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Simply Potterific 20

Here you go folks, the long awaited update! Credit for this one goes to me, Shagster and dad!
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I think it's kinda funny that Snape looks more annoyed with Lucius in the second panel. Makes you wonder how many times he's had to do this.
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3 trillion points from ravenclaw... it's going to be like 5 years for covering the loses thanks to that two XD
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Do I spy a Red Dwarf reference in there?
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"Parental interference is just another way of saying 'I love you!'" I died!
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Snape's "Nraah" made me crack up.
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"I have a frog in my bidet" ? Wait what? :'D I didn't understand the reférence! 
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just about died at the family savings part! And i loved how you drew Fleur, a lot like how I imagined her from the books! (not to say the actress who plays fleur isn't beautiful!)
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I am dying Nuu xD
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OMD, je viens de regarder la définition de bidet....…

  mes yeux sont fâchés...
ScereyahaDreamweaver's avatar
She has a frog in her what?
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This sounds like something Snape would do
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Guys, look!
Snape has found his true passion!
cant breath laughing too hard. need owl.
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Fast, where is my owl?!?
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haaa thats so funny, he may disturb my date anytime
Soirema-pl's avatar
Your comment just made my day xD
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Snape.....YOU'RE SMILING!!!
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OMG that's hilarious XD
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Am I supposed to download it? I'm sorry, I'm just really confused.
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