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Part one in the Anime North arc, wooo!
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HelpILostMyEraser's avatar
HelpILostMyEraser|Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my god, so true, I went to the Anime Convention back here in Vancouver, and it seemed every other girl had cleavage showing... While me, a self conscious teenage girl, was dressed as Death The Kid (who is a guy)
Oh yes, and kudos to that one group of guys dressed as all the Sailor Moon girls... That was something...
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spotty-bee's avatar
spotty-bee|Student Digital Artist
I think I know that Me-eureka. Only he shaved his legs for the event.
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myoo89's avatar
myoo89|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFThe dudes wearing girls cosplay srsly freaks me out!

like the one i went for Hobbycon in Sabah. fat, hairy leg dude wearing a sailormoon costume..... blind me for a second
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SugarMETH's avatar
Ah ha ha ha... It's like bringing my friend to her first con all over again =w= Good times.
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Mizu-Ookami-chan's avatar
That's sooo true! I saw this one guy dressed as some Salor Moon OC! It was actually... extremely creepy!!! x_x
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juankmlo's avatar
juankmlo|Professional General Artist
felicia!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3
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wolfrunner326's avatar
wolfrunner326|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Er...Why is there some dude dressed as Sailor Moon? 0___0
Yin-Yang is harmony. Yin-Yin is a name for a panda
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BlaireAllegrio's avatar
I'm a Selphie cosplayer, too!!! Hooray I am not alone!!!!
But, thankfully, I was completely prepared for the trauma of anime conventions before my first :XD:
I love your comics. This one made me laugh so hard I cried.
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erasteena's avatar
erasteena|Hobbyist General Artist
And this is why I love anime conventions. :iconicameplz:
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Mystique84's avatar
i love those sort of things, next year for supanova i'm going as Emma Frost, she's very slutty and i love how much my sisters hate her!
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Caslen's avatar
Caslen|Student Artisan Crafter
Its exactly like this at MCM London Expo too xD
I forgot how weird it is even though its public ouo
Every time I've cosplayed so far though I've had no skin showing at all... hm...
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xCowlRaven13x's avatar
That so reminds me of the time I saw a guy in a dress like the one in panel 5, the one on the left. >.< He was fat and hairy to make it worse.
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Little-Lenny's avatar
Going to Con in LA has made me imune to such things....
I forgot how funny the con life really is!
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eBooeBoo's avatar
Haha!! Poor traumatized Hes :)
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Merrii's avatar
Merrii|Student General Artist
this has to be my favorite explanation of an anime con EVUR!!!!

i saw this a couple years back and it stuck with me <XD

awesome work , truly hilarious
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Zenxara's avatar
Zenxara|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I wish I could go to a big con just to sit and look at poeples cosplay XD ( ho wait I do that anyway in small con...ho well~)
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Animerulez01's avatar
Yes Anime conventions are the best ^-^
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MoroseShadow's avatar
Anime South, January 2009,

saw at least 4 men dressed as Misa from Death Note.
scarred for life.
the bad thing is that they were actually pretty.
heard there is going to be another convention in Louisiana in May.
definitely going.

Oh god, I love this. xDD

My first anime convention was one to remember.
I met Edward Elric's voice actor. (He's so nice. <3) And I got searched by a lady who wasn't even a cop. (My friend had told me that the Joker's phone could spray acid or something, and I yelled, "ACID?!", so this woman was like, "Whoa, whoa, Acid? Excuse me, I'm going to have to search you.")
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Cat-On-The-Moon's avatar
Cat-On-The-Moon|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sailor Moon looks kinda hot...

Cons don't exist in BC, I swear to Goodness. *Sob*
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ChibiWorks's avatar
ChibiWorks|Professional Artisan Crafter
Hahaha, I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time. I love your Felicia.
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kaikou13's avatar
kaikou13|Student General Artist
I find it sorta creepy how guys dress up as girls ._. anyways still funny XD
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gudruna's avatar
Love the dudes
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catlikeacat's avatar
catlikeacat| Digital Artist
I remember my first con. XD I had the exact same responce.
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NeterG's avatar
Awesome expressions on the characters :D
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anonymous's avatar
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