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Shrub Monkeys 128

…I WISH they worked like that.

EDIT! Here's a pic of the ring for the folks who've been asking c: [link]

In other news, HOWDY GANG! Hope you’re all doing swell. Thank you as always for your lovely comments, I may be a dork about responding to everyone but I do read them all and am very grateful to the sweet folks who take a moment to drop me a line. And if you’re a silent lurker, that’s fine too! Thanks for reading!

I have a couple quick announcements: Firstly the comic anthology “Flight: Volume 8″ [link] will be released on June 28th! It’s the final volume in this fantastic series and has a short story in it written by my brother Shaggy [link] and drawn by myself. I’ll be at the Flight table at the San Diego Comic Con next month (alongside both my siblings and a whole cast of amazing artists) so swing by and say “HI!” if you’re in the area!

Also, the fabulous gents at “Guys with Pencils” have posted a new podcast with myself as the guest! Listen to us talk about all kinds of arty/geeky/animationy/comicy stuff and have a blast while doing so! (warning: lots of swears!) [link]
Find me on:
Twitter! [link]
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Seems like an appropriate response.
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Lazers are awesome!
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AMAZIN JOB hilarious😂
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this is going to be me int ten years. not, might be, WILL be.
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Congrats. My fiancee and I are engaged as well and we both are what is called "aritsts" ;p
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BEHOLD the power of the mighty ENGAGEMENT RING!
Obey it
Respect it
dandelion-cloud's avatar
awww I'm so happy for you :3 congratulations!!
samax's avatar
lol @ sleeeeze
NikkiFlinn's avatar
I wish it worked like that. You'd never have to do ANYthing again. :3
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First Shrub Monkey's issue after being away from deviantart for the finals. Awesomeness! Thank you! :D :)
A little late, but what a cute ring! The claddagh! Adorable sentiment.
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DAAAAAYYYYUUUUMN!!!! nice rock!!!
Chocobunnylatte's avatar
HAHA! Now I have a mental image of multiple explosions happening around town from people with their new found power invested in engagement rings.

Congrats on your engagement! Your ring looks beautiful!
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Thank you! :)
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Just amazing. ^_^
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This is so funny! I laugh every time I read it :P You are a very talented artist (:
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every time i read this, i'm always bursting out laughing
What-the-Gaff's avatar
You want a ring that does that? Cuz I know a guy...
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Just got engaged tonight and HAD to show this to my fiancee (!) I look forward to my magic powers.
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Congrats on your engagement! The ring is breathtaking!
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That's the cutest ring I ever seen, Congrazzles!!!
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