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Denny by Kuejena Denny by Kuejena
I drew this guy before on a sheet to show some of the characters for a book I was planning on writing. -->

Well, I decided I'm going to revamp each of the characters to give them more face shape (though I can't promise that each time ahaaa I'm not that strong with faces quite yet. I'll try but...) and less colorful clothes. All of them are too bright and cheery for a post-apocalypse so I'm trying to tune down their outfits and have it make more sense. Let me know if you like the revamp or not, what would be a good idea for the other guys, so on. I'm happy with how Denny came out though.

So his story is kinda sad. Before the apocalypse (I'll have better names for events and such later), he had his dream job. He and his buddy founded a gaming company called Ro Studios. It had picked up a good few years after it was founded, but pick up it did. The company was getting to be super successful when the mutants broke out. The company fell quickly afterwards as panic ensued. People stopped coming to work, riots wrecked the building, so on and so forth. 

After that, Denny simply gave up. He and his friend went travelling around among the the chaos and Denny got into hallucinogens. Unfortunately, one day while he was still on his high, a group of Madmen broke into the room they were staying in and Denny's friend gave his life protecting him. Since then, Denny's left behind his bad habits and put more effort into surviving. In fact, he started helping others to survive. Now he leads a group of people and helps them make it from day to day. 
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August 2, 2015
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