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Snape's Secret

By ktshy
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A Snape for :iconsnapesnogger:
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CircusCavalierProfessional Digital Artist
snape looks so pretty and so much like snape, whattt
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BrighthasBreachedHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is so cute!
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savethemgirlStudent Artist
hai i was wondering why did you stop updating will you continue?
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mmm... tard-cream ice cream icon (F2U) Neapolitan Ice Cream Ice Cream Icon - Free for use Ice Cream Ice Cream yum yum eat us ice cream 
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SilverShade2402 Digital Artist
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NyanNyaLovesPieHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice job
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AwlitaHobbyist Digital Artist
c'est super chou ! ^3^
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Venice1987Hobbyist Writer
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Venii-DarkFireHobbyist Digital Artist
whats the meaning of it ??!??!?
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applejack4severHobbyist Digital Artist
snape loves lily
her patronus is a doe
did you read the books??
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Venii-DarkFireHobbyist Digital Artist
yes i have but i wanted ot be clear
why people are crying over this the meaning beind it is clear enough but
people who have not read them do not know.
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TheWolf-PrinceHobbyist Digital Artist
Very cute :3
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LegendWeaver25Hobbyist General Artist
At first I was like
But then I took in the meaning of it and was like
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BlueMoon4601Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Jake crying plz 
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<sniff> tears? no. its a severe allergic reaction. <sniff> oh who am I kidding, I'm bawling my eyes out!
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ZADRgirl2113Hobbyist Writer
Oh my Dio, right in my feels! Pikachu Crying Plz 
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he's giving her an ice cream cone? why?
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Right in the feels T-T
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oh god.....i'm gonna cry :'(
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Wow... This is very sad... );
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ulqui-nyanXDStudent Traditional Artist
AaaaaaaawwwwwwTight Hug Love Love Love Meow :3 it's soooooooooooooooo cute....Clap 
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DragonTeetheProfessional General Artist
Awww, you're re-breaking my heart. :happycry: :heart:
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Sorry to be picky but it's "Hallows" because Harry finds out about a story and connects it with stuff. The Invisibility Cloak he has is one of the Hallows, Dumbledore's Elder Wand is another, and the Ring of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is one too. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named made it a Horcrux, not knowing it was a Hallow.
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mysticstargirlHobbyist Photographer
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