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Gift by Kuejena Gift by Kuejena
A lovely gift for the lovely :iconzombies8mywaffle:
Aaah, I'm so bad with full bodies. I should stick to busts and headshots... 
Uh, you said she was nameless and had no story, so I took a few liberties, I hope that's okay. I mean, you can completely disregard them if you want, I just had fun. 
Pay no attention to the badly drawn pistol. I had no reference, which is something I should never do when drawing guns of any kind. The anatomy is probably wonky too, but I really tried hard. I really hope you like it!

Character belongs to Zombies8MyWaffle 
I just drew it is all
Chocoshrooms Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll mainly attack the anatomy, since that's what you said you feel you're the worst at!

I feel as if the face should be directly facing the viewer, and more to the side, since she is facing away from us. The way you drew it doesn't look bad (in fact I didn't really notice this until I actually started taking the skeleton apart) but a real person probably wouldn't be able to do that casually. So all you would really need to do is angle the nose more to the side and build the face around that? Or you could always reference real pictures, since I am in no way a professional source x'D

Otherwise I think your anatomy is pretty spot on! I can tell it's a little bit stiff, but I myself have issues with not making it look that way. I'm sure with practice poses will come more naturally (we can practice that together x'D)
As Zombies said, the feet from that angle look really good! I know from experience how awkward tiptoe-ing from the back is (i gave up x'D) so congrats on making it look good!

Sorry about the kind of bad critique, I've never really done this before ;o;
BubbleButtPlush Featured By Owner May 17, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
i love it!! this opens up a whole new story line for the character :D

and great job on those boots from that angle!! i hate drawing shoes from any angle!! youre a sweetheart! thanks so much for making me this!
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May 16, 2014
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