?
Kuejena Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Kyrune: *Holds head up in a way that gave off an air of contempt* Yes, I am the Sage here. I might not fit your tastes, but I'm the best Sage you can get in the North, or anywhere else for that matter. And no, I am not involved with another clan.
Feather-Dragon Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

ITS OKAY BBY ITS OKAY SHHHH :icontherethereplz:


Cooridata: *She adjusts her glasses on her face as she continues to write on her clipboard and the glare covered her eyes.* I am quite certain that you will be just fine otherwise I would not have allowed you to be in my clan. I have never doubted your skills as a Sage. The only thing I am displeased with is your arrogance, however there is nothing I can do within my power to fix that.

Chocodopts Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013
(Pep here)

Brett: Hey baby, I heard you're pretty smart~ You've got the right fluff for me, too~ Nice and long, and oh so soft. *He winks and quickly pets her shoulder*

((And are you SURE you haven't roleplayed before? <3333))
Kuejena Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kyrune: *glares heatedly at Brett* What do you think you're doing? You call that flirting? *Eyes open wide when he touches her shoulder and speaks quickly* You have exactly two seconds to get your hand off my shoulder.
Pepper-Head Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013  Student
(//replies on actual account whop)

Brett: Aw, but don't you want me to show you my rock collection? I heard that you like rocks. And boy do I have a big one that you'd like~ *He smirks and starts stroking her hair*

Kuejena Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kyrune: *ears flatten back* Excuse me? If anything it sounds like you're over compensating! *As his hand lay upon the first strand, she growls and slaps his hand away. She speaks very lowly* And consider that you're last warning.
(gah Brett stahp, water you doing? Run away!)
Pepper-Head Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013  Student
Brett: *Rubbing his hand, he forces a smile.* Ah, alright, I see that you aren't in the mood to chat right now. *He struggles to keep his composure, and bites the inside of his lip instead of displaying his bruised ego.* But since you aren't in the mood to see my topaz necklace, I guess I'll go take it elsewhere. Would you happen to know any other keonai that's as pretty as you and has blue markings?

( D: He just wants to love her!
Brett actually had a stone heh )
Kuejena Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
(He's just going to fast X3 Poor Brett, I'm so sorry D: It's so sad I wanna cry. Though mentioning the stone was perfect, that'll catch her attention)
Kyrune: Dang right I'm- Topaz? Topaz isn't found in the North...*Against her own will, her ears perk up and her tail swishes slightly in interest* And no, I don't think there are any Keonai as pretty as myself anywhere around here, much less with blue markings.

(btw, when she says that, it's more a fact to her than an ego. l'D)
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