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Mal's Shiny Crew

By kuabci
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May 2013

A while ago I finished a nice Firefly/Serenity rewatch, and some drawings of our favorite Firefly's crew was in order. Such a great mix of characters. I've attempted a couple of these before, but they haven't turned out until now (and some STILL elude me... how can Inara, who is ever so lovely, be so hard for me to draw??). I especially think Zoe, Wash and Simon turned out. River, Book, Jayne, Kaylee and Inara are all right. I have no idea what to do about Mal. His face is apparently undrawable. Sorry, Nathan Fillion!

Oh, and Wash's dinosaurs are courtesy of The Wife. Thanks for your very appropriate contribution, Wife!
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I absolutely love your ability to capture the physical characteristics of people, as well as their personalities!

I got drawn to your page by the wonderful Disney art, but this Firefly page really captured my attention =] -- and now I can't stop browsing through your artwork.

I'm a huge fan =]
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Ah yes, Disney is my first love, but my interests have definitely expanded since that era (though Disney still remains a huge inspiration and pretty regular subject matter).  I'm glad to hear from a new fan! :D
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They look good in this style. Nice job!
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Thanks!  I'm glad you like them. :)
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This is amazing! They look like Disney did a spin off film, I love them all :D
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Thanks a lot!  Disney's Firefly...  Now, that would be awesome. :)
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You got Mal's hair even if his face is difficult! Zoe, Book, Inara and Simon are immediately very recognisable here. Great job! Wash's dinosaurs, cute.
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Thank you so much!  I'm always glad to hear when people can recognize characters as I have drawn them.
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Awesome drawings! I love Firefly ;w;
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Thanks! So do I. :)
Cpt-Marshmallow's avatar
You're welcome!
I loved Wash and his dinosaurs x3
kuabci's avatar
Oh Wash. *sniff*
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Wow, Firefly! Great series and wonderful picture!
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That it is, and thank you!
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Mal looks great, don't worry about him.
kuabci's avatar
Right on, thanks much!
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Shiny! Wait, you said that already.
kuabci's avatar
Yes I did! But it always bears repeating. Tru fax: When I first titled this, "Shiny" wasn't part of it. That was added as an afterthought. And it's a good thing too (just because).
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Lovely stretches! =D You captured each character very well.
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Thanks much! I'm glad their likenesses came across.
X-I-L2048's avatar
You're very welcome. =D
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This is so cool! By far my favourite TV show! You did an excellent job! GAH FILLION IS JUST AS GORGEOUS AS EVER!! *swoons*
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Thanks much!!! It's a great show. :)
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YES! I was seriously just thinking the other day about how I need to watch this again. You captured them all splendidly! :) (It's true though, Fillion's face is an impossible one.)
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