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another shitty update journal, sorry
Happy holidays, everyone! I have mostly good news.
Firstly, I should be more active beginning next year. i'll be getting a new tablet within the next few months (march at the latest, hopefully). I also have a few traditional drawings that I like enough to post when I have the time. However, I'm not 100% when I will have the time. This is because of a few things.
School, being the main one (after procrastination). Business classes have been really boring and awful, but there's only two weeks left of class. Next semester I'm only taking fun classes, so I'm really excited. I think I did really well this year. While I have a (really late) project to finish this weekend, I'm caught up in all my other classes. It's pretty incredible, imo. I put in a lot of effort to actually do well this semester, and it paid off.
After that, I'm moving soon! Really soon. Like, a week. Next Saturday I'll be moving in with my significant other and some friends into our new apartment. I'm really excited about
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Yo wassup, I do some arts brah, but mostly adoptables, art of my ocs, art for RP groups, and some really random and weird stuff. I like a lot of video games, cop shows, plants, and food... Feel free to chat, I won't bite*

(*unless you want me to)

To Do List:
- That one adopt
- Cicero's app
- Art of purple boi

Commissions Open [Pastel] by xFarfalla Trades Open [Pastel] by xFarfalla Request Friends [Pastel] by xFarfalla


Total Custom Adopt
Custom adoptable without a base, making it less restricting and more unique.  It's only cheap for now because I need more current examples.  It'll eventually be pricier than my base adopts.

Race: (Humanoid, animal, feral, furry, alien, the very basics of what you want from me)
Theme: (Be this color palette, specific or vague concept, or an actual item or creature you want me to base the adopt off of. The details of your adopt.)
Other: (This is for if you have anything you wish to add that there was no space for above.) 

I'll ask you for more details should I need them.
Base Custom Adopt
Choose a base I've used before or any free base you know of, fill out the form below, and I'll get to work on your new custom. These prices are subject to change once I build confidence in my abilities.

Base: (Either a base I've used before, or a free base of your choice)
Gender: (This can be literally anything, a-gender, androgynous, fem male, masculine female, etc. You may even ask me to choose for you if you don't care)
Color Palette: (Optional, but greatly appreciated. Just steer me in a general direction at least)
Theme: (Again, I need something to go on. You can say something as vague as "Colorful" or as specific as "Monochrome dieselpunk officer")
Species: (Kemonomimi, feral, furry, human, demon, scent skunk, etc. You may also opt for me to surprise you or give me options.)
Expression: (Having a general idea for personality helps my creative process, but it's not necessary if you have no idea)
Other: (This is for if you have anything you wish to add that there was no space for above.) 
This avatar of mine is so freakin' old and desperately needs an update. Does anyone know of a great pixel artist I could commission for a new one?


[PC App] Rye
Little Pixel Wing - Black (left) :iconpatriamconcordia: Little Pixel Wing - Black (right)
Pixel Rose Divider - Purple

NAME: Rykhael
    ↳ NICKNAMES: Rye, he never goes by Rykhael.

AGE: 24

HEIGHT: 5'7 | 170cm
BODY TYPE: Thin Curveless Rectangle with a tail

RACE: Tiefling
OCCUPATION: Apprentice Healer

   Black Sparkle 1  Night Vision (Tiefling Ability)
   Black Sparkle 1  Fire Resistance (Tiefling Ability)
   Black Sparkle 1  Induced Sleeping: Very underdeveloped, Rye's not much good at it. He can force someone to sleep with prolonged contact. It takes a while for someone to fully fall unconscious, having to fight off increasing drowsiness until they fall asleep. 

pink tick Energetic . Sociable . Bold . Open Minded pink tick
Pixel: Spider Flirtatious . Morally Ambiguous . Casual . Mistrustful Pixel: Spider
x Impressionable . Insecure . Impulsive x 


     Decorative divider - Left 
    Rye's a flirty, outgoing piece of work. You could be the most unapproachable sourpuss on the other side of the town and Rye will introduce himself to you whether you want him to or not. He'll toss in a wink and a couple of compliments as well too. He likes speaking with others, flirting with them, having another sentient there to interact with in general. He has no fear of talking to people, even in crowds. He finds a kind of strength in having everyone's attention. Whether or not that attention is good or bad is irrelevant to him. While he loves to interact with others, it's as much a shield as a hobby. However, Rye loves some good wit. If there's an individual with heaps of sarcasm, Rye's attention is on them completely. Nothing sparks his dead soul to life like someone that can insult anyone with skill. Rye's also a sucker for anyone with an eye for good garbs and fancy needlework. He's never had much talent in it himself, but appreciates the art of some spot on fashion.

