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Disney Un-Disneyed: Mowgli

By kuabci
June 2014

The next in my series of Disney source material character sketches is the wolf-raised Man-cub himself (review of The Jungle Book and its sequel here and here).  I really liked these books, and even though they're a little darker than the Disney version, I think it's a pretty good adaptation in some ways.

(Also, I thought and thought about putting a little scrap of something on him, but it's just not the way it was or would be in the books, and I also thought and thought about marking this as mature, but it's just not.  It's quite as innocent as it can be.)

UPDATE: Painted version here

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tcr11050's avatar
How old is he? And which wolf character is right by him?
kuabci's avatar
Mmm, looks maybe 13-15 here?  Maybe a bit older?  Definitely in between Disney's child and adult versions.  And I think the wolf is just a generic representation of a wolf since he was raised by them.
tcr11050's avatar
Alright, though I was thinking it was the main wolf characters. Like Akela, Father Wolf, Raksha or Mother Wolf, or Gray Brother.
kuabci's avatar
Probably Akela, though I don't remember thinking of any specific one when I drew it.  I think I actually meant it to represent Mowgli himself as a wolf, since he was adopted as one, like the jungle side of him.
tcr11050's avatar
Alright, I was thinking Akela because the wolf does kind of look elderly.
kuabci's avatar
Interesting, it was unintended to come across that way, but it's often fun to hear different interpretations.
tcr11050's avatar
Kodimarto's avatar
Excellent job on the sketching. :)
kuabci's avatar
Renee-Niels's avatar
... Oh dear. .3. He IS kinda cute.
kuabci's avatar
As a jungle boy should be! (?)
aotearoa-geek13's avatar
he's kinda cute! Blush 
kuabci's avatar
Well, that wasn't exactly my driving motivation when designing him, but thanks!
Itsgoose2u's avatar
This is awesome. I still can't get enough of this series you're doing.
kuabci's avatar
Thanks!  I'm glad you're liking it.  There are several more on the horizon in the coming months (and one in the coming moments). :)
Itsgoose2u's avatar
Very glad to hear that :)
theterriblezodin's avatar
I like this whole series, but this is my favorite so far.
kuabci's avatar
Interesting!  What is it about this one that especially appeals to you, do you think?
theterriblezodin's avatar
I suppose I really like the fluidity and the angles on the limbs.  Maybe the fact he has no clothes has contributed to my seeing that more than in your other drawings??
kuabci's avatar
I see, that makes sense.  It's fun to get back to the basic figure sometimes, though adding and draping clothes can be fun and challenging too.
theterriblezodin's avatar
Agreed, on both points.
DTWX's avatar
EXACTLY! I've always hated Mowgli wearing some scrap clothing over him that he magically found, when he's supposed to be raised in the wilds of the Jungle. :nod:
Of course, he was also much younger, and would look even moreso, just like actual Feral Children. 8-)
kuabci's avatar
Yeah, I can totally see why they would put a little something on him, but it does make more sense that he would just go au naturel, and that's definitely how he's described in the book (in vaguest detail, of course).  Maybe in the movie he's just wearing the blanket that he was found in, and fashioned it into a little diaper because instinctively he knew he wasn't just an animal?  Ha, I don't know.

Do you mean he was younger in the book or in the movie?  In any case, it's interesting, he goes from infancy in the books all the way to adulthood.  I just decided to draw him somewhere in the middle there, since that's where he spends most of the stories.
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