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Me by Kuatsimoto Me :iconkuatsimoto:Kuatsimoto 0 0 Old Man by Kuatsimoto Old Man :iconkuatsimoto:Kuatsimoto 0 0
Mature content
Point of no Return :iconkuatsimoto:Kuatsimoto 0 0
The Decline of Truth
The smoldering embers of a tree
Once shinning the life of men
Remind the story of the sad illusion
That was to be the decline of truth.
Taken by the fire of madness
Stoked by the anger within,
The clear ponds reflected the brave knight
The hero of truth
The bringer of illusion.
Stricken by the light of darkness
The sky is forever in chaos
As the light that once gave it color
Was devoured by the demon of madness.
The leaves that flew in the winds
Now rest by the embers reflecting illusion
And the smoldering heat of truth
Became apparent as the hero trapped in illusion
Sauntered beneath the chaos sky
And as the demon devoured illusion
The truth became apparent
And the hero that never was
Defeated by truth
Faded to the embers of sad illusion
And added to the decline of truth.
:iconkuatsimoto:Kuatsimoto 0 0
Lies Lived in Silence
The smoke rises,
Seeping through endless twilight
And searing my flesh.
A looking glass,
Clear as the moon shines,
Presented itself
And I looked into myself.
Things I never did but should of
And things I did but shouldn’t have
Drifted into the night,
Mingling with the smoke
Seemingly merging
Until the last of the thick curls
Where caught by a question never answered.
The lies I lived through in silence
Were projected to my past
As I saw the present pass
Desperately trying to catch the future.
But no matter how close the future seems,
Or how much the smoke fogs the night,
The present will always be one step behind.
So long the past lingers
As the moon hangs above
And the future drifts into the endless twilight,
The thick smoke fogs the looking glass
And the present will always rely
On seared flesh and lies lived in silence.
:iconkuatsimoto:Kuatsimoto 0 0
Paper meets Pen.
Or is it Pen meets Paper?
This phenomenon of feelings on paper is inexplicable.
The hand gliding over the paper
On its own accord.
Like your just the audience
Of a play,
A story,
A movie,
Shouting some suggestions
As the show rolls by.
Your ideas spill out on paper
As if the ink of the pen
Was a part of your mind.
The hand,
The pen,
The paper.
They dont need to plan,
Dont need to think.
They read your mind
And translate your feelings into words
Man has been carved
By the ink of the mind
And the hand of man
Which makes Paper meet Pen.
Or was it Pen meets Paper?
:iconkuatsimoto:Kuatsimoto 0 3
Imhotep and his Pyramid
In the land where sand and water meet
And heaven and earth collide,
The stars align side by side,
And a god takes his seat.
Everyone stands
As he quiets, everyone listens
He scans the lands,
The water is still, the sand glistens.
He looks at his people and takes a breath
From is godly throne he begins to speak,
“I am the keeper of Death,
And the happiness you seek!”
“To all of my people I urge,
For I look into my past
And see that mortals have courage
For every day might be their last”
And at night when alone with my thoughts
I look up; to the heavens I gaze
I see immortals suffering through endless nights,
Nothing left in this world to crave.
  “So everyone here
Take the  oath on my breath,
To make immortals peer
To earthly sin and death!”
And so a pointed monument
Reached to the sky
And there is still not a moment
When immortals don’t peer and mortals don’t gaze to the sky.
:iconkuatsimoto:Kuatsimoto 0 0
Metal Dragon
Clouds rush by, blown along by the great winds
The river sparkles like tiny gems.
Crushing fears and forgeting sins,
Im seeing the world through a different lens.
Over skys, the Metal Dragon i ride.
The clouds making shapes, faces of loved ones,
Bounderies are erased, there are no sides.
Trees do not care which side they are on.
But the clouds fade and the sky is distant
Its saddening, but everything must end.
We desend to a world thats consistant.
We start to remember, why must this end?
The dragon swoops once, twice! and we have arrived.
We get our bags, and thank god we survied.
:iconkuatsimoto:Kuatsimoto 0 0
El Sueno del Hombre
La luz sonriente
Que abre la noche
Extiende sus brazos
Asta el paraiso del hombre
Pero alrededor de la brillante luz
Atras de los suenos
La abertura de luz
Se envuelve en la noche.
Las olas profundas
Confusas y obscuras
Chocan contra las piedras
Del Corazon y el alma.
Pero los brazos brillantes
Del los suenos del hombre
Luchan la noche
De las olas chocantes.
Y la luz se envuelve
Entre las olas obscuras
Y las olas se mesclan
Con los brazos brillantes
La luz y la noche
Toman su forma
Dentro el Corazon y el alma,
El phisico hombre
:iconkuatsimoto:Kuatsimoto 1 1
My Last Sun
‘Lo! The stars! How they shine in the night.
Their hope in the dark
Makes for a splendid sight!
‘Lo! The ringing bells toll to the sky
With its sun-washed blue
Bringing light to the lies
Oh! How I wish it were so!
How I wonder bemused
As the sun lines the crow.
Oh! How it pains me to see
My last sunset float by
Shunned by the crow on the tree.
Yet! As the last light floats away
The crow of my Hades
Took stark flight, destined to stay.
So it was to see my last sun
But never again
Shall I be undone.
:iconkuatsimoto:Kuatsimoto 0 0
Loveless Flame
Lighter than air
More intense than anger
It wisps through the night
Casting shadows in the dark

Warm like the sun
Ablaze with a passion
It flickers to the sky
Reaching for the impossible
Radiating warmth and compassion
Around its lonely surroundings
Suffering the loss
Of the brightness around it

Singeing the flesh
Of the heart that surrounds it
Missing the love
Radiating around it<b>
:iconkuatsimoto:Kuatsimoto 1 0
My Awsome Golf Swing by Kuatsimoto My Awsome Golf Swing :iconkuatsimoto:Kuatsimoto 0 0
Shadows Come to Dust
Shadows come to dust
As the last men fall
As the final clouds fade away
And the shallow oceans evaporate.
Shadows come to dust
On edge of light
Where the lone wolf howls
As the last moon falters
Shadows come to dust
When hope is listless
When joy is despairing
And music is monotonous
Shadows come to dust
Only for the dust to blow
In the endless wind
To another shadow
Shadows come to dust
For a new beginning
To complete the cycle
And the beginning of the end.
:iconkuatsimoto:Kuatsimoto 0 0
Trancsending the Crowd
Most people would say that they do not follow the crowd; that they think independently.
I will admit that I do follow the crowd, even though that, in and of itself, is a paradox. I have entered a state of quiet desperation, as Henry David Thoreau so eloquently put it, so profound, that the reason of my existence has entirely escaped me. My fingers have unconsciously grasped at an answer already lost to the deepest recesses of my mind, the likes of which, I wouldn’t understand I found it.
After reading about the great transcendentalist philosophers, Emerson and Thoreau, I found myself thinking on a deeper level than I have ever experienced. My mind was clear and a fresh stream of ideas soon inevitably followed. I was beginning to form questions from something I would have thought irrelevant. I began to see society in a different light and I began to disagree with many things. Most of all, I began to see myself. I could see my strengths and, in turn, my weaknesses. Every time I look
:iconkuatsimoto:Kuatsimoto 0 0
Mario Caesar - completed by Kuatsimoto Mario Caesar - completed :iconkuatsimoto:Kuatsimoto 0 0 MEAT by Kuatsimoto MEAT :iconkuatsimoto:Kuatsimoto 1 0


The Scream by seaspell
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The Scream :iconseaspell:seaspell 1,116 112
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