He views everyone with mistrust and tends to hate everyone as a general population. He talks to people but keeps them at a distance. Sure, maybe this is a town where all species live together in harmony, but he'll believe it when he sees it. But don't worry, most of his doubt for everyone else comes from his own cripplingly low self esteem and self hatred! And that's why he flirts and spouts off sarcasm. In all seriousness though, his mistrust with everyone is what allows him to see the world in an open view. Anyone is capable of anything to him, and he tends to be open to all kinds of individuals because of it. Unfortunately, it's that same sense of moral greyness that makes Rye and his own moral stances easily bendable. With time, anyone could convince this idiot to break all kinds of laws.


    Decorative divider - Left  
    Rye's parents were part of a small group of traveling merchants comprised of different races, all spurned from their childhood towns for one reason or another. Their compiled knowledge of different areas gave them an advantage in trading, and traveling gave them the freedom they never had when they were settled down in one place. Unfortunately, their convoy was attacked while traveling between cities. His mother survived the attack long enough to give birth to her son, but died shortly after. Rye was rendered an orphan at a young age, handed over to the orphanage of the nearest settlement.

    Rye grew up as a typical, poor orphan, added with the disadvantage of being a Tiefling in a primarily human city. He fought the stares, accusations, and spurn of the majority of people in the city as a young boy, hoping to one day prove them wrong. At least he had the healthy relationships with the other orphans. They'd be the only family he'd ever have. Growing up outcasted among the citizens left him few choices for employment, and he was usually left taking low paying or less than reputable jobs. Jobs ranging from cleaning the streets, stealing from merchant stands, or by selling himself. The hard work was met with slurs from strangers on the streets, and on rare occasion, maybe a rock was thrown from someone out of sight. Any dream he had as a child of changing the humans' minds about being a good Tiefling boy died quickly. At age 19 he had finally scrapped enough coin together to set off from his current city to find better fortune somewhere else. Anywhere else. 

    The first civilization he traveled to was a nearby city with a larger population. He ended up taking the only job available to him, a servant for the rich. A family that never trusted him near the kitchen, particularly around the silver cutlery. He served at their lavish parties while the servants lived in squalor. So of course, he left that place too. Rye's second city left him with a job helping thieves by forcing guards to sleep with a newfound ability. He met a member of this thieving ring while attempting to find an inn to stay at that didn't toss him out at the first sight. The Tiefling argued with one such owner, grabbing onto his arm until eventually, the man became unconscious. This underdeveloped power of Rye's became integral to the group of thieves, only their schemes became less and less friendly with each new run. It wasn't until blood was shed that Rye left. Next city wasn't nearly as exciting, but it did leave him under the employ of another rich family with more demeaning tasks. No matter where he traveled he couldn't find much better, and he honestly stopped trying. Angry with both the world and himself, Rye ditched another half-attempt at a new life and journeyed to a new city. Only it didn't go smoothly this time. Halfway to his next failure, he was ambushed by some punk bandit mages, one of which managed a nasty ice spell that left Rye incapacitated. 

    Rye woke up inside an infirmary he didn't recognize. He was bandaged and tended to, and was in fact stood over by another Tiefling with cold eyes. He ended up sticking around to ask questions about the clinic he woke up inside of, asking the Tiefling named Clemency what certain things did. He was fascinated that the town's local healer was actually a *Tiefling*. He was fascinated by the workings of the clinic and continually asked question. He soon discovered they both shared some similar worldviews. Rye stuck around and ended up becoming an apprentice to Clem. 



Tiny Pixel Rose Bullet 2 - Pink Learning
Tiny Pixel Rose Bullet 2 - Pink Casual Flirts
Tiny Pixel Rose Bullet 2 - Pink Touch in general
Tiny Pixel Rose Bullet 2 - Pink Wit and Witty People
Pixel: Spider Spiders
Tiny Pixel Rose Bullet 2 - Pink A good punch in the face
pink knife emoji Blades 
Tiny Pixel Rose Bullet 2 - Pink Travel
Tiny Pixel Rose Bullet 2 - Pink Attention
Tiny Pixel Rose Bullet 2 - Pink Good Wine


Tiny Heart Bullet (Black) - F2U! Himself
Tiny Heart Bullet (Black) - F2U! Authority
Tiny Heart Bullet (Black) - F2U! Vulnerability
Tiny Heart Bullet (Black) - F2U! Children
Tiny Heart Bullet (Black) - F2U! Squirrels
Tiny Heart Bullet (Black) - F2U! Being Alone
Tiny Heart Bullet (Black) - F2U! Sunny Days
Tiny Heart Bullet (Black) - F2U! Cheap Wine

Bullet Point Circle Pattern - PinkExtraBullet Point Circle Pattern - Pink

    - Names the leeches at the infirmary
    - Will pass out compliments all day but can't take one for the life of him
    - Has a side passion for gay fashion
    - Inherited none of his parents' talent for business and making the most of his coin
    - Thinks blood is pretty. ... Not in an edgy way, it's just a very stunning shade of red.
    - Due to his time spent in a small group of thieves, Rye's got some nimble fingers and likewise will not be fooled by other nimble fingers

I used this for the details on his robes. 

Rykhael Copyright Black Kuejena
App for PatriamConcordia 
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