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Go Fly A Kite, page 4

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Finally, page 4! Sorry it took so long.

Is Fluttershy in fact a pegasus who's afraid of heights? I don't think it's as simple as that, because-- oh, look what Discord did! Never mind.

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(Who gets the reference? )
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StormCutieStudent Writer
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me and those that don't look up "crazy future" it has a funny gag near the end if you get it.
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As Faust intended
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Now they are Posey and Surprise!
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Fluttershy: Pinkie Pie has enough Reality Bending talent as it is!! Giving her Wings just makes things WORSE!! Imagine what would happen if she got a Unicorn Horn, or both at the same time!?!?
Discord: (deadpanned look) Fluttershy, I'm the God of Chaos, and even _I_ know not to give Pinkie Pie a Unicorn horn. The Fabric of Reality is delicate enough as it is with ME pulling on the strings. At least _I_ know where to not pull.
Fluttershy: (sighs) Just give me back my wings SOON, okay!!
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I did it for you *points to pinkie who has celestia's horn now* *derp eyes* surgically removing horns is fun
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FS/Discord: You've doomed us all!!
Discord uses his reality bending powers to get FS and himself out of the firing range by heading to a reality protected bubble of existence.
FS: Well, at least MLP will still live on.
Discord: Tea, Fluttershy? (holds tray with tea and cups on it)
FS: (shrugs) Might as well. (takes sip before noticing something) ...(deadpanned) And I still don't have my wings.
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*pinkie appears next to them thanks to reality bending powers*
Pinkie: Hi, what's up? This looks fun! Can I join?
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Yeah, Discord may be the God of Chaos, but Pinkie Pie is _insane_ -- & _he's_ NOT CRAZY!
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BarryFromMarsStudent Traditional Artist
Is Page Five coming?
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ahh...!!!! more!!!!
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DragonTamer360Hobbyist General Artist
aw crap!
fluttershy use ur stare!
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SuqardaddyHobbyist General Artist
Fluttershy, you mostly spent most of your time on the earth than the sky, right?
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SpaceSpamHobbyist General Artist
Guess what , I find your design right , as Lauren Faust's First Design for the mane six had Fluttershy as an Earth , and Pinkie (aka Surprise) as a pegasi.
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What's wrong ?
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truecereHobbyist Artist
every true brony knows ALL about the show!
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SpaceSpamHobbyist General Artist
Um.. So ?
That's why you're like Duh? Just because I said so ?
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