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Disney Un-Disneyed: Rapunzel



Pen/Photoshop for minor adjustments
December 2014

I've been doing character designs for Rapunzel (reviews here, here, here and here) since the mid-'90s (which is partly why I'll always be a bit sad that 1) I wasn't working for Disney when they finally made it, and 2) it was 3D when they finally made it), so it was fun to do another design of her after several years.  For some reason I used to picture this story with a sort or Arabian flair, probably because I was still obsessed with Aladdin at the time, and yes, I know it doesn't really make sense since her blonde hair is a pretty significant character point, but I'm sure I could figure out a way to explain it.  Anyway, this was fun and I can't believe I'm almost done with my Disney source material read-through/Disney Un-Disneyed series.

P.S. Thanks again, Photoshop, for helping me with some tiny changes that make a huge difference.

Snow White here.
Pinocchio here.
Denizens of Sleepy Hollow here.
Cinderella here.
Alice In Wonderland here.
Peter Pan here.
Sleeping Beauty here.
The Wart here.
Mowgli here.
Robin Hood here
Taran here.
Basil of Baker Street here.
Oliver here.
The Little Mermaid here.
Beauty and the Beast here.
Aladdin here.
Hamlet here.
Pocahontas here.
Quasimodo and Esmeralda here.
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Mulan here.
Tarzan here.
The Emperor here.
Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver here.
Wilbur Robinson and Friend here.
The Frog Prince and the Princess here.

Disney Un-Disneyed folder here.
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It'd be really cool if she and Eugene visited the Middle East. :)