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Tribute To Lost Potential

By kuabci
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November 2017

Last night we finally gave the new BatB a second chance and I still was barely whelmed. Emma Watson just looks so bored the whole time. Well, she alternates between smug and bored. Alas for lost potential. Anyway, I remembered I started a sketch of Actual Belle in New Belle's wedding dress some time ago (7 months exactly as is turns out) so it was a good time to finish it up, add a couple more and throw color at them. You can tell by the sizes here my preference order.

Click on the links to also see a quick sketch based on Limlight's favorite misheard lyric from one of the new songs!

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Agree with you!

Anyway, great work-art!!!
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Great to hear!  Thank you!!!
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At least they made some original designs for the remake...?

While I loved the scenery and sets, I felt cheated. For one: No one showed off leg of any sort in that time era, so why did they have her do it? Also: her singing. I've heard better. Some of the new songs weren't that bad though, so there's that.
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I guess so, except that I didn't really like a lot of them, ha ha.  I feel like even the castle was just too ornate.  There's something to be said for subtlety.

And yes, her singing was a major flaw in her casting.  She didn't have to be fantastic, but she should at least be able to carry a tune without digital enhancement.  The new songs are fine (though I missed some of the songs from the Broadway show -- why didn't they just make a movie of that version?  It's different enough that it wouldn't have felt like a shot-by-shot remake).
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My mane problem with Emma Watson as Belle was the fact that I couldn't look at her and not see Hermione Granger.  Also, she just looked too young for the part.  If she wasn't, major props to her for not showing it.

Other issues were Gaston - way too tiny, and Beast's song as Belle went to rescue Maurice, I was waiting for that to be over.

(I would have simply edited the old comment, but DA, for some reason, wouldn't let me.)
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She was definitely in Hermione mode for a lot of it, which I agree was distracting.  It's hard to see those kids in anything else and not think of their HP characters, for better or worse.

I didn't even notice that bit about the falling petals' effect on the objects, but I did think their complete transformation was pretty good, and I actually gasped when I thought Chip was going to shatter.
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The only real improvement the movie had in it, for me, personally, was the added sense of doom for the servants.  Every time a petal fell, they became full appliance for a split second.  And, at the end, when the last petal fell, they went full appliance, they feared, forever.
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I knew the minute Emma Watson was cast there would be disappointment as its a pity because there were so many directions the movie could have gone. Although your dresses are so gorgeous that I like how you make with each developmental stage for Belle.
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I agree, it could have gone so much better overall.  Thank you!
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I'm not a fan of her yellow dress in the remake. :(
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Me neither.  It looks like something off the Prom clearance rack at the mall.
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My own prom dress looked better than that!
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I don't doubt it!
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I love these so much <3! The clothes look soo good aaah
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Thank you!  The costumes were fun to draw.
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I liked all the other actors in it, but Emma Watson... she is an okay actress. I find she is overrated. But all I saw was Hermione without magic. She didn't really change much. 

There are so many others that would have been better. 
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Yeah, I love her as Hermione but even then her acting was okay.  She didn't change it up much to play Belle, and I know there are similarities (as I've been saying for years: see below), but I just don't think she has the character really in her, not to mention the singing.  Oh well.  They went for star power even though they hardly needed it.
  Her Nose Stuck In a Book by kuabci
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I also wish they got someone who had a french accent or could do it, because even watching the animated disney beauty and the beast, I think they should have gotten someone with a french accent or could do it to voice the characters. 
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That's true of almost every movie set in France.  The animated BatB didn't even go for the traditional English accent, ha ha.
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Let's be honest here.  Emma Watson got the part due solely to her being type-cast as "The Smart Girl."  It didn't matter if she could sing or play the part well.  If some other actress had played Hermione Granger then she probably would've played Belle... and as long as we're being honest I doubt ANYONE could have sung it as well as the original. Those shoes are just too big to fill. Belle Roll eyes plz 
